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I died!
It was awesome!

So... Without revealing too much ic information I recently experienced a character death. I'm not going to lie and say it was one of those dreaded "rpless" deaths where someone jumped out of the shadows and killed me, i was aware of the danger and the reasons for my death were plainly obvious. What dying however has enlightened me to a the ENORMOUS plethora of doors a character death opens whether it was expected or not. Some doors will be unique to your character, others are open to almost anyone who dies.

Here are just a few examples:

-your character will not know how they died unless someone tells them. Even then, investigate further! Negotiate with your murderers or find out why you went into that dank sewer pipe in the first place... More traditionally perhaps, deal out some good ol' fashioned revenge.

-learn who your friends are! Only a true friend (or a clever enemy) stands by you at your most dangerous hour of need

We all dread dying and losing weeks or even months of work to a seemingly random ic moment. Even under the fortunate circumstances I found myself losing a lot of progress towards my characters ultimate goals but, when i looked, i actually found more doors had opened up for interesting and exciting r than i had before. I guess the general point of this article is death is not the end in sd... GO CLONE!

Disclaimer: i do not believe I have leaked ic info in this that will be of use to anyone but if the gms deem it to be so i apologise in advance!

Good sport!

This is good for new players to see.

Good post!

Keep ot up! Good attitude!