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Repost: Technology Good!

Originally posted by ...

Technology GOOD.  Fire BAD!  

Originally posted by Gally...

Not that this is anything real exciting, but some technology to keep in mind.

Phillips Magnavox has lightbulbs that last 5 years. *coughbattoxcough*

They've had plastics that can conduct electricity for some time now. This opens the possibilities for lightweight components (infinitely fast computers) and nanomachines??

My mom makes this wicked PeanutButter and Jelly french toast. You make a PB&J sandwich and then dip it in the egg mix and grill it like french toast, pour syrup over and it and there ya go.

*pre-recorded, upper range, punk hook, singing the phrase:* ...........o/~ COURIER ONLINE!!!o/~http://members.nbci.com/flyinplatipi

Does anyone read Popular Mechanics, or Popular Science often???

www.popularmechanics.com and