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Bounty Hunting
Generated, Player, or Staff-created


The fictional TV show 'Big Shot' was an awesome part of Cowboy Bebop for me. It'd be great to see something functional in SD that would require something like Big Shot. Player bounties are already something that can exist, but generated or staff-created bounties could add quite a bit to a profession that's really iconic CyberPunk.

Skyrim had a very basic system for endlessly generated assassination contracts that is more along the lines of what might work for SD. Generated name, location, stats, and AI, tied to a TV channel that propagates the information to bounty hunters.

Could this work?

There is an IC system to show who has bounties. It is updated regularly and every licensed hunter can cash in on them.

Actually I lie. There are more than one. :D

Also dupe, this just came up last week.

GMs do issue bounties when part of another plot, but, for the bounty "scene" to be lively enough to support characters who want to do it full time, it takes the plotting of the hunter personally, as well as the motivation of other players. There are tons of IC professions about which we could say GMs need to stimulate them, but, GMs don't stimulate work, but plots.


Shoot, I looked but didn't see any duplicates. Thanks for the link!