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non-verbal communication
*flips the bird*

So, been reading Neuromancer lately and one detail of note I'd like to see in a functional kind of way would be the hand Jive used by many in the story. Applied as a language that can be learned just like Spanish or Mash, and we could also add something a bit more topside like a modified ASL. Thoughts?


RP with my character more. He's used jive from time to time.

Agreed on the 'RP more', but just rping the use of jive or sign language doesn't afford it the respect it deserves imo. If you're just rping it you'd kind of have to give away your meaning in the poses in order to communicate properly, but suppose you're using this alternative means to be subtle in a heated situation? Do you hope that everyone involved in the rp maintains integrity? I'm no coder, and I refuse to say anything like 'it's a simple fix', but I will say 'there -is- a fix'.

It's true, we're talking about different things. I had a lot of fun figuring out how to give away meaning in my poses to try to communicate properly.

Anyway three cheers for any idea which brings more Gibsonia to the MOO world!

Let's think about how it might work. As a language equal with others, maybe I could Say

to NinjaGoatBob "I'll pay triple! He's throwing away a fortune!"

and Bob might see

beandip "*speaking silently with his hands* jibba jabba, jibba jabba!"

Like that?

Exactly what I'm imagining. Just like the other, spoken languages used icly already. Perhaps even an altered @voice-like command as well.

NinjaGoatBob: *using Jive, with quick nimble hand gestures* Boss, He's here..

NinjaGoatBoss: *using Jive, with dismissively casual gestures* Then handle it already

Another thing that this could help with, is cybernetic hearing. This could be a way to communicate to be sure only the people -in the room- have the potential to know what is being said. I like the idea and the possibilities it could bring.

Or you could actually RP making your own jive with your chummers and pose the gestures, giving zero possibility of it being understood by outsiders or "overheard" with cybernetic hearing.

If you want an easy to use language anyone can learn, start using the existing ones. If you're implying everyone would actually use this one, then it'd become useless since everyone would know it.