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PopCorn Defender 6m

What about Firearms appeals to you or your pc? whether you're a owner or not. They seem more of a hassle than good on the surface to bother with. What would make you steer you in the direction of choosing firearms with all the other weapon options available?

Guess this is just a discussion to understand how players and their pc's think on a broad scale on the topic, outside of the obvious 'Guns are very lethal' answer.

RP wise it makes far more sense for my char to be good with a gun than with a blade, stick or his bare hands. That's about it.

They are status symbols. There's something that 'Ruger' says that 'Stiletto' doesn't when you put it in someone's face. When someone has taken the time and has the balls to carry that kind of steel, despite the fact that there are easier, more legal routes to go, you're sending a message. If you have to actually shoot the damn thing? You're sending a different message, and that requires skill, but the fact that you made the choice of a heater over a blade is a big signal flare, and it requires big brass balls to send that kind of message.

Firearms also have pretty significant strengths over melee weapons, though with sensible weaknesses, too.

I like the idea of bullets. Every bullet is a wad of flash fired out the muzzle. You're either too rich to care, or determined enough to invest in your target's death.

Some characters are just into that thing. In my toon's case, they're addicted to the kick of a firearm and the report sounding through the air

ShinMojo put it very well.

In addition, firearms have unique advantages that make it very worthy for some characters.

From an OOC perspective Firearms provide distinct advantages over melee types and some players like to play under those advantages.

Melee types usually enjoy the frontal assault type situations, and that's why they'd pick melee types.

While both weapons are capable and do well in frontal situations, there's very specific reasons why you might not want to just charge in with ALL types of firearms.

The situations and strategy vary but each weapon type has it's pros and cons.

Or they're obsessed with what they can do that no other weapon can do and the ways you can modify them to fit different roles. I don't think other weapons can be modified in the same ways at all to become completely different weapons. Just a pistol? No, it's an assassin's best friend with a laser sight and a silencer. Ordinary rifle? No, it's a sniper's primary enabler with scope and extended barrel. The possibilities are endless, and what you carry says a lot about who you are.

I don't think I strictly agree with Shin; a firearm provides a different flavour certainly, but I don't think the choice to use one carries that much gravity unless we're talking about an Enforcer.

Firearms aren't all that difficult to acquire and play around with and I certainly don't see them as a status symbol - there almost no barriers preventing people from getting a firearm who apply themselves. On the other side of the fence, you have street-sams who are insane enough to enter a firefight with nothing but a katana and a syringe of vee, that also requires brass balls. Simply using a gun carries little weight; any punk can get a heater and wave it around. Fear factor harassing everymen, sure, not weight. The character behind it and their actions give it weight.

It's true that guns bring unique RP to the table. The same is true of all weapons. The choice of weapon really changes the tone from 'hitman' to 'psycho slasher' to 'hired thug'. You can't play a sniper without a sniper. To break it down further, there's a big tone change from a PopPop to a Walther PPK/s to a H&K Mk23-S. Using a machete screams 'ganger' or maybe 'deranged butcher'. Using a composite katana? Street-sam.

On a larger scale, aside from the individual flavour each style adds, certain professions carry the expectation of using a firearm - or not. Additionally there are different RP opportunities out there that simply don't exist to people unless they're practised in specific weapon styles.

Firearms offer numerous advantages to people who really want to push the mechanics as well as several safety nets. Generally, if a melee character wants to get something done in combat they have to almost fully commit to an engagement whereas a character who uses firearms has more options available and options that can get them out of danger but still able to contribute to the fight in a pinch. Melee weapons have fewer decision points.

For me, the weapon choice on any given character is a 100% RP decision and not out of any want to play around with the individual advantages; my own choices reflect my characters' wants and tastes and not my own preferences. I have in the past chosen to specialise with very sub-optimal weapons and would do again if it fit the character. I think that a lot of players will agree. There are a lot of factors that could lead somebody to pick a certain weapon both ICly and OOCly motivated.