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Burn that rubber

I was thinking how neat it would be if there was a 'drift' command, deactivated by typing the command again. Maybe it could work just like driving except it shows up with a different message to the room to account for the drifting. It should also be harder than driving normally, drifting between traffic and people while maintaining speed and not crashing is a challenge.

If you have a vehicle which goes sufficiently fast - difficulty, speed, and the coolness of message increase. In some cases, this includes drifting.

I like your suggestion better ReeferMadness.

Are you saying drifting is already a thing?

Absolutely. Get faster ride and watch it take a corner or u turn.

Not as a separate command, but yes. Driving messages can reflect drifting with the right skill, speed, etc

Wait, as someone who doesn't really know how real life driving works outside of the basics, what's "drifting"?

Please Google it.


Do tires degrade over time? Perhaps they should slowly wear down with use (like fuel) and require finding a PC mechanic to replace.