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Ghost in the Shell
Stand Alone Complex

Some of you know about the Ghost in the Shell movie, but I bet more of you don't know about the TV show that's out now in the states.

So, I've caught a few episodes of this on Adult Swim and it made me want to go and get the copy of the Ghost in the Shell movie that I've seen a dozen or more times, but still don't own. Along with this, I decided to pick up the DVDs for the show, mostly because I hate the commerical interruptions.

These DVDs are loaded with extras and you can even get special versions with schwag like a t-shirt and the CD soundtrack.

I recorded the intro to the the show with my cybershot and uploaded it for you guys. It's around 85 seconds long and a fat 7.8MB, but I think its very CP and will give you a taste of the flavor. View it here.

The intro is done in CGI, but the show is anime with CGI effects, just like the movie. It's so much like the movie that it just feels right. :)

Ghost in the Shell: Feature Film

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex


And if you still have some cash kicking about after that, there's also...


dec 28th

*edit The intro doesn't work for me. I just get a little generic media icon in the top corner of a blank window.

(Edited by Bias at 10:55 am on Dec. 10, 2004)

(Edited by Bias at 10:56 am on Dec. 10, 2004)

Have you tried to download it instead of just clicking on it? Otherwise, you're waiting for 7.8MB to download before your media player takes over.

Loved it!

Quote: from Johnny on 4:37 pm on Dec. 10, 2004[br]Have you tried to download it instead of just clicking on it? Otherwise, you're waiting for 7.8MB to download before your media player takes over.

Thanks. I realised what I was doing wrong.
Nice capture by the way.

GITS2 has already run in select theatres, btw. I was luckily able to catch one of the last showings in my area.

Way more better good than the first, this one features:

-Batou's dog
-More Batou
-Batou and guns
-Batou and ammo
-Batou kicking ass
-Batou bad-tripping
-More Batou than you can shake a cybernetic stick at



GITS Batou factor:  3
GITS2 Batou factor: 9.5

It's very scientific.

Stop staring at his bulge.

Hey Bias, GitS is apparently playing in town, Kensington Plaza I think... you down to go before I head to Santa Fe? Fire me a mail.

*pops out of a pile of snow*

Hmm, I've only seen Ghost in the Shell 2, because the first time I got Ghost in the Shell it was dubbed, complete with gruff american voices and gross simplification, which I just couldn't stand. I've got a duel audio version now though, so I'll see that soon, but the concensus I got from a lot of people that've seen both is that the first is superior. People went as far to say that the second is pretentious, I wouldn't say that, but it's certainly self conciously philisophical.
The triple trip is pretty nifty though ;).

Quote: from Johnny on 9:51 am on Dec. 11, 2004[br]Stop staring at his bulge.

You can talk, gits sac indeed :P ;)

Mmmmm.  Damnit, I miss my GITS:SAC.  Had all of season one fansubbed through AOne, Anbu, and LMF nearly a year and a half ago, then had to delete them to make up for space. (No DVD burner or money for said device.)

Watched Innocence a while back, then watched it at a limited engagement at a far off arthouse movie theater, just to say that I'd been there.  Great stuff, though the Milton and biblical references tend to pile on.

By the way, Season 2--GITS:SAC 2nd Gig--is already airing in Japan, and it rocks.   I'm about 7 episodes from the finale.  

Boy... I seem to have lost my typical eloquence tonight.

Just my two-fifths of a chyen,

Caugh an ep. on Adult Swim the other night, and got hooked immediately. I'm never one to condone such horrible things, but if anyone is familiar with using the Ares P2P program, they have all of the season 1 eps (26 x 25min each). Very very very good stuff. I went on a binge and watched episodes 1-7 last night. Definitely recommend this it all of you. Very CP...that should go without saying.

For those of you who wish to see a few select episodes, I might be persuaded to put up an FTP server for your viewing pleasure :-P