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@OOC marker

I propose to leave a sort of marker or message in a room when a char goes @ooc in it.

This allows people to avoid uncomfortable situations (like someone going @ic in the middle of a private dance on the back room of a strip club) or to avoid unlawful escapes from metagaming players.

Like the room desc would have a note saying there's an @ooc player here?

Exactly. "[OOC: Someone has gone @ooc from this room]"

'Jimmy has @ooc'd here'

Will stop anyone trying to run away from Ic conflict by @oocing I guess too.. if that's even a thing.

We already have this feature with phoning, so seems pretty logical

"We already have this feature with phoning, so seems pretty logical"

Huh? Can you elaborate?

If somebody @ooc's to escape getting a beat down then they are absolutely not here for the RP and shame on them. Does this happen?

I can assure you if someone @ooc's to avoid a beat down, they'll get a punishment far worse than just a beat down.

If someone uses @ooc as any other advantage than leaving the game when something comes up and it's not a safe place to log out, they'll regret it.

If you feel like someone has used @ooc to their advantage against you, xhelp. There doesn't need to be an ugly OOC mark in the game showing it.

I don't mean just as a way to meta. But here are more examples.

1) You don't see your nemesis in a bar. You walk in and then they come out from @ooc. You'd never have stayed there if you had known.

2) You are being shadowed but you don't know it. You go @ooc for an hour. The stalker loses his window.

3) You lock yourself in a hotel cube that had an open door. Someone else comes from @ooc while you're repairing a sniper rifle.

It would also be helpful so that when other players see a player that @ooc, all parties acknowledge that it wasn't just to escape a situation.

Not sure if you guys would get what I mean...

For instance, there was a situation where I really needed to @ooc, but felt that others would think I was escaping or had bad sportsmanship. So I just afk'ed and faced the consequences.

In addition, when you really want to let someone know you are going to afk and be back in a moment, but could not (due to the circumstances such as being in a different room), this is very helpful.

maybe @ooc should prompt for a reason thats displayed (or displayable?)

So in the room description below all the IC characters it will say something like:

Street_Sam is @ooc in this room because they had to answer the front door.

Something like that?

@Johnny: Whatever is easiest to code. A marker in the actual room from where the player teleported to the OOC room would be ideal if you ask me.

I have added initial support for this. When you enter a room that has folks that are @ooc from it, you will see something like:

OC: Players @OOC from here: Slither, Fengshui and Seven.]

If you are disguised it will show your disguised name. If you are sneaking / stalking, you still get shown as OOC from that room.