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The New Model Army
the robots are coming!

Interesting article in the NY times today about the Pentagon's development of robot soldiers.

Anyone thinking Terminator, here?

I don't like the NYT so I'm not going to bother registering, but apparently 'they' intend on deploying this thing to Iraq in the near future:


Terminator? This ain't hollywood... though it might as well be for the operator of one of these things. Finally they get to click n' kill just like fighter pilots.

Just FYI, my reference to Terminatoris not about an Arnold running around killing things, but the subtext of building machines that we may lose control of.  What will happen if these things go haywire and start shooting everything that moves?  Don't think it won't happen.

BugMeNot lists logins for popular websites to help anonymize readers. Their login for nytimes.com worked great...