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Positioning, Clothes, Containers
Backpacks, hoodies, and beds

I'll just lay out my ideas here with a modicum of rambling.

I'll use the coffins as an example for my first point, you can't interact with them. You can sit, stand, and leave. The bed should be a seat, because why the heck would you "sit down cross-legged on the floor" when you could sit on the edge of the bed?

Examples of things you should be able to sit on include steps, ledges on roofs, cars, corpses, etc. Just a thought.

My more important idea is this: containers. AFAIK, they don't exist ingame, and if they do, I haven't run across one yet. I think this should be technically possible, the commands could be as simple as put, take out, open, and close.

Necessary Containers:


-Backpacks/satchels/purses/duffels (medium-high capacity)

-Pants (very low-low capacity)

-Coats/jackets (very low-low capacity)

-pouches/baggies (very low capacity)

-boots (weapons or baggies)


-chests, car gloveboxes, closets, cabinets, etcetera.

Third and final idea: posing equipment. This one is a simple concept, and one I would dearly love to see implemented. You could roll up pant legs, lace-unlace shoes, put up-down hoods, roll up sleeves, tie shirts at your plexus, zip-unzip pants/jackets, turn pockets inside-out, etcetera. My idea for executing said idea is this:

*Being able to change the sdesc for the items of clothing, just like nakeds. Color and material would be immutable, but anything else is up to the imagination.*

If any of these exist already, you guys are freaking awesome for having them and I'm just clueless. If not, they're just ideas, do with them what you wish and tell me what you think.

Happy Roleplaying! :)

Yep, almost all of that does exist!

As Beaner said most of these things do exist.

There are a wide range of holsters/containers in game. Mobile and fixed in position.

You can use your @look_place to RP sitting on a stoop, a ledge and leaning against a bar.

It is possible and rather easy to make your own clothing, adjust its color and what it looks like. I think being able to adjust clothing would require a LOAD of coding and it isn't really that necessary when you can simply create what you want. Grab a piece of material and examine it. The commands are all there.

If you don't feel up to trying to create your own clothing there is a number of tailors in the game who can do it for you.

Good to know you guys already have all these and that I'm just inexperienced...

I'll get right on making clothing once I can afford some fabric also, I didn't realize the crafting system was so robust.

I find myself amazed at every turn by how many awesome features Sindome has. Top-notch stuff, I tell you.

'Preciate the answers guys!

Bumping this. I would love to see a Duffle Bag. This would function exactly like the Briefcase, except with a flare for the Mixer life vs the Corpie feel.


This. It can be a cheaper, but non-secure, version of the briefcase. Great for trading merch and chyen.

Not to mention the RP drama if someone fills theirs with random clothes to screw someone over.

what about simple ragged knapsacks and backpacks of low-quality and capacity? purses? been looking for cheap variations but not finding much.. am I just not looking hard enough? and if they don't exist on low-end, is it alright to make a piece of cloth into such,not neccessarily with coded mechanics of being a container but for the look of? Eventually plan on carrying several items around for... work.. and though would still be extremely lightweight, would be a bit bulky; too bulky to carry in ones hands and pockets.

We don't support containers beyond wallets, briefcases and coolers. You cannot make fake containers like purses and such and pretend you carry items around in them.

The simple fact is in order for an object to be a container is has to contain whatever you say it has in it, if it gets stolen, the thief would expect to have stolen the contents too. This is why you cannot RP having container objects.

You need to suspend realism to see past the 'inventory' design.

that thievery aspect definitely shuts it down... never thought of that. I would definitely be willed to RP everything therein being stolen; but no way to separate without question what was in and what wasn't. Thanks Cerberus.