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charisma adjective/description questions
(or, I'm not THAT ugly)

So, the character I built is rather plain but with a somewhat annoying personality (i.e. like a hyperactive child). She shows as an "ugly woman wearing an olive jacket". I'm willing to throw some extra ue at my charisma to make it a little more true to form, but I'm wondering what the adjective ladder is for it (so if it's worth it). Like, what comes after ugly and what comes after that. I mean, she ain't pretty by any means, but she wasn't beat with the ugly stick either.

Also, the "wearing an olive jacket" thing seems entirely random. does it just pick your most outer layer of clothing or something and put it in the description?


What comes after "ugly" is entirely IC, I think. And you would need to find it out yourself.

The "wearing an olive jacket" is part of your short description which gives what is most NOTICEABLE about your character. Say, your character dyes her hair pink. Then it might be "an ugly girl with pink hair".

"ugly" is for characters with very low charisma. There is certainly a progression in charisma and "ugly" can disappear or even become something more appealing, given the right amount of UE.