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Arm Wrestling
Sleazy Test of Strength

I was thinking, what if there were arm wrestling tables in a few places? The Sly came to mind as a likely spot for one, and maybe Grunen's for topside (or maybe topsiders miss out).

Mechanically, it would work by checking the participants strength and endurance, maybe in a few 'stages', with repeated good rolls required for victory. It might be a non-violent way to settle who's bigger and tougher--or an invitation to the kind of shit-talking that starts a blood feud.

You know, I kinda wanted to question the relevancy, and what-nut. Weither Arm Wrestling would be a thing I would want to see, or do. But the further I stewed on the idea, the more I thought: Hey, the more ways one can compare, contrast, and compete on the size of one's supreme burrito, the better...

Supported +1

A way to compete in pure stats 1-on-1 would be nice, beyond just strength.

I really like the idea of arm wrestling and some sort of stat on stat vid-game or something.

I like Kuzco's idea- where one might be able to compare stats with each other. This helps to support competitions RPed out.

+1 on these ideas. At the moment, you can theoretically guess in a few instances who might be stronger, faster, tougher, etc, but it's just guesses. It would be nice to be able to challenge someone to step up or shut up.

I mean, there is currently a system in place to test these things - beat the shit out of each other. But yes, I suppose a non-violent way to compare would be useful to Corpie bouncers and other 'civilized' tough guys.

I was thinking about this earlier, on the terms of "Why the fuck can't I challenge my ace to an arm wrestle in this bar, then glass the fucking baka with my pint when he 'cheats' and I lose?" Honestly something I'd love to see rolled out, not just in bars but anywhere with a set bar/table item. Maybe code it into them with the syntax of armwrestle at