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Town Hall Meeting Times [DST]

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Monday [3PM-6PM]
Monday [6PM-9PM]
Tuesday [3PM-6PM]
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Wednesday [3PM-6PM]
Wednesday [6PM-9PM]
Thursday [3PM-6PM]
Thursday [6PM-9PM]
Friday [3PM-6PM]
Friday [6PM-9PM]
Friday [9PM-12AM]
Saturday [12AM-3AM]
Saturday [6AM-9AM]
Saturday [9AM-12PM]
Saturday [12PM-3PM]
Saturday [3PM-6PM]
Saturday [6PM-9PM]
Saturday [9PM-12AM]
Sunday [12AM-3AM]
Sunday [6AM-9AM]
Sunday [9AM-12PM]
Sunday [12PM-3PM]
Sunday [3PM-6PM]
Sunday [6PM-9PM]
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