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Oh Skype.
Heh heh heh

This is an actual log of a conversation I had today with a random person that messaged me on skype.  Names have been changed to protect the comedic.

[4:07:19 PM] Seven Ecks says: who are you?
[4:07:55 PM] rab says: myname is **** ****
[4:08:01 PM] Seven Ecks says: and why are you calling me?
[4:09:31 PM] rab says: I dont't know who you are but Iam trying toimprove my English
[4:10:19 PM] rab says: sorry for annoyance
[4:10:44 PM] Seven Ecks says: sorry choombata, but I ain't gots no tyme fer lessons, ya scan?  I an' I got biz ta handle and chummers ta ghost, savy?
[4:11:17 PM] rab says: no problem
[4:11:50 PM] rab says: I think It is good to know about other words
[4:12:13 PM] Seven Ecks says: yeh i scan mano
[4:12:34 PM] rab says: what is your language
[4:12:40 PM] Seven Ecks says: mixmash
[4:13:09 PM] rab says: what about you
[4:13:35 PM] Seven Ecks says: what uh bout me?
[4:13:59 PM] rab says: what do you study
[4:15:17 PM] Seven Ecks says: i put most'a my time inta studyin' da way of da blade
[4:16:04 PM] Seven Ecks says: samuari shit, ya know?
[4:16:43 PM] rab says: I can not understand
[4:17:02 PM] Seven Ecks says: i study martial arts cuz i need it ta survive
[4:17:39 PM] rab says: that sooo beautiful
[4:18:28 PM] rab says: so wha is your aim of studing martial art
[4:18:41 PM] Seven Ecks says: mostly turnin' chummers inta chinese takeout.
[4:19:55 PM] Seven Ecks says: is tuff yu know?  people always come at me an' i gotta put 'em down, but it ain't no thang.  Judges ain't got shit on me.
[4:20:24 PM] rab says: really do you belive in this
[4:21:00 PM] Seven Ecks says: It ain't that I believe it, is that I ain't got no choice in da matter, ya know?  Is just life in da mix.
[4:24:25 PM] Seven Ecks says: People is always lookin' ta me fer answers but it's like I dun' have none ya know?  I just managed ta survive against da odds an' dey think dis makes me better den most, but is just luck.
[4:26:58 PM] rab says: so what you do
[4:27:47 PM] rab says: what your idea about Arab
[4:28:13 PM] Seven Ecks says: i's run ah place called the (edited - was shop name).  is like'a general store we's sell everythang ah chummer needs.
[4:33:27 PM] rab says: thay say that but people in America believe that
[4:34:24 PM] Seven Ecks says: I ain't live in da United States, I was born dare but I's moved.  Ain't was nada for me dare.

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*finds Slither Skype name*

Wow that's fuckin' hilarious

martial art?!?!?!

that sooo beautiful

Shayla is the name i gave her. When she asked for one.

[10:23:37 AM] Shayla  says: listen  music?
[10:23:48 AM] Hot man  says: Yes. What is your favorite kind?
[10:24:49 AM] Shayla  says: sleeping
[10:25:01 AM] Hot man  says: Lol. Sleeping music?
[10:25:25 AM] Shayla  says: no
[10:25:34 AM] Hot man  says: What?
[10:26:21 AM] Shayla  says: no   favorite
[10:26:34 AM] Hot man  says: Ok.
[10:27:06 AM]Shayla  says: what  about  you  ?
[10:27:38 AM] Hot man  says: I like Rock\Metal\Rap\R&B\Punk\Soul
[10:29:16 AM] Shayla says: oh
[10:29:47 AM] Shayla  says: are you  a  hot  man ?
[10:29:55 AM] Hot man  says: HAH!

EDIT: BgBB does not support chinese symbols.

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