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Voices on Cell Phones
It might just be me...

So I was just on the cell, and I've not noticed this before, and I must have just been making unconscious guesses before, but it doesn't appear to say the gender of the person calling?

[Progia-#> *speaking english, in a something, mildly something accented voice*

I doubt this could be a skills based issue so is it potentially just an overlooked one?

I noticed that the other day. I usually pick up voices but I didn't that time. Turns out it is a type of a perception check.

Plus, in real life, I've spoken to women who sounded like men and men who sounded female over the phone. Just a thought.


You will be shown the speaker's @voice text if it's the first time you've ever talked to them, if they change their @voice, or if it's been quite a while since you'e been shown it.

If you don't get the @voice message, it's because it's someone you've already heard recently.

That's odd. The voice message should show up with the first cell phone message every time - otherwise it becomes completely impossible to tell who's calling you, unless they introduce themselves or use a recognizable tic.

Well that's not quite true since Caller ID does actually exist in-game much as it does now.

Oh! Well, that's one more way of telling, but I think my point still stands. Over the phone, the voice is the only way you can identify someone, so I think it's pretty crucial that it show up.