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the raod crossing chicken...
... is under the left wheel.

right then.....

http://www.allpar.com/cars/concepts/tomahawk.html [/url]

one word

oh my...
oh my fucking my...

ok so that was a few words... sue me.

(Edited by Bias at 6:54 pm on Aug. 6, 2003)

I saw that in a magazine a few months back (alongside a story on how Gaston Glock beat the shit out of a guy who tried to kill him in a parking lot).

Now, don't get me wrong, I love motorcycles. In fact, I'm slightly obsessed with them.

But the Tomahawk is just.....wrong. Getting shoot out of a cannon pointed at a cinderblock wall is safer than that thing.


That's all I have to say...awesome.

To Murphy's comment that is....and the bike ain't that bad either.

Sounds nice, but I have to agree with Murphy on this one. Besides, the old Hogs are just so...so....I'm at a loss for words to describe them.

I'm one for the old classics myself. Cars included.




i'll show you safety!


yesh. ok. you have a point.. but it's just so sexy.

no wait... -this- is sexy http://www.wickedchoppers.com/images/gallery/spike/tb/whitebike1.JPG [/url]

but the tomahawk -does- speak to my fetish for hitting walls at 400 miles an hour though.

the dome needs roaving packs of bikers ... or something.

Yeah, I saw that on the news a great while back.  Thanks for finding, now I can show my friend I wasn't BSing him.

Thought it was Honda though.  guess I am an idiot afterall.

Dude, I want one!

I'de want one too, but there's no room in my garage with my [url=http://www.smiths-aerospace.com/images/aircraft/X-35%20from%20front%20on%20VTOL%20(RN).jpg]X-35[/url] and my Rocket Sled.

Maybe if I give up on the Quantum Computer I'm trying to build I could squeeze one in...

That way Johnny and I could drag race em on the weekends. :bugeyed:


That has to be the ugliest fakin bike I have ever seen.


like, "U - G - L - Y, You ain't got no aliaby, you UGLY" ugly

Thought I do like the wheels...

This = way cooler than


Holy crap! He's back!

That is all...