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I want to remake my character
why isn't there a simple reroll option?


I 've just started a new character but i would like to make another one, since there are some traits which i want to change.

I tried to suicide by attack a random npc armed with a bat, but he only managed to put me in near comatose state but not kill the character.

Can you help me?


Keep trying. There are plenty of ways to kill your character off. Consider this time a learning experience and you'll be better prepared for your next character.

Also, please consider that your traits and stats you come out of character generation with are always going to be bad and the best way to develop a character is to develop them based on their experiences in the game.

OK Thank you for replying

Newbie: "Getting my character killed is difficult."

Slither: "Keep trying, you'll get it."


I died. How long do I have to wait before it lets me actually DIE?