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How to Contact Us

Trying to get ahold of us, eh? Well, depending on what you want us for we have different addresses and what not. So, if you'd like to send us a mailbomb, letterbomb, pipebomb, small thermonuclear device, or any other object that fits in this category please mark your envelope "RETURN TO SENDER" and drop it in a mailbox with extra postage. And don't worry, we'll get it.

Anyways, seriously, to find us all you have to do is drop us an e-mail...


    Having trouble dispite our overly large help database? Drop us a line here and we'll see what we can do.


    Is our character registration code acting up? Submit your request for a character through e-mail. This is slower, but gets that human touch.


    Think you got a good idea for a plotline? Like our site? Hate our site? Hate us? Whatever, just drop your comment here.


    Getting a traceback from something in the game? Do yourself, your fellow players and us a favor and let us know, bugs in the game only slow it down and hinder your enjoyment in the long, if not short run of things.


    Want to talk to a member of Senior Staff about the game? Marketing? Coding? Or just about anything else? This is your guy.

Need to contact us by an ancient, somewhat slower way?
Ok...we do have a snail mail address, so here you go:

                           The Sindome Corporation
                           165 Cambridge Park Drive
                           Cambridge MA 02140
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PORT: 5555

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Sindome's expenses are paid for with the generous financial support of our Club Members. Without your help, our community wouldn't be here.