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Teleportation of qubits
beam me up and jack me in...

Johnny passed this link on to me, very -VERY- important discovery in terms of uber-computers, the kind you'd need to run something like the Matrix.


Looks like we now can make <<a or >>b with atoms...

Wow, that is cool, I think that maybe the matrix should be done on SD soon, although it would be harder than hell.

Quote: from Nayr on 4:17 pm on Nov. 3, 2004[br]Wow, that is cool, I think that maybe the matrix should be done on SD soon, although it would be harder than hell.


I wonder when they estimate technology like the matrix will be commercially available. I hope I'm alive long enough to buy an Ono-Sendai 8088.


Well, it appears that Braingate Technology (see earlier posts in HiTech) is working on a computer/brain interface with some success. And technology is moving forward at it's usual rate... It is really hard to say.

Kevlar once mentioned a direct neural interfaced computerized virtual reality would be possible within 50 years.

Keep in mind you could have something goggle/trode based much sooner than that. I would say within 25 years or so? Perhaps?

The largest stumbling block, in my opinion, is commercial viability.