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Ambient mixer
You gonna love this.

A cool website that I found for ambienting your Sindome experience, or writing or just for chilling out. You can even replace a channel for something like rain or people talking, to refine your desired ambience.

Rainy night on a tin roof


Gold sector




I like this site. Everybody be cool!

Here's another market

Ooooh. This is really neat stuff.

Neotrans Space Port

jacking into the matrix

Working at ViriiSoma?

Abandoned Red Sector Building

On the bridge of a spacecraft

In the sewers

Walking on the beach with Enzo the Rikken McChikken man.

Kuzco's Badlands (clickable)

Another good badlands one.

Hack the Gibson!

That clicking is oddly satisfying.

Detective Gumshoe

Oh my god this is awesome

Blade Runner apartment sounds + Music + Rain mixes

BR Apartment + Rain download -->

BR Apartment + Rain + music download -->

Got couple there too.

Working at SHI factory:

Streets of RED:

Blade Runner Ambience - Sounds Of The City 2019

Ambient rainy city sounds.