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Rp, and combat and such

I would like to apologize to Slither and Firestorm.  I feel that I gave them an undue hard time regarding a set of IC situations.  Looking back on said situations I think my main concern was a lack of RP.

After consideration I thought about my RP and found that I was also guilty of similar behavior.  The main difference, I feel, was that I had multiple rp sessions leading to, and following this similar event that built up to the indicent.  Does that justify it?  I don't know.  Realizing how intense and emotional RP situations can be, especially surronding involved RP I see how that can easily be done.  I'm not sure how this can ultimately be improved (outside of shutting my own mouth and sucking it up) but if either of you or anyone else would like to elaborate and comment feel free.  

Sorry guys, I was a dick, and I did have no idea what was -really- going on.