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Help for 'luck'

Syntax: @luck

Your stat is a pool and your luck runs out if it is overused. It is important to manage how you spend it. By typing '@luck', you can toggle when you rely on your luck. This makes it useful to keep your luck off until you're about to do something important, risky or new, as it will increase the likelihood that you have luck points to spend.

When your character's stats or skills are challenged via an action (such as detecting if someone is hidden), there is always a chance that you will fail the challenge. It's in this case that your luck might give you a second chance, automatically rerolling the numbers and letting you succeed.

Your character's luck pool is refilled each day with a number of points based on your character's luck stat. When your luck pool runs dry, your 'luck has run out' and it won't save you from failed stat checks.

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