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Cannot create First character

I have followed all the activation instructions until I get to the stage where I can create my first character - I click the big green button and get a prompt stating:

There was an error.

That email address has already been registered. Check your spam folder if you're still waiting on our email. (Permission denied)

I have quadruple checked my email and confirmation and am not sure why I cannot start my first character. Please help.

If you have a character creation email, something that says your character is like 'Wilson2352342' or 'Poser234123' then you can just connect to the game using the login and password in that email.

https://moo.sindome.org <--Click connect manually.

Or, if you want to confirm your character isn't in your account, log into the website, goto the menu in the top right, click manage characters and see if your character is there. If they are, click the Play button.

If you do not have a character email, you can connect to the game manually as stated above, then 'connect guest' when the login screen is shown. Then use @register.

If you still have issues, please email help@sindome.org with your registered email address so we can find your character and send you the info.

-- S