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Knowing People's Names
His ID says his name is Jim . . . what.

Q: Do we carry exterior ID? Can you know someone's name by checking their body? What if it's not even their real name?

Just making sure whether this is okay.

No matter what you need to find out ICly. You can't see people's name just because it's present in the room when you walk in.

Ask them, be told by someone else, find out some way that allows you to pair the description of them with an already identified description of the man through a photo or someones testimony. Either way, someone has to give you the name and it's entirely possible that other people know the person you're trying to find the name of by different names and this is also IC.

Some characters do wear name tags, so if by "checking their body" you meant "use the "look at >character>" command, that's IC and completely OK and as you point out it could be false.

As far as, "do characters carry ID on them?" the answer is, yes, most of them, in the form of the SIC implant. It's not just some magic communication device that the benevolent corps hand out so everyone can stay in touch. It's first and foremost the domes version of the ID cards we carry today.

Are there ways to identify someone using said chips? Probably. Find out IC.