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Term Banner Adds
Legal worries...

I have read elsewhere that players are welcome to submit 500x60 graphics and that, if the staff likes them, they can be added to the loop of Term Banner adds. I was thinking about putting some together but I wasn't sure about the legality of taking various images one might find doing a google search and using them to create an add.

What are good guidelines to follow here?

Stock photo services, creative commons licenses and public domain repositories of images are not subject to fair use due to the rights they carry.

Stock photo services require you to pay for a license, creative commons licenses confer the right to use an image under certain circumstances and public domain images are not subject to copyright in the first place.

Fortunately, to make it easier for you, Google allows you to filter images according to its licensing, so you can opt to view only images which are available for non-commercial redistribution. Just click the Search Tools button and it'll let you do it through there.

And if you're parodying something legit, parody is a legitimate free-use, especially within an isolated game network like the grid.

I've finished my first attempt. What is the best way to submit this for consideration?

Our image uploader is broken, so if you want to do it publicly, I recommend uploading it to imgur.com before using the [ img ] syntax shown above the post editor.

If you want to do it privately, fixit@sindome.org, with a subject line of like, GRID AD:

Alright. Here goes it!

And a slower variant:

I can probably optimize these a bit for size and make any other desired adjustments.

Very nice!

I like them both.

Very cool.

Next Attempt:

And another:

Forgot to mention that the last one does parallel Century 21 in both logo and motto... Hope it's not too far in a grey area.

I love these banners you're making, Grey0. Excellent work on all of them.