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Yesterday something happened IC and I had the greatest story idea. I wanted to base if off of that thing that happened. I figured that I should ask you guys if I can use what happened as a starting point, you know, for copyright reasons. Would that be okay if I use it?

That's a good question BarkisXYZ.

You mentioned "based" on which means it wouldn't be exactly the same. Characters, even dialogue, would be different. You'd likely have to expand / change up the scene as well.

Now, you wouldn't be able to use Withmore Dome but that doesn't mean you couldn't use a major city and CP it up. Much like Los Angeles in Blade Runner. (Withmore also has some obvious Neuromancer, Blade Runner, Firefly, Futurama and Space Invader Zim references among others,)

Change things up so it's not exactly the same and add in other scenes and you should be okay.

That said, you would want to look into this a little more eventually.

Also, I know that we have our own resident author that created a story inspired by Sindome and Withmore:

Recombination: A Seven Ecks Novel (Chronicles of Withmore City Book 1)

by Brendan Butts (Author)

Plus some other players have written short stories and submitted them to some contests.

Forum thread: https://www.sindome.org/bgbb/game-discussion/website-problems/your-short-stories-87/

Stories Page: http://www.sindome.org/stories/

I have a RL situation (a few of them) which I've altered slightly and made CP for use at one point in the game so yes, writers gain inspiration from all sorts of areas.


Start writing, get it done, then you can start altering some things later if needed. But as I've learned and relearned some things, get that story idea down first before getting distracted by others' ideas.

And one last thing, I've noticed there are a good group of players here that have offered up help to read the finished product of some others and there are even a few editors out there so when you're done, you'll have a test audience available. :)