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Character voices
What does yours sound like?

It's simple. Post a link to a video or audio file that portrays your PC's voice as close as it can.

I'll start with mine. Don't click if you plan on playing Fallout: New Vegas' Lonesome Road DLC.



Anyone who knows my character should already understand that they're basically Pearl half the time.

Blue Text: https://youtu.be/c4HKOWG2oEA?t=176

Fuck me, I failed: https://youtu.be/c4HKOWG2oEA?t=176

This is probably the closest I can find to my character's voice, though it isn't spot on.


Mel Gibson in the scene doing an Australian accent.


I don't know how their creator imagines their voice, but I totally imagine Revat's as similar to Revy:


Hah! Stelpher, I can totally imagine her saying things like that!