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So random newbie question
Sorry if this is the wrong place for the topic

Hello all recently found out about this place after looking for some RPG groups and it caught my interest. My question is in terms of Character Creation, What does Luck contribute to the game... based on the definition giving in the menu I'm assuming it effects actions like,

'My Smuggler is hiding a cache of drugs in a secret compartment in his house, in the event of police searching his place Lck factors in if they find it or not.'

Am I on the ball? I figured that's what it meant I just didn't want to assume and end up having to remake a character based on an assumption.

Luck effects everything your character does. It's a measure of their ability to escape bad situations, find good ones and generally bend the odds in their favor. Given two characters who are evenly matched in abilities but one has more luck, the more lucky guy will outperform the unlucky guy almost every time, assuming he's relying on his luck. It gives you a second chance when you fail rolls, and there's countless RP reasons for having it.

Luck is granted in a pool each night. You can start or stop relying on your luck so you can save it for when you need it, but once you've spent your luck for the day it's gone.

For more information about it, type 'help luck' as a guest.

Ok thank you very much, That actually makes a lot of sense


In the example above, the Smuggler can have a bad roll during the 'hide' action, the authorities could have a bad roll during their 'search' action, Luck could help wither of them get a re-try which would be used for the final result.

There's also the game-mastering aspect. I will at least LOOK at a person's Luck stat sometimes while choosing how to make the game-world react to people's roleplay decisions. What I might or might do based on what I do or don't see there is secret sauce, but remember and believe it when we say that the RP you're given is very often guided by your stats and skills, even when an automatic coded roll isn't being triggered by your game commands.

And many of you are familiar woth having a GM ask you over xhelp whether you want to have your @luck ON or OFF, maybe out of the blue or maybe when you're already aware that we might be doing manual rolls for you behind the scenes.

Going to have to agree with Linekin.

Luck will affect your character directly. There will be times that you see that your luck had a direct effect on a roll , even when you don't know you were rolling skillchecks. I personally love seeing these little notifications.

You will also have times where a GM asks you wether you want have your @luck on or not. You won't know what stats or skills they are rolling, but i'm always more than glad to have my luck on for those times.

You can turn your luck on and off. This feels counter intuitive. This has two reasons :

First of all is to allow players to be fair to eachother when playing games agianst eachother. If i'm not mistaken , certain ingame activities take luck into effect.

Second is that you can use your luck on ANY roll. I've had times where i used luck to log into the grid. I'm certain you can't really fail logging into the grid. i'm also certain theres a skillcheck there.

I've had times where i emptied my whole luckpool driving from one place to another. Apparantly theres a check i fail every time. I also have never noticed a single negative effect of failing that check.

TLDR : Luck is a great stat to have. We've had characters with their whole concept being that they were Lucky. I'd suggest having some other talents as well though.

I've never. ever. turned my luck on. Guess what's going to change now.