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Signature Moves
A new @message

Hey everyone,

Just had an idea I think would be fairly easy to implement, though not exactly sure.

There are certain @messages that can only be triggered and used once a certain stat has been hit. I am thinking of a similar idea, except with a skill instead, in my example a combat skill.

Once you hit the upper levels of the fighting spectrum curve (this is up to GM discretion), it would be really cool if a custom @message could be set to a weapon or weapon skill to use.

Example: For a brawler, @siganture_me is "%N tenses up, shuffling his feet before delivering a devastating straight jab to (opponents) (body part)"

For a gun man, @signature_me is "Casually twirling his gun, %N lazily aims at (opponent) and shoots three times into their (bodypart), grinning all the while."

While this may not be in the perfect form, i think the idea would congratulate those who get to those crazy upper tiers of combat, and would add flavor to combat scenarios.

Lemme know what you think!

Okay, I've been scrolling through the ideas forums for like an hour now and I came across this absolute gem.

I dunno why this never got any support, considering the messages we can already set (See: tiny shoulder angels)

Seriously, this would be amazingly fitting for the theme. There's always that one cocky gunner in Cp movies who pulls off some crazy insane shots and looks so badass doing it. Way I'd see it working wouldn't just be a stat you've hit, but comparing it against another person's stats as well.

Say two gunners were shooting it out, gunner A is pistol mano, gunner B is rifles.

Gunner A has superior stats to gunner B, in this instance:

Gunner A has also hit the level for a custom message, which would be something like this;

A winks at B as he/she/they watch a round fly into B's bodypart

or for those of us that wanna look really flash:

A ducks, spinning himself 360 before firing a round at B.

The possibilities with this are endless, and it is something you can achieve with RP, but it's really hard to do this during actual combat, so a custom message for it would be amazing if you hit say accomplished in a certain skill.

This was suggested as a donation reward a while back, along with custom pets.

I honestly think I'd be more inclined to donate if it meant I could flick my smoke at someone's face then follow with a haymaker (or other punch-like attacks.) We need our signatures, that little things that make us unique to fight against. Not everyone is gonna shuto fist the exact same way, people put their own twist on things and god damn I would love to see someone who specializes in an odd melee weapon like a truecolorz ICly repeatedly speed-jabbing someone in the face like it's a rapier.

This is a great idea, +1 here. Maybe you only get the option to customize a message when you spec in a weapon type?

There's a lot of combat messages out there that you don't see...because people lack the appropriate skill/stat levels including super rare critical hits (which includes an amazing one for the TruColorZ Dildo. I think there's enough love to go around for combat BUT a "prestige" set of commands that were inherited when you had sufficient cross-training between two complimenting skills would be amazing.

i.e. Sufficient Short-Blade and Medical would give access to the Ripper prestige command allowing them to harvest organs.

Particularly if it focused outside of the realm of combat first. Our non-combatants need some love.