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Walk the walk
Customizable exit/entrance messages

@walk me is struts

Bob struts in from the west.

Just like voice and such, a personalized walk message. Some people walk with a limp, others with a flare, something that might even be noticeable when hooded, if distinct enough.

As for forced messages, if your legs are damaged you would be forced to limp, hitch, hobble into the room while it heals, sort of like the wounds on your nakeds.

Maybe it has to be a pre-set list to keep spam down, kind of like the short descs? Probably don't want people "skippin' like a motherfuckin G in from the west."

+1, oh god +1.

I have personally always wanted to skip across red like it was a field of fuckin' daisies. +1ing this for sure.

Make that +2.

holy HELL +1

So I'm going to play devil's advocate.

We already have specific contextual entry messages, and there mechanical reasons someone's movement messages might be changed. Soom rooms also have very unusual entry/entrances.

It's a superficially nice idea but I think there would be problems in implementation. I think it would also just amount to extra noise and many people would forget to adjust it appropriately for a context.

Sure there'd be issues with implementation, and certain rooms would need to automatically over-ride. But think of all the skipping gangers! Seriously though, I'd love this for certain IC reasons, especially lately.

I think a lot of code would have to be adjusted to make sure that forced effects such as zero-gravity, exit and room based movement would have to take priority. The messaging isn't on the player object because of this very reason.

I don't know how realistic it is but I am sure Feng or Johnny might respond to this at some point.

From a player's perspective: +1


It would have to be something one chooses from a list, like @shortdesc.