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You tube video

Hey, long time no boards, I'm easing my way back into being active round here for those of you who don't know, thanks to a wonderful invention called the eeepc, the best 350 i've even spent on computer anything!!  check it out if you've never heard of it or a ultramoble.  It's super moddable with internal usb's.    

I also want to give huge kudos to the creators of the video on youtube, I've just recently seen it for the first time an tho I've seen most of the pics before the orginazation and music rox!!   What's the artist/title of the song?  

Finally thanks to everyone for being such a friendly, receptive community, which is what it takes to make Johnny's, and our cool little game to grow.   Game on!!

The song in the YouTube video is Vagabond by Greenskeepers.

The ASUS Eee PC looks nice but using an SSD for nonvolatile memory has always scared me.  Limited write cycles, bleh.  Just give me a few more years to warm up to the idea.  For now I think I'll stick with my new Halikan LA5040 and Compaq Contura AERO 4/25.  Both of which I got for free.  :D

BLAM BLAM!  Thanks.