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Ambient Sound
Optional Ambient Soundtrack

In a nutshell, the idea is a config on/off button that you can toggle that allows pre-set ambient soundtracks to play through the MOO based on the Sector/room you're in. A specific example I was thinking of was the levs. Someone could get a sound byte of a subway station (or just get one online) as the train slides in and when the lev arrives the message of the train arriving triggers the sound byte so you get to hear the lev pull in through your speakers.

It could go as far as having ambient soundtracks in Red/Gold/Green, as well as maybe specific ambients for clubs and factories and the like.

Only downside is I imagine this has the potential of drastically increasing server costs as we would be pushing sound files instead of just text, but I'm no expert in that world.




My favorite of those.

Those are sweet, but I was thinking of something that gets coded into each room/sector/etc so everyone hears it when they enter so long as they have the config set to on.

For a free text game it would be a clusterfuck of resources, bandwith, and lag. No way it would fly, JMo. Specially when we can do it ourselves!

If you want everybody to ambiently hear something, just spoof it, then ooc a link if it's appropriate.

We actually used to have support for this with the Pueblo MUD client maybe 15-20 years ago. It wouldn't be super hard to do this for various rooms using the web client but no everyone uses the web client.

It's a cool idea, one I've even toyed with a bit in the past. I'd love to do it and know how to accomplish it without having a cluster fuck of resources used-- but not sure it has the mass appeal to warrant the effort, even if I could get Johnny to agree.

If you already know how to do it and can put a simple toggle on/off button on it, why not? Sounds BA to me. For what that's worth.