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Telling if GMs Are Busy
How to tell? Here are some commands...

There are a few basic ways you can tell if admin are busy.

@who This will tell you what admin are online and if any GMs have been recently active.

xhelp WITH NO ARGUMENTS. This will also tell you what admin are listening to xhelp currently. It can be less spammy than @who. Just remember that Johnny and Fengshui and some others may not be GMs.

Talk to NPCs You can always talk to an NPC and see if you get a response. Give it a few minutes. If you don't get a response, check back later. You could also ask for an NPC by alias over the SIC.

Anything I missed?

-- S

*@who will tell you what admin are online who want to be seen.

Maybe I'm being cynical, but if we want to see if a GM is busy, it's usually because we want an NPC animated.

While @who is great, the issue is we don't know if someone else is being puppetted, and if the other person's puppet might take a long time. Same goes to xhelp really..

Yep. Check out the puppet queue thread for more info on how we are going to work on this!