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I Love Movies
Create the world of films that your character grew up with

I am an absolute lover of movies. Cheesy, comedy, action, sci-fi, drama. Sindome needs movies. Even if we don't have the movies, lets talk about what movies there'd be!

Brainstorm / Riff / Remix the world of movies that would have been made between the year 2000 and the year 2100 in our timeline.


Older than the year 2000, but I could see Harlem Nights being set in the Mix.

RoboJudge: The Mix fight back. - The story of a lone WJF judge who was augmented beyond anyone's expectations of what was capable and is now forced to fight to bring law back to the Mix after it is overrun by the Hairy Frog Gang lead by the infamous "Jerry JockStrap".

MixBoy (Get it? Instead of HellBoy?) - A movie about a dude who got infected with some weird toxic stuff when he was young and now he has super powers and everyone hates him because he has three eyes.

Dude, Where's my mixer? - A comedy about some Corporate citizens going on adventures and losing their Mix Slaves after they are stolen by some other Corpie's.

and my personal favourite:

I am the Laawwww! - A movie about a man who shouts "I am, the LAaaaAAaWWwWwwW" over and over throughout the entire movie as he fights back Mixers while bringing justice to the planet.

I like to think that in our timeline, the events made movies darker, more blunt and fatalistic on the whole. So franchises that had already begun, continued, but with some twists.

The Federation - a series of movies based on the old Star Trek franchise, sometime in the mid 22nd century. Fed 10 featured an epic all out assault on the Klingon home planet, Qo'noS by the Federation armada.

Title: Armagriddon

Release year: 2086

Budget: Horrendous

Genre: Cult classic / Wannabe thriller/action.

Main characters: Mr Z (X was patented), Crank, Killswitch, Sl0ppy2ndz, scary CEO-man, scary CorpSec-woman.

Summary: A low budget cult classic produced by a bunch of wannabe producers. They hired actual console jockeys to help with presenting Grid hacking as realistically as possible. This was the vid's downfall, as only deckers enjoyed it, and others found it unbearably dull.

Story: A feature length vid about a group of slum dwelling deckers trying to make a name for themselves and get out of the projects. They unite forces in an attempt to break into the largest, most secure datavault house in a Vulture Corp facility.

The majority of the vid is spent watching a bunch of kaf slurping punks complain about the Grid and its flaws, and eventually the vid ends abruptly with them being traced by a Vulture Corp NetSec team and being blasted to bits in meatspace.

Trivia: Armagriddon 2.1 never made it past development hell.

I love this thread!


Apparently part of the golden age of '70s experimental cinema, 224 is a two hundred twenty-two minute long surreal holo-vid without any dialog and a very spare score. The film centers around a middle-aged woman seemingly trapped alone in an empty city stuck in a neverending sunset. Over time, she begins experiencing delusions that grow more intense until the film's end.

There is no real resolution to the plot. The woman sees but never meets distant shadowy figures, and it is unclear whether many of the events of the film are real or imagined. Though it is of major studio quality, the movie is entirely uncredited and speculation abounds among underground collectors as to who shot, directed, produced, or stared in it. The film had no legitimate release and is only traded via bootleg.

Blunt Force Trauma

A schlocky action comedy from the late 2090s where a partnered pair of slacker corporate security agents discover a major internal conspiracy that threatens the future of their pharmaceutical megacorporation, but more importantly, it threatens their cushy jobs and their access to near-limitless stickiest of sticky TH-2C.

The film is a two hour romp of drug-fueled bullshit shenanigans as this barely competent agent duo manage to bungle their way through each encounter.

I loved Vera's movie.

Reminds me a lot of William Gibson's novel Pattern Recognition.