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Attributes & Experience

No Class.

Each character in Sindome is made up of a variety of attributes. Stats and Sub-Stats define attributes such as Strength, Intelligence and Quickness. These can be checked when performing actions that rely on a degree of ability with a certain attribute (e.g. pushing aside a barricade blocking an exit should require a degree of Strength) or they can provide the backing for skill checks. Skills define domain-specific learned experience relating to the use of kinds of equipment or techniques. These can be checked when performing actions such as operating a vehicle or utilizing a blade in self-defense.

Beyond the basics, your character can possess a number of intrinsic Advantages. These grant bonuses in specific situations where a skill will be used. You get to choose up to 3 such advantages, but be warned, each advantage taken will also yield a random disadvantage.

Advantage Mulligan: In the event of a first or second advantage choice yielding a disadvantage negating what would have been your second or third advantage choice, one full mulligan (do over) per character is available to start selecting advantages over again.

Finally, you can choose to have your character become even deadlier with their weapon-of-choice by specializing in weapons of the same kind, general weight and general length.

Stats Primary character attributes.
Sub-Stats Underlying values communicating bias between differing aspects of the more general Stats. Not seen by players.
Skills Domain-specific learned experience. Checked when using equipment or techniques.
Languages Skill at speaking and understanding a language.
Advantages Bonuses to specific uses of a skill. Chose up to 3 of them.
Disadvantages Penalties to specific uses of a skill. Randomly assigned when an Advantage is chosen.
Specializations Bonus when using a specific weapon (or one similar enough to it.)

No Levels.

Sindome has no levels, but that doesn't mean you won't be earning experience. Character growth is self-guided. You will earn Unassigned Experience (up to 3 UE points a day) just for playing the game. As you earn this experience, you can spend it between the various kinds of attributes: Stats, Skills, Languages and Specialization.

The Curve: When spending UE on Stats or Skills, you will eventually encounter The Curve. At this point, the cost to raise the Stat or Skill starts to increase, eventually becoming extremely costly to raise the attribute at all.

At some point in your characters long lifetime, you will find that you have earned all the UE you're going to earn with a character. Your character is going to have been around for at least 2.5 years and possibly quite a bit longer depending on how frequently you earned your 3 UE a day. At this point, you'll earn no more experience -- your character has reached its zenith! You can continue to RP, retire your character through a plotline or potentially Respec your character's attributes to correct mistakes you may have made over 2.5 years of assigning experience.

Languages: Do not count towards the 'UE Cap', so any UE spent on them won't block UE that could be spent on Stats or Skills.

Respec: GRANTED by Admin, only one per character lifetime, don't misuse it!

Connection Info


PORT: 5555

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