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Better "spending UE into skill" prompt
A small thing

"How much would you like to raise this skill? [1 - 20]"

Change that message so it includes the name of the skill in question. I've heard over time of people making mistakes over this, and since UE is non refundable, I think it's warranted.

I know I've done this. I have some points in submachine gun, it drives me crazy!

every time I @stats I'm like...

Forensics : Terrible

*Eye twitch*

I just did this today, now I have thievery : terrible


Headshaking everytime on my @stats now.

I've done this myself.

I even spent a full 20 points unintentionally in another skill. whoops.

It's why I like the current Echo option. So I can verify which skill / stat I've chosen.

Also, you get a confirmation when you choose Languages:

You have ## UE, how much would you like to spend on (Language)?

(You enter amount)

You want to spend 10.0 UE to gain % of your next level in (Language), correct?


So, something similar like the following could work:

You have ## UE, how much would you like to spend on (skill) [1-20]?

(We don't really need the: You want to spend 5 UE on [skill], correct?) Do we?

If we're not paying attention when we're asked, how much to spend on skill name, then we really do need to bite the bullet. We've had 2 x's to read the correct skill and number.


I haven't done this myself but I've second guessed myself at certain times that have caused me to @abort and start over or even recheck my input. Something like this would definitely be useful and convenient.

Never? Im in at least three deep on terribles. One mistake i put enough into it to be incompetent. But that's because i -obviously- can't learn my lesson.

Echo is your friend.

How do you get the echo?

@client-options localEcho true

A refund on a small number of points within a certain period of time would be ace but I'm guessing that'd require more than a small amount of programming.

@bean_dip I entered that, and I'm getting a repeat of my commands that I enter, which is nice to see when I've messed something up. I'm not seeing anything like thecraftydragon mentioned, unless that is just for languages?

I like the idea. We get such a prompt when buying something and I find misplacing a bunch of Chyen far less worrisome than misplacing UE.

I would also like a better prompt for dying clothes when you are tailoring. I've chosen the wrong number that time a few times, too.

Meoris, it's only a Sindome webclient option. I don't think it has any effect with other clients. I might be wrong.

Simple, good idea.

It's actually kind of funny that I accidentally assigned thievery because my character should prolly be terrible at it. I guess not the worst thing to live with!

But "echo" is a generic term really. I'm glad the webclient has it. I'm sure other clients have a setting for echo command line.

Mistakes happen. I think the best option would be a 24 hour grace period limited to 20 UE invested in a skill...but ultimately, most people just live with there mistakes until they respec.