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Drugs in Withmore

From The Mind
OOC Info: The information below can be considered general knowledge. It can be assumed that your character had an opportunity to come across this information in their travels or that if they were to 'look it up', this information would be straight forward to obtain.

The sale and use of drugs are legal in Withmore City when used for recreation or self improvement. Being addicted to a drug is against the law. Some drugs such as v-202 are illegal if used during the commission of an assault, manslaughter or murder. Commonly used and sold drugs in the city include Dezraldin, Endoprine, LNA-3z, mRc, NA-3z, TH-2c, Nevadone, EverUp, SoberUp, Ex-D7, Jackel pipes, and v-202.

Ambrosia Corporation, it's parent company Viriisoma, Healthline, and Holomedica LLC are all examples of pharmaceutical companies, while countless independant chemists also contribute to the market. The nice dreams vending machines also distributes drugs at a set price.



  • Dezraldin, a synthetic psychotropic substance manufactured as small bright pink capsules marked 'dez-300'. Blocks pain receptors in the body and places the user in a state of heavy euphoria. Slows reaction time greatly, blocks muscle/nerve connections, slows bleeding by promoting vascular constriction in extremities. Down often accompanied by mild vertigo and loss of balance.


  • Endoprine, a semi-endogenous opioid manufactured as small green hexagonal-shaped tablets marked 'E'. Blocks all sensations of pain in the user. Down results in phantom pains, itching, and vomiting. It is effective in dealing with cyberware's Psychophysical Disassociation Syndrome.


Slows the world down to a crawl, eyes become hyper sensitive to lights, vibrant colors or sudden flashes of bright light cause pleasure and euphoria. The downside is that it slows reaction time and reduces overall coordination. Additionally, it negatively affects the ability to remember new memories and recall old ones.


Increases heart rate, synaptic connectivity, and nerve responsive. Users feel a sense of everything slowing down. Down results in short term spikes in blood pressure, often up to three times the average, resulting in nose bleeds. Short term synaptic burn out might occur.


Creates a long, steady high with mild hallucinations. The high is up beat and highly enjoyable, if mild. A mild down of a short length, slightly slower reaction time, mild hot/cold flashes.


It gives a Mellow, slow high and can cause mild hysteria in the form of uncontrollable laughter. It can be highly addictive and its high becomes less and less with continued use. Side effects are increased appetite, slowed speech and cognitive processing, bouts of laughter, and at higher usage rates, paranoia.


This powerful combat stimulant lasts only a few minutes, but it blocks pain receptors and gives the user a feeling of indestructibility. With repeated use, reaction time drops drastically, and 'shadow pains' often are experienced in the extremities. Vomiting, shakes, and convulsions are not uncommon. Split personalities have been known to form after repeated and long term usage. Addiction is often an immediate effect.


  • Ex-D7, a Dextroamphetamine manufactured in liquid form and sold in syringes meant to be injected into your bloodstream.
Ex-D7 is a powerful pyschostimulant, increasing alertness and cognitive function for an extended period. Immediate side effects typically involve blurred vision, while prolonged use can lead to headaches, narcolepsy and stomach pains.

Jackel Pipe

  • A Jackel Pipe is a Bong filled with TH-2c, and then laced with powdered mRc.
Jackal Pipes are popular in many areas of the mix. The decrease in reaction time and mellowing effects of Th-2c balances with the increased alertness and energy brought by ingesting mRc, creating a long and enjoyable high. Side effects can include aggression, jerky/quick movements, speaking fast, and intense bouts of euphoria followed by equally as intense bouts of anxiety and depression.


  • EverUp is a popular energy pill available at many convenience stores and pharmacies. It contains Caffeine, various vitamins and several mystery ingredients.
EverUp helps delay the feelings of fatigue and exertion while doing highly physical work. Withdrawal effects are minor, but it is easily addictive.


Nevadone serves to relieve pain, and prevent unconsciousness caused by severe trauma. It is akin to a highly concentrated dose of caffeine in that regard. Side effects include headaches, racing heartbeat, shallow breathing, hot flashes, and anxiety attacks.


  • Soberup is typically sold in a small pill-bottle and is used to help absorb and flush toxins caused by alcohol poisoning. It has few if any side effects.