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Cash & Carrion
IC knowledge provided

I was just curious, the bounties listed at the Cash & Carrion, are they implied to have pictures? Basically, I need to know if someone were to pursue a bounty filed, would I recognize the person on sight? Or would one need to did to find out who belongs to the name/alias listed?

Try to post in the right area.. this would be better located in a different category. However.. this is a good topic. I think we should have a discussion about Cash n' Carrion in general.

First, you put a bounty on someone and ... someone else murders them? That can't be legal even if you are a registered fucking bounty hunter.

WJF bounties sure.. even debt collection bounties since those are verified.. but anyone can put a hit on anyone.. and we've tiptoed around the legality of it because it's not legal and so why would a place like that exist? The city wouldn't allow it unless it was underground and mvoed all the time (which would be cool).

I am going to make a call for the illegal bounty part of CnC to be moved to a different, and more.. seedy location thats in keeping with the illegality of what you are there to try and do. Does anyone else agree? Disagree?

I agree with the idea, and wasn't sure where to post this, so I just posted it in the general section. Perhaps you can even outlaw bounties completely and allow a PC to take up bounty brokering at their own risk.

Secondly, you never answered my question :P

The way I see it, the reason it exists is because its on Red and the judges don't come by too often, let alone an organization which probably mostly only kills people that deserve it anyways.

However, the underground idea is pretty cool. I wouldn't want it to change locations too much from an OOC standpoint, though. It'd be cool if it were like a club, where only the cool kids get to come in.

I think it should be situated in Bansupuro. Which is probably in line with your thoughts Slither. Either that or the Sewers.

I've always thought it would be awesome if there was stores and ambient NPC's hidden in the alcoves of the sewers. Banished PC's haven.

But I digress.

No. I don't think there are pictures. For instance, certain PC's are awful mouthy over SIC and they may have a bounty placed on them by someone who has never seen their face.

I think the recycled tech used in the tank would be simple at best. Maybe their should be an option for description. Like, Dashiro. He wears gold and a fancy suit, likes to call people bitches.

Just to throw my 2chyen in .. there could be legal, capture not kill bounties..

plus there is always the possibility of either a legal or pirate tv show that does the bounties.. thinking the bigshot show in cowboy bebop..

The capture ones are more than likely going to be the WJF bounties. As far as the TV idea, it would have to be pirate, but that would be too easily traceable IMO.

I like the idea of having the bounty system being illegal and allowing a PC to take on organizing an underground bounty system. Like perhaps a drop location, where people could drop off anonymous letters and the chyen to set a bounty, then the person in charge spread it by word of mouth.

I'm moving discussion here based on a comment in the 2015 town hall thread.

karmaportrait: "Bounty hunting - this appears very stale as an archetype/profession given the state of available bounties on the IC terminal. More NPC postings requires more GM time, so not sure if this is an appropriate area for consideration."[/i}

So, first of all, I'd argue that the archetype isn't "bounty hunter", but just combat character in general. A specific character might be primarily interested in bounties, but it wouldn't be the only work they did, especially in slack times.

Second of all, this is well within the player realm. GM's can bounty characters when they deserve it as a consequence of their own actions, but bountying NPCs just to create busywork for some combat character who doesn't have other stuff to do seems lame.

A character who wants to do bounty hunting work and feels like it's slow should be ICly promoting the scene and their self.

They can advertise their services: Bounty hunting is just one job which a mercenary/samurai type character would do in a week. They'd do personal security, organizational security, corporate or otherwise, they might do investigation, they might do holdups or other crimes, murder for hire in a non-bounty context, et cetera.

They can plot to CAUSE someone to be placed on the bounty board: Narc to the WJF, create a frame so some corpie buys a hit, entrap someone into daring a theft and getting caught at it, et cetera.

If the bounty board seems slow, it's it's because players aren't getting themselves onto it or putting each other onto it. At any rate, some bounties aren't offered through the board but through direct RP only, so, the scene might not be as stale as a given character perceives it to be.

Take chances, take risks, maybe win a score or earn a price on your head. Spend the damn chyen to have your enemy deniably taken out by uninvolved third parties. It might be more expensive but if the reason you aren't just paying people to do it for you is because you don't trust them not to turn you in... It's the perfect solution. Why let bakas get away with messing with your shit? List 'em.