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New host worse for anybody?

I don't know if this is the case for anybody else, and don't mean to be a pain, but so far I've found that the new host is worse, well for me anyway.
Over the past week and a half I've had SD freeze on me when I'm playing, with about 3 disconnections from the server (not ISP related). Several times the server has been temporarily unavailable for up to a few hours, which has also happened after I got disconnected from the server.
I generally find SD a lot more laggy as well.

I thought that I'd just let you know, and was wondering if others have had this problem, especially if they live in the UK. Maybe it's just due to my location.

(Edited by Protagonist at 10:17 am on April 24, 2003)

    Well apparently it's not just your location....I'm in the DC area and have had SD freeze on me I think twice now in the past three weeks. Numerous accounts of it being temporarily down, and quite often find it to be lagging a bit. Don't know what it is thats doing it cause I know almost nothing about the technical side of computers....I know how to use them and thats it.....but it only does it with my SD and the Pueblo program. None of my other programs share these problems..... *shrugs*.......but I dunno what it is....anyways..it's not just you Pro...

Well it's not us either.

It's the internet. We've got great up times and are avalible as much as Southern California is. The connection never seems to go down except when the power goes out, and that's very rare.

Sorry to hear your having problems. Perhahs finding an alternate route to connect through might be a good idea.


mommy... i think i broke the internet.

Well, I haven't had any problems with the new server until early this morning until now, (it's about 7:15 PST). The server has been unavailable for a few hours for me, and still isn't.

I don't think I forgot to pay the SD bill... So I'll just twiddle my thumbs and wait for 'them' to realize 'their' mistake and restore my SD service.

I'm not wearing my aluminum foil hat today, allowing 'them' to read my thoughts, so the SD should be back on by now... I'm a bit worried.