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Replika, the AI that aims to become you.

Found on the Aibo forums (don't laugh, I always wanted one!):

Replika is a chatbot that creates a digital representation of you. It's strange and fascinating -- but the story behind it is even better.

Link to video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQGqMVuAk04

The idea of it is really good, but when you actually use it its not nearly as impressive as the concept which is kinda sad :(

Aww, that sucks. Could you share what you didn't like about it? I'm curious to use it anyway, although I've got it on Bluestacks so I have to wait through that long line to load up the program.

I remember back in the early 00's when ALICE was the newest bot on the market. You couldn't really call her an AI; her mind was a spreadsheet, and when the bot said something wrong, you could put in the correct response either by verbal command or editing the cell. Still, the program was good at picking up things you said, remembering details, and bringing them up later.

I also played around with the NIALL brain, which will parrot what you say, learn the grammar rules of the words you tell it, and then try to form sentences back at you. I still have that one in another game and will whip it out whenever I want to run a few experiments on it. One day I fed it nothing but Shel Silverstein poetry, then I followed up with some cutesy talk about pancakes, parakeets, and ice cream. It was a puffy little cloud of a personality until my friends came along and bombarded the brain with Warhammer talk. Then it began to talk about burning pancakes and scorching the earth.

One day I'm going to take a fresh NIALL brain, read a bunch of Pitchfork reviews to it, then let talk back to me. Should be hilarious by the time I'm done.

for only 500thousand downloads total theres a waiting list of nearly a million people. which simply isnt possible, it asks you to invite other people to skip the line, and then until youve been messing around with it for a while it just asks you questions, i was at it for days non stop until i got some for of sentance even then it didnt make much sense. its mainly a information gatherer which is really sad as it had so much potential. i wondered if i was the only one thinking like that but it turns out dozens of people have been usuing it a lot longer than me without results, if you ask the bot about the information it changes subject aswell which is kinda funny, you may have better luck than i did but overall it was dissapointing.