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Entry level car crime
Yer wheels and yer fuel are no longer yours.

Right now , entry level car crime is somewhat difficult in the Dome. You can steal cars if you have a tow truck , great security skills or a combination of the both. What we need is small minor petty thefts for people to grow into.

Fuel theft ; Requires a fuel siphon and fuel can / drum / other car. The items already exist , the functionality however doesn't (or i'm blind or dumb or a combination of both). Instead of getting fuel out of a drum and into the car , you get fuel out of the car and into your drum. From a logical point of view , you just reverse the siphon and presto : instant free fuel. It would allow players to set up a black market for fuel or steal their fuel from parked cars. If any skill checks should be involved it would be either mechanics or security tech.

Tire theft : We already have a car jack in real life. Right now in the dome, if you manage to get your tires destroyed , you will need to call a tow truck to haul your ride to a garage and replace the tire. In real life you just get your jack from the back of your car, put on your spare tire and continue driving. Same thing of course can be done with someone else his car and his tires. The car jack should only give the functionality of replacing tires, not repairing them or uninstalling any other parts from the car. Once again , mechanics or secure tech.

The argument against these suggestions is that if they are installed , people would just steal all the tires and no car would have any fuel or tire.

We have car storage and parking places that are monitored via camera or via a guard. If you leave your ride sitting in the middle of red while your sleep, i find it no suprise that you wake up to an empty shell of a car.

The second problem with that reasoning is that right now , people can break into your ride or tow it into a garage and then have free reign over the car. Right now people already have the option to do this on a grander scale , but it hasn't happened.