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Voice on phone
Gender, at least.

People don't put their gender in their @voice, so, phones should tell at least the gender and for a bonus the type of person speaking (lad, bloke, woman, girl)... It would improve RP and be realistic.
Would the same apply to SIC?
SIC isn't audio, but I agree it would make sense to be able to at least tell someone's gender over the phone.
I've been in RP situations at least three times where the lack of gender indication and clues to same from the @voice led to some really implausible tapdancing, to make up for it. And one time where falling-back to guessing, and being *wrong*, also required some ugly backpedaling and near-retconning.

Having voted for making phones a bit more realistic and better RP support, I'll also vote for the notion that *disguising* one's voice on the phone wouldn't have to be ruled out either! Including disguising gender, why not, for the really motivated and capable "suspicious caller".

The only caveat I would think that would be needed is the ability to modify a phone or fake the gender of the voice if it is going to be grabbing and offering that data to the receiver.
how about I leave it as is and you include the word 'feminine' or 'masculine' in your voice. You want to both be able to fake it and have there be identifying information at will, well, thats exactly what you have today.
While I'm entirely fine with it as is, I think people are aiming to have a safeguard against being duped. Phone conversations however are never secure, and should never be treated as such imho. No matter what has been coded in.
I'm not aiming for a safeguard against being duped. I support dupe-abiity. But I support avoiding ambiguity when none is intended though. The awkward situations I described weren't due to a character trying to spoof or due to a player being negligent with their @voice.
My own @voice actually does have something in it which is a pretty good clue as to the gender when my character is heard on the other end. Did all along.

But not only is this unusual among the playerbase, it also doesn't help when my character is the one *getting* calls and then not being able to talk about who it might be. It just isn't realistic that no clue to gender at a minimum is possible unless the calling player does something ehich is frankly out of the ordinary, in practice.

It makes me want to write a macro for sending a [OOC: what gender does your voice sound like?] to clue the other player in, that here's a situation that they _might_ not intend. If at that point they choose to not answer or choose to fuck with me, that's fine, but at least at that point it's intentional and can support realistic RP. I'm not gonna use a macro or issue OOC comments over the phone like that because that would make RP suck too, but that's how frustrating this is to me.

Eh, I know it's been like this forever, So, without a MOO change, would anyone like to offer advice then, how you have "played around" it over the years? 'Cause I'm finding it hard, and have been for weeks. Thanks!

Yes, I avoided this problem by doing what everyone IRL does when talking on the phone to someone thy don't know well. Said my name/alias/whatever.

Think about your own personal phone usage. When calling, pretty much anybody, and for me also when I text someone who may not recognize my number I say "Hey whatup its Bilbo the Dildo" or whatever. Also using words of familiarity like, bro, chief, luv, dad, whatever to identify myself.

When your not sure though, just ask!! How many times have you had a call with someone in your life that you know intimately, and that you always recognize by voice, but because he/she's calling from a different phone, or has connection issues that distort their voice, you don't know right off who they are, and you ask, who is this??

I'm going with Johnny. If you want people to know your gender include it in your voice. Locking someone in to it, or adding an additional verb is silly. People will just not set their @voice-gender. We have @voice because people used to actually open up their conversations with to soandso: *in a deep mixer voice* Hey. And we thought, hey lets make that a verb because people are using it. But you don't need to -- we could add a tip to @who that reminds people they might want to add a gender identifier to their @voice message perhaps..