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Short Stories

Sometimes your creative juices will overflow Sindome, spill into other mediums and create amazing things. The stories below were all written by Sindome players who were inspired by their game experiences. Nothing in these stories is considered IC, no actual PCs are represented and these are just works of fiction set in our world. Please enjoy them and let them inspire your RP. If you'd like us to post your Sindome short story, send it to our inbox and we'll post it.

Huo's Shack by Slither
A quick vignette about everyones favorite Ripper Doc: Huo

Sindome Story by Carrie Lane
Emigrating to Withmore City, a new citizen gets the welcome treatment.

Welcome to Withmore by Ergoproxy
After hacking into the grid node of the protagonist, the reader is given a lesson on life and death in Withmore City.

A Good Day by Taikei no Yuurei
When fortune shines on a man in the Red Sector, it comes with an unexpected complication from high above.

Storm Code by Brendan Butts (Slither)
A young hacker realizes theres a fatal flaw in his code, but will he fix the problem before time runs out?

Just Business by Something Wicked
Not everyone likes their boss, but some corpies got it worse than others.

Mark by Kuzco
Waking in an unfamiliar place, Mark finds himself in the wrong hands at the wrong time.

Mercy by Brendan Butts (Slither)
When a corpie loses his daughter to the dangerous temptations of the red sector, a specialist is brought in to help deal with the situation.

TruColorz by Karma Portrait
Things don't work out very well for Hayley when she lifts the wrong bit of data from the wrong corpie.

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