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Optic Camouflage
Have you seen predator?

It looks like the Japanese got in front of everyone and really made it. A cloak that gives you a translucent appearance by projecting what is behind you in front of you...

BBC Coverage

Oh that is so damn groovy!

Now I know where that someone's watching me comes from...  

That is kick ass! I think that could become the next camo for hunters, after the price dips down to under 9 million for it but yeah that iis frigging awesome!

The inventor of this material has another of other projects that are really cool including 'telexistence', 3-D televisions, and 'tactile communications systems'... damn, it would be cool to see some of this stuff in the game.


Official Site

With mpegs, too :)


P.S.  Doh.  Should have RTFA :-|