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Improving the @notes system


I have started this thread to gather ideas about improving the @notes system. More specifically about how we can improve the GM-player interaction, as I have observed that some of my @notes were left unattended. I was uncertain if this was due to IC circumstances or simply because the staff were too busy, so I just ended up trashing the plot I was planning. I think a way to improve this feeling of isolation is to make it more evident when a GM has read your note, or at least acknowledged its existence. This made me feel like not knowing when my note is relevant, or if it's important or if I'm just filling up server space with trash, even when I consider my character to be an interesting one with many stories to tell. This is mainly because in my 11 months of gameplay I have never been given feedback on my notes, or my plots, and some of them, albeit seldom, they never come to fruition and I simply cannot figure out why.

I also suggested a sort of note-in-note system, where GMs would be able to append small comments in the end of player-notes, readable by players themselves. However, I understand that this would duplicate the workload on an already busy schedule. This is why I have opened this thread, so everyone can brainstorm and tell us how we can change the @notes system, and make it a better OOC experience for everyone, without drowning the busy staff in more work :)

Hey villa :)

GMs read all notes. All of them. Each and every one, sometimes minutes after you post it (I've seen this myself).

Most notes don't require GM interaction, or don't provide enough meat for one, or ask too much. Some requests are unfeasible, some are already being done, most require you to do the brunt work.

Ideally be concise on your notes, detail what needs GM work (in a short list at the end) and you'll see magic. Be efficient. GMs are hard working but they are usually swamped with work.

Have fun!

I can confirm that notes are read really swiftly sometimes, in fact I got a response within literally about 3 minutes from Cerberus a few days ago after leaving a note, it's just certain ones (like NPC puppets) they tend to take more time with, especially if you don't give them an allotted time to actually visit the NPC (This is why my notes always have time periods marked) Honestly, note system is honestly fine in my opinion.

Notes definitely get read. For a list of some of the reasons why they might not be getting acted on in a way you and your character can see, check https://www.sindome.org/bgbb/open-discussion/anything-really/-notes-694/

Plus sometimes it just takes a while for GMs to act. Be willing to persevere and keep trying. Persistence may or may not pay off, but abandoning IC efforts after one try probably won't.

It might be nice for a little bit of criticism on the notes. I never seem to know if I am going too lite, or too verbose.

I mean, just like with Doctors-- no news is good news. If you're doing something terrible we will probably tell you. Check out the new 'help @add-note' / 'help @notes' to get a better idea of what we look for!

Work in progress and need to add more subjects, but per this discussion, the list of possible note tags has been augmented with a subject example.

There are multiple ones for each option, so you'll see a variety of them each time you add a note, to help you better understand what we want!