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@OOC will show you in the room
Pretty straight forward

Per request by players in the Ideas section, I have added code to the game which will show you as being @ooc from a room. This will show up as OOC info at the bottom of a rooms description, for anyone who enters or looks at the room while you are OOC.

No one was abusing this to get away from things, or to avoid RP. This change came about to avoid awkwardness when someone returns from @ooc and the players in a room have shifted. You might think you are completely alone in an open cube you just rented, but really someone is @ooc in that room! AWKKKWARDDD.

Generally speaking, this seems like a good improvement to avoid weirdness when someone returns to a room.

Obviously if you are returning to an @ooc you should offer some IC reason for your return like 'Seven returns through the door to the bathroom' Or something of that nature.

-- S

Oh yeah! ^_^

Feedback on this?

It's a super helpful feature and I don't find the little message intrusive at all. Great addition to the game!

It's great and really helpful =D

I'll third all the positive feedback. Now i don't have to be anxious about popping back into an IC environment either. Thanks.

I'm glad to hear it!