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Drug Mechanics
Constructive feedback/inquiry (Please don't yell at me!)

First, the disclaimers:

I'm a newbie, I have utmost respect for IC information being discovered IC, I'm not trying to game the system, I'm not trying to start shit or complain about my RP not going the way I wanted, I'm largely ignorant about everything and I mostly just want to educate myself so I can participate in a fun, interesting, dynamic and constructive way.

Ok. That's out of the way.

I've got modest beef with the drug mechanics, as I understand them. Mostly this has to do with lack of IC information provided for the experience of taking narcotics in game. Basically, I'm asking for a little more flavor text.

I noticed a boost to some stats, and I'm assuming that one would get more specific information with the proper skills, but the amount of information I could use to help inform my RP while actually on the drug was surprisingly little, and wildly disproportionate to the subsequent info I got regarding addiction and withdraws.

I understand that, to an extent, the effects of a drug irl are subjective, and if the answer to my problem is "Imply what you want from the stat changes and just riff on it," I'm totally okay with that. I think the drug mechanics in game are actually pretty interesting, and seem like fertile ground for RP (especially in a world called Sindome.) I'm looking forward to learning more about it all IC, but this is the feedback I have to offer based on what I've seen so far.

Again, I mean absolutely no offence by bringing this up, and I'll happily go back to my corner and continue learning things the hard way. I'm just trying to get my bearings in this new world.

This is a known shortcoming. We have a system offline that long ago did this sort of thing. It's been offline for a long time and will come back in some form.

Until then, the best you can do is information up and act as you can. Here's some information that might help:


Awesome! Thank you so much!