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Withmore Globe

A division of the New Light Media Entertainment Group. All rights reserved since 2075.

Withmore Stock Exchange Revamp!

Corpshares will be a new way to trade


A complete revamp of the Withmore Stock Exchange is underway. Details are still sparse, but what we do know is that all of the Mega Corporations in Withmore City have signed on to a new revamp of the stock exchange.

The new exchange will work on a quarterly basis, with share prices resetting to their starting values (currently predicted to be 100.00c a corpshare). Read More

The corporate council believes that the quarterly reset will help investors lock in value without detracting from a corporations long term roadmap and evening the playing field for smaller mega corporations to not be completely overshadowed by the share prices of their larger counterparts.


Only other mega-corporations can buy shares. Individual share holders are not expected to be allowed to participate in the market. The council has ruled that supporting individual shareholders would require expensive overhead that they are not interested in supporting.


What follows is only a general overview and is subject to change as the corporate council continues to iterate on the idea over the following weeks.

Corpshares will be a representation of actual shares. These are owned by the corporation that holds them and provided to its corporate employees on a quarterly basis. The number of shares provides is still to be determined. These shares can be sold on the corpshare market, which will result in funds being available in the employees corpshare account. The employee will then be able to purchase shares in other corporations. The goal being to maximize profits.

The employee will never be able to profit directly off of the buying and selling of CorpShares. These shares are still owned by the corporation they work for.  Any profits made will be netted by the corporation. However, the corporate council is expected to announce that each corporation will be offering a quarterly bonus to the employees who make the most profit for the corporation from the buying and selling of CorpShares.

At the end of each quarter, the market will reset as will all corpshares currently held by a Corporation, or its employees.


Shareholders often want to drive profit on an more immediate basis than the Corporation might be set up to handle. Long term roadmaps turn into short term sprints toward turning a profit and increasing share price. This has been an economic reality for hundreds of years. The new Withmore Stock Exchange and CorpShare market intend to change that. Allowing for the locking in of short term gains while also allowing corporations to continue to grow in the long term.


A demo stock ticker is available at the Withmore Savings Bank on Gold. This stock ticker will be tracking the CorpShare price as development of the market continues.


A corpshare terminal will be made available to each corporation, and in a central location as soon as development of the new system has been completed.

More details on this developing story, as we have them.

RDL spills secrets of his tantalizing new miniseries

Cold Embrace premieres January 22nd @ 7 pm

It's a freezing evening in Withmore City. Everyone is bundled up as they travel to and from work. I remove my heavy coat as I step into the luxury penthouse of Rafael de Leon.

The decor is glamorous, and each room is spacious. Welcoming me is an elaborate arrangement of various candy decorating a table to my right, a stocked wine chiller to my left, and a handsome man in front of me. I'm thankful for each opportunity I get to sample the high life.

This time, I'm sitting down to speak in depth with RDL, one-on-one. Read More

He's invited me here to expose himself, to probe deep into his thoughts, and to explore his new, upcoming miniseries.

RDL takes my coat, hands me a glass of wine, and invites me to get comfortable on his plush couch as holographic decor dances around the living room. After drinks and some charming small-talk, we get into the thick meat of the conversation.

Rose Ringo: So, for those who have somehow never heard of you, would you mind filling them in on who RDL is and why they should stop living under a dumpster?

Rafael de Leon: I am one of NLM's rising stars, Rafael de Leon, or RDL to my fans. Grappa signed me as their spokesmodel a few months back, and I helped with some of the fight choreography for EGO's first season. Most recently, my newest venture was announced. A miniseries which I am writing and starring in. Cold Embrace.

RR: Can you tell us a little more about Cold Embrace? What's it about, and why is everyone going to love it?

RDL: Cold Embrace follows the story of Alejandro 'Alex' Nieves as he navigates through a web of revenge, betrayal, and seduction. But, for the Globe I'll divulge a little more about the story--avoiding spoilers, of course.

RR: Yes, please. Your fans are dying to know more.

RDL: Alex is a contractor that performs delicate security related jobs for Corporations or Corporate Citizens that require a third party. During the course of the miniseries, he will take on a job and become embroiled in something that will test where his loyalties lie. How exactly he will be tested, I'll leave to the show. Be prepared for exciting action pieces, steamy romance, and political intrigue, though.

RR: Ooh, how scandalous!

RDL: I'm very excited to be working on the project. While the show is my concept, I have been fortunate enough to work with the best team in the world. Fans of EGO will know the producer that I am partnering with: Lisette Dupuis.

RR: Speaking of which, how long does it take for your team at NLM to complete an episode from start to finish?

RDL: This particular story is one that I've had in mind for some time. Once my pitch was approved, I began working on the actual script, casting, and fight choreography. Due to NLM's excellence in the field, and the team's dedication to work around the clock, we finished within a week. The filming and editing will be done by the episode's air date on the 22nd. Long answer short, about a week to film and edit everything.

RR: How satisfying is it to meet these deadlines and work alongside so many dedicated people at NLM?

RDL: There's nothing like it in the world. The pressure to create something that will entertain millions and to have such a tight shooting schedule is immense, but it is truly a privilege to get to share one's craft with such a large audience. As far as the team, even though my part in EGO was minuscule, it was a treat to work with someone as talented as Lis. When the question came up of who would help produce, there was only one answer in my mind.

RR: You've done a lot of work at NLM leading up to this miniseries. How long have you been with NLM so far?

RDL: Oh my! I joined NLM about five months ago. I hadn't been in Withmore long, having immigrated from Spain shortly before being hired by NLM. It feels like a dream, getting to work with brands like Grappa on ad campaigns, host events, help with the biggest new television show, and now to create my own content. Time just flies by.

RR: What is your favorite part about being a TV personality?

RDL: Without a doubt, it's bringing wonderful content to passionate fans. This is just the start of my leading man and writing credits for television and hopefully film. The glitz and glamour are excellent perks, of course, but the fans always come first.

RR: For your fans who dream of being in shows with you, do you have any advice on what it takes for them to achieve the dream?

RDL: This is one of the most sought after professions in the world, and it takes a great deal of determination and dedication to succeed as an actor. Knowing your worth, but also being able to listen to objective criticism and develop as an artist is imperative. With that being said, luck and talent are usually the biggest determining factors in who gets cast. Being able to contribute in more ways than just acting is a good way to get your foot in the door. My training as a martial artist, ability to choreograph fights, and skill in writing screenplays made me stand out more than the run-of-the-mill pretty boy.

RR: When can we all see the premiere episode of your sexy miniseries?

RDL: Cold Embrace will premiere on January 22nd at 7pm, only on channel 20. Corporate Citizens are invited to join me at my viewing parties for all three episodes in KMB's VIP room. For everyone else, I hope you tune in.

RR: Thank you, Rafael de Leon, for sharing your time and passion with us all.

Clear your evening schedule for Wednesday, January 22nd, because you won't want to miss the premiere of Cold Embrace at 7pm!

-Rose Ringo

Snake member Pinky expresses love for EGO

Morrow mark makes managers move more merchandise

The season finale of EGO aired this past week, but fans are only craving more!

Early December 28th, 2104, Eurydice Morrow [SIC: Pinky], a prominent member of the violent Snake gang, made her way into the NLM tower and headed to the NLM food court. For productive citizens, the NLM food court is open to serve plenty of delicious meals.

Given Morrow's reputation and general disrepute, what happened next is hardly surprising. Morrow whipped out a spray can and began tagging the walls with "EGO" in honor of NLM Producer Lisette Dupuis's latest hit sensation.

There is a limit for acceptable raving, and Morrow crossed the line that day, being escorted out by NLM Security. Read More

When she refused to comply, additional steps were necessary in order to send her on her way. Cadet Grimaldi issued the Judgment: "Citizen Eurydice 'Pinky' Morrow, I Judge you guilty of assault and vandalism. You are fined 15,000c, payable in one week. Obey the Law!"

Morrow was graciously provided a new jacket by NSEC after being brought out of the NLM tower. Demand for more EGO-related merchandise rose in response to Morrow's stunt. Despite that, we strongly urge citizens not to copy these stunts.

Instead, citizens are asked to be orderly with their hype. Please post your EGO fanmail, fan theories, and fanfiction to the grid forums, or even deliver personal thanks to the creators and actors via gridmail.

EGO episodes are available on channel 20. As of printing, the easiest way to binge EGO Season 1 is by watching episodes 1-4 starting at 20:00 and episodes 5-8 starting at 16:00 daily.

Check the Channel Listing Guide for up-to-date air times.

Software Upgrade for SIC Implants

Over the air update is complete

A software update for SIC implants has received an over the air update to the chips core firmware. These changes were purely functional and no visible changes will be noticeable to the average citizen.

A spokesperson for the WJF, speaking about the over the air update had this to say:

"Fundamentally, we had one problem and several attack vectors. The problem was that there are some unscrupulous people in this city and they will take advantage of the average citizen in any way possible. We all know who they are, and where they come from. Today, they have fewer vectors to hone in on to target and exploit the law abiding citizens of the city. Read More

This new update that has just finished rolled out patches several security holes that were being exploited to allow unauthorized bad actors to track the location of citizens in the city. We are now 100% confident that only authorized personnel have the ability to track citizens within the city as part of law enforcement duties. The firmware was also updated so that when life cessation is detected, the chip becomes inoperable and self wipes, preventing a criminal from attaining the chip and attempting to extract private information from the chip. Citizens of Withmore City value their privacy highly, and they are now safer, and so is their private information."

NeoSec Senior Transit Guard Flees City in Shame

Vermeulon ran Vermeuloff


(Edited by NewsDesk at 10:48 pm on Dec. 20, 2104)

WCS announces SIC firmware update

WCCS announcement about SIC

In a press release today, WCS announced that they have updated the firmware on Withmore's SIC network, and associated tools and equipment. This update is to patch several security holes that have been found recently, and will be an overall upgrade to the network's security. There will be no impact to end users of the SIC network.

As a result of this update, tools used by appropriate authorities have also been updated in order to ensure legal use. Properly authorized users have been trained in their use, and should face no issues continuing to use the hardware.


ViriiiSoma Security Op Botched By Mixers

Systemic issues within VS?

Why did two ViriiSoma agents head to the mix on November 15th targeting a ViriiSoma-sponsored cyberdoc? And why did they fail?


ViriiSoma Pharmaceutical's profits continue to rise every quarter. Share prices at all time highs. Thousands of sponsorships. With ViriiSoma's name and status, errors should be nonexistent. Like paint smudges on a Holden, any imperfection to their security team is supposed to be worth the cost of flawlessness. But we continue to see humiliating blunders out of a supposedly infallible megacorporation. Read More

Constantine General Hospital (CGH) in Red Sector, sponsored by ViriiSoma, sees to thousands of medical needs per week, but fell victim itself to the psych ward patient Danial Hoffman earlier this month. What should have been an easy patient cleanup turned into a circus of Hoffman attacking and evading CGH guards as he crawled through the ventilation system, taunting them while laughing madly. Their failure resulted in Guard Hiro being kidnapped, tortured, and driven insane enough to assail CGH's own staff. Upon Hoffman's escape, the WJF had to clean up CGH's mess before Hoffman harmed any corporate citizens.

The latest botched operation occurred on Friday, November 15th, when two ViriiSoma security agents were given a simple task which turned into an absolutely unnecessary disaster that no PR team could possibly spin positively.

Mixers murmur their stories, the shadows weave false narratives, and the NLM Withmore Globe is here to sort fact from fiction and deliver the real story to you.


Doctor Tennant is a cyberneticist on the CGH team, following strict policies and procedures outlined by ViriiSoma. CGH staff have been granted these jobs, and ViriiSoma is under no responsibility to keep any of them. And yet, Dr. Tennant was targeted covertly by ViriiSoma.

Shortly before Friday the 15th, ViriiSoma security Chief Mayberry called a meeting with Aiko Hazumi [SIC: Nyx] to discuss a basic op in the mix. The instructions were clear and simple: Take Agent Hank Shiyani [SIC: Coyote] with her, engage the target, and escape. This was all made easier by ViriiSoma approving of Hazumi being supplied with two sonic grenades, making any capture-and-kill operation into child's play.

Any competent agent with a month of training could do that. But Hazumi and Shiyani, ViriiSoma agents for over 4 and 2 months respectively, turned a silent show into a raucous series of mix mishaps that would fit right in on channel 58, if only there were a camera to watch the show.

In its absence, we here at the Withmore Globe bring you a play-by-play of Hazumi's and Shiyani's failed op.


Hazumi and Shiyani entered the mix shrouded. And that was the last thing they did right.

After moving to Constantine General, Shiyani pretended to be a patient seeking an appointment with Dr. Tennant. He was granted access to the operation suite. It seemed as if Hazumi's plan was to sneak in behind Shiyani, but her lethargic crawl was met with a closed door to the face.

As if requesting a do-over, Shiyani asked to be let out. With the door open again, Hazumi sneaked in and tossed a sonic grenade right in front of Dr. Tennant. In a moment of bewilderment, time seemed to stand still.

And then Dr. Tennant walked out.

Quickly, the confusion was identified: Hazumi forgot to pull the pin on the sonic grenade.

Shiyani came into possession of one of the grenades and pursued a pubSIC-screaming Tennant while Hazumi remained there, stunned as the door slammed shut in her face again. On the other side of the door was Dr. Tennant, surrounded by three CGH Guards: Panda [SIC: Ursa], Jo Zhou [SIC: Tigress], and Solai McLaughlin [SIC: SpitFire]. It was barely a contest; the CGH guards won out in an instant, dispatching Shiyani for his absurd tactic of rushing in and getting his face beat in without bothering to pull the pin on his sonic grenade.

From within the operating room, the CGH guards heard the screeching sound of the other sonic grenade. As if learning on-the-op how to work a sonic grenade, Hazumi hit a room void of targets.

The CGH guards proceeded to storm Hazumi and kill her in seconds.


With ViriiSoma security trounced and looted by a group of basic mixers, Dr. Tennant tended to the discount assassins, bringing them back from the dead, barely clinging to life.

The distress call came in. One can only imagine how livid ViriiSoma executives were. Not only was the operation a failure, but the guards at CGH were allowed to keep some of the agents' belongings, as well as receive very lucrative bonuses for their solid work.

Word of the events needed to be silenced, but you can never trust mixers to stay quiet. Not even under NDA, it seems.

The operatives were spanked and sent home, and Shiyani fired after an altercation at ViriiSoma HQ which resulted in a Judgment of Assault. How is it that CGH's guards were unable to handle Hoffman's antics, yet they were easily thwarted two ViriiSoma operatives?

Throughout this debacle, ViriiSoma continues to avoid press releases or information of any kind about this disaster, even as public disapproval rises.

Why are the good citizens of Withmore City being left with more questions than answers? Is there another Hoffman disaster ViriiSoma isn't telling us about? Is there a plague around the corner? Will ViriiSoma again waste the WJF's time with problems ViriiSoma should have had under control?

The answer is clear: ViriiSoma's security posture is an unprofessional embarrassment. Period. Their performances are befit for mixers.

- Rose Ringo

RDL Subdues Bank Robber, Defends Honor

A Prestigious confrontation

On the evening of November 6th, 2104, New Light Media's latest star, Rafael de Leon, defended his honor against one of the Withmore Justice Force's most wanted.


Jason "Prestige" Stettam, who attempted the notorious robbery of the Withmore Savings Bank central branch in October 2102, made a surprise appearance at Korova Milk Bar that evening, carrying his personal leather-bound cane and showing off his signature speedy tapping.


On November 6th, Prestige managed to acquire a camera with a picture that he claimed contained Rafael de Leon. When he brought this to pubSIC's attention, he decided to make a show of it to any viewers of Korova Milk Madness on channel 420. Read More

"I'm a world traveler, and all that," he explained to NLM assistant lieutenant Carolina Dethrow, who was on the scene within seconds to control the situation.


As Rafael de Leon drove down to KMB, Stettam entertained the crowd with a sleight-of-hand trick, approaching NLM pilot Waylon Redding. Spinning his cane and tossing it from hand to hand, all while tapping Redding's shoulders. A moment later, Stettam announced, "Tada!" Redding felt in his pocket and pulled out a copy of the false photo.


With RDL's arrival, the main event had begun. The two men exchanged peaceful pleasantries, then perused the photo in Redding's hand. A comparison of RDL to the photo side-by-side made it clear to all the viewers that this was a hoax at best. Stettam offered a handshake to RDL, during which Stettam planted a Progia-7 on RDL. Stettam then dipped the phone and showed it off to the viewers, as if to play it off as RDL's phone. Not one to be played a fool, RDL counter-dipped Stettam's QuickTerm, showing it off to shocked audiences everywhere.


The excitement rose as Stettam tossed his cane to Dethrow. "Maybe what you need is a good tussle," Stettam declared to RDL, "I can't promise you a good spar, but I can toss you around the bar until you ask real nice for me to stop." RDL tossed his jacket aside, ready to put his honor on the line.


RDL's Afro-Brazillian capoeira-style stance was immediately recognizable, Stettam holding up his fists to defend.


With graceful moves and firm intent, RDL sidestepped Stettam's moves, landing two fierce blows to Stettam's neck and head, following up with a block and chop at Stettam's arm.


As RDL's foot brutally lodged itself somewhere deep within Stettam's gut, the criminal fell back, knocked out cold.

Field Medic Merrick arrived just in time to treat Stettam's injuries so he could be escorted away.

Stettam took the loss in stride, offering his sincere thanks to RDL. "Always happy to meet a fan," RDL chimed as Stettam offered a final hug on his way out.

The crowd gradually dissipated back to its regular flow and merriment. Carolina Dethrow, having kept the scene secure, offered a smile to the camera. She pulled out Stettam's cane, admiring her new collector's item.


EGO: NLM's Newest Hit Series!

Exclusive interview with show-writer Lisette Dupuis

On October 31st, 2104, a new TV series was released by NLM at 6:00 PM sharp. After 30 minutes of pre-release celebration at Juicy Vee�s Korova Milk Bar, we switched to Channel 20 for the pilot episode of 'EGO'. Did you happen to miss it? Don't fret! In this article you will find everything you want to know about the show and the team behind it, without any plot spoilers. Around noon on the 1st November, a day after release, I sat down and spoke with Ms. Lisette Dupuis, the producer and writer of 'EGO' herself - to get YOU the scoop.

"Could you tell us about the pilot episode that was just revealed?"

"EGO is a dark political fantasy set in a post-post apocalyptic world, five hundred years into the future. Read More

The earth is controlled by a totalitarian government called 'The World Council', who have their hands in every aspect of your life. Your name, what you are allowed to study and know, your job, who you marry, and even when you will die. The World Council focuses on the collective rather than individuals... to the point that saying the word 'I' is known as a great blasphemy that can get you executed.

The story centers around a group of people who have left The City to form a village in the wilds of an old forest, led by a man called Prometheus, who escaped from prison after being put there for re-inventing light."

"What inspired you when you wrote the show?"

"The series was inspired by a short story by Ayn Rand known as Anthem. I have changed a bit about the world, but kept her main character - Prometheus, and introduced a cast that consists of mostly my own characters. The story is set five years past when the one she told ended.

In the end of her story, Prometheus escaped The City and found a cache of books. But we never knew what happened to him after that. I wanted to give him more story."

"Fascinating. So it's your sequel to a short story you like, more or less?"

"Oui. It is a sequel to a story that I've always found fascinating, and would sometimes expand upon in my head when I was daydreaming. Admittedly, I've taken some liberties with her world. The World Council, for example, in her story was The Council of Scholars, and was vastly different."

What's it like working with the actors for the show?"

"All of the actors are wonderful to work with. NLM has a wonderful stock of actors available for all different sorts of parts. It was an interesting experience to go through the casting calls, and decide who was just right for each part.

Amelia-Rose Gaines, the actress who plays Gaea is actually an accomplished martial artist, did you know? This is her first role as a leading lady. Johnathan Duran, who plays Prometheus, is quite the jokester on-set. One time he came in with his fake beard attached to his forehead... we all got a good laugh. And of course, Griff Crosby, who plays Galileo, had all of the women on set glued to everything he did."

"What has been your favorite moment so far when working on the show?"

"The entire process has been a dream for me; I'm not sure that I can pick just one moment easily. This is everything that I have ever wanted to do. But, I suppose, the moment that I saw my show's logo flashed on the television screen, and looked around KMB to see so many people watching my creation. I'm not sure that I can describe what I felt. Or how much lighter I felt after the credits closed, and the people in KMB applauded. Like I was a bird."

"What are the plans for the future of the show?"

"There are seven more episodes planned for the first season. You can expect to meet one new very important character, and see the world of EGO further developed, particularly exploring what it is like to live in a world where old technology has been cast aside, but not entirely destroyed. It is out there, still, to be found. You can expect multiple conflicts inside and outside of EGO, as well as a budding love story. You will also get to see Griff Crosby naked."

"Spicy. As an end note, would you like to say something to our readers?"

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this story with you. It has been a privilege. Whether you are 'Team I', 'Team WE', or 'Team BEAST', please tune in to channel 20 to root for your heroes."

"Wonderful. Thank you, Ms. Dupuis, for sharing."

You heard it from the Withmore Globe first, from the words of the writer herself. Are you rooting for one side or another already? Though if you are in fact someone who missed the release, I highly recommend that you to catch the re-run on Channel 20!

- C.W Dark,
Withmore Globe.

The Floodlight Initiative: Stem the flow of problem mixers

Enough is enough. Throw down the gauntlet. Do your part.

The biggest affront to our lifestyle is taking place right now on Green Sector: Mixers trying to make you feel bad about your hard work and perseverance as they ruthlessly parade their disgusting bodies on our immaculate streets.

The solution is The Floodlight Initiative. TFI is offering a 50,000c reward for the most offensive sighting of a dirty mixer in Green Sector. Submit entries to NLMTrv by January 19th, 2105. Read More

Contact a member of the Globe or NSEC to submit supplemental photos.


In what other city would you have 1.4 million dirty, greasy people violate standards and disrespect laws on corporate suburbs, yet we're still willing to have them among us and generously allow them passage, supply them with work, only in the end to be called disrespectful insults?

We gave these mixers allowances, and in less than a year's time we're back in this same mess. Why? Because we put up with one or two disgusting ticks from time to time, yet immigrants just keep pouring in and learning from these vile insects. Death by a thousand papercuts. And to keep our stores stocked, they've been virtually -invited- in, some even members of violent gangs. The solution is The Floodlight Initiative, casting a light on these ill-intentioned mixers.

No bleeding heart can face the simple fact that these parasites not only invade but spit on our very lifestyle while being graciously allowed to go about such acts. Niceties clearly afford no respite for their malcontent and are certainly not returned in kind.

They take these opportunities and they use them to stomp on our roads, to shout obscenities to passers-by, and some even to kidnap and harm honest corporate citizens. They dare to turn around and call us expletives when tens of thousands of hard-working mixers get employed by corporations each year. Only a diligent few follow the rules, wait in line, get cleaned up, hire tailors, study their dream profession, and swear allegiance to these great employers. Most of them would say that the day they became a corporate citizen was one of the best days of their lives. But these are only exceptions to the rule.

They didn't complain. They didn't attack those in their dream jobs. They -thanked- us. I know, because I am one of them.

But no, not the lifetime mixers. These career hooligans think Green sector is their playground. What makes them believe they're entitled to the same benefits as corporate citizens? What do they think they've done to earn it?

It doesn't matter what they think.

They've got no standing in this matter. They're not even corporate citizens. They may as well scribble 'Banished' on their foreheads with a marker, because we all know that's the way their stories are going to end.

The Floodlight Initiative is the answer: to find problems before they get worse. Be a part of the solution.


Take the corpse-eating ghoul Yunika Loon [SIC: Hinami] and her desperate boyfriend Gotz Miyazaki [SIC: Gotz]. Thanks to corporate citizens not doing their part in shaming these disgusting creatures, Loon and Gotz have been regularly sighted on Green Sector, bloody and reeking of garbage and rotting flesh. Our children should not have to walk the streets of Green with us while being exposed to shambling zombies. You could look away for one moment and they could feed off your loved ones in an instant.

Yunika loon is a roughly five-foot tall, lithe and pale woman of Asian descent, but it's difficult to tell behind all the filth, blood, and pervasive stench of death. Loon has sharp canine fangs with with to rend flesh, and she attempts to come off as impish in nature, but the ghoul's bouts of public urination and other malicious obscenities are beyond acceptable. Her neck is constantly covered in deep, healed bite marks, and her thighs are much the same.

The countless expressions of extreme public sexual deviancy Loon has forced upon our eyes and ears is the hallmark of a failure who hasn't learned her lesson and never will. Mixers no longer abide her presence, yet we remain quiet as she traipses about her merry way. Even NeoTrans Senior Transit Guard Archer Vermeulon dated the rotting Loon previously. Why was this allowed to happen? We're just inviting more of these criminals to slip their fantasies of vengeance and indecency into our neighborhoods.


It's time to throw down the gauntlet. Anyone harboring or encouraging mixers should be ashamed of themselves for what they've invited upon us. Loon and Gotz are only two of a countless brigade of unwashed degenerates among us. Look out your windows, step onto your balconies, and see all the gremlins crawling around Green Sector. Enough's enough.

Are you ready to stem the tide? Be a part of The Floodlight Initiative.

Do your part. Take a stand. Get chyen.

TFI is offering a 50,000c reward for the most offensive sighting of a dirty mixer in Green sector. Submit entries to [email protected] by January 19th, 2105. Contact a member of the Globe or NSEC to submit supplemental photos.

-Rose Ringo

WEC new-hire Madiha Abbott sells your health data

Westside Elective Crook

Westside Elective Clinic is a trusted name with an established team led by Dr. Gorman, with zero publicized security violations for over five years. And new-hire Madiha Abbott is breaking that streak in her first week on the job.

Madiha Abbott recently left her corporate employment at NeoTrans to go work for WEC. She is a petite and thin, pale-skinned woman with hazel eyes, long wavy crimson hair, freckles, and a long neck. She dresses respectively, and nothing about her mannerisms suggests she's plotting against her patients. Read More

What goes on in her head is an entirely different story.

Due to an errant and foolish use of her SIC's "CR" function instead of simply thinking "CC Criminal," Miss Abbott's thoughts were sent not to her handler, but to a patient who had just left Abbott's care. The patient then immediately reported this to the NLM Withmore Globe.

Abbot's misdelivered message went as follows: "[Redacted WEC patient's medical health data]. This the kind of paydata you're looking for?"

It's impossible to read this in any other way: Madiha Abbott is selling your health data, likely to criminals who wish to use that knowledge against you.

We here at the NLM Withmore Globe sincerely hope that it's not a new policy at WEC for employees to deliver your healthcare data to the highest bidder, and that Madiha Abbott is merely a rogue doctor, planted by an unknown source.

-Rose Ringo

EGO Producer Dupuis violently attacked by ex-ViriiSoma exec

Premeditated while on VSE alias; VSSec remained silent

Why was ex-ViriiSoma executive James Drummer allowed to plot a violent fantasy while on his ViriiSoma alias for hours?


As corporate citizens, we are afforded protections and allowances to ensure we maximize our results and achieve our greatest potential. The elite rise, and those who cannot live to expectations fall from grace on a daily basis. The system works.

When eyes aren't on a fired executive traipsing around Green sector--without their former corporate security officers notifying the authorities--disasters are prone to occur. Read More

No hard-working, perfectly diligent corporate citizen should ever have to endure the horrors James Drummer concocted for NLM Producer Lisette Dupuis at the Krakeon.

The Krakeon is becoming a more and more unsavory place to live. The tenant list is poorly maintained, harboring a swath of undesirables. In just this past month, it's been home to criminals, hateful corporate citizens, and service mixers alike. It's been laughed at and discarded with names like "The Krakhouse."

But what happened on November 28, 2104 was no joke.


A group of friends and associates were gathered in Grunen's Tavern. It was supposed to be just another relaxing Thursday evening, with drinks, smokes, and a game of pool with Lisette Dupuis, the NLM Producer behind the latest NLM Original hit show, EGO.

During this time, James Drummer showed up, introducing himself as "Jimmy" to those who would listen to him. Nobody suspected he was up to anything. He had frequently partook in social activities on Green sector, he always showed up well-dressed, and most importantly, he was on his VSE569 ViriiSoma executive SIC alias that Thursday.

"He talked us all up, and then started hitting on me terribly." Miss Dupuis explained, "He eventually asked me out to dinner on blue, and for a ride in his Ferrari. I've always wanted to see Blue, so I agreed."

When they got ready to leave, however, Drummer announced that they were first going to stop by his "spare place at Krakeon" for a nightcap.

Nobody in Grunen's Tavern had been made aware that Drummer had been fired from his position as Vice President of ViriiSoma Product and Development. Nobody was notified of the frightening modifications he had made to an apartment that he had rented at Krakeon.


Nothing looked immediately out of place when Miss Dupuis entered the Krakeon apartment. "He told me there was a minibar in the other room. So I followed him."

What she saw upon entering an expected bedroom would startle anyone: sheets of plastic. Everywhere. The entire room was covered in it. In one corner, an industrial refrigerator. In the center, a table with ankle and wrist straps. It was like stepping into another world. It's difficult to imagine a room like that being hidden within the residences on Green sector, but there it was.

"I'm sorry," was all Drummer could say before attacking Miss Dupuis with a scalpel.

"Thankfully, Cadet Pike taught me to always carry a weapon on me," recalled Miss Dupuis, "So I produced a stiletto and defended myself."

Miss Dupuis's fight-or-flight instinct kicked in, and she knew she'd have to live long enough for help to arrive. Drummer sliced the blade into the producer's abdomen, drawing blood.

Miss Dupuis called out for help while taking a hit to her face and shoulders. The Withmore Justice Force received the distress signal and rushed to the scene while Miss Dupuis fended off Drummer, landing a few cuts of her own.

With a pair of deep slices into Drummer, he went down and bled out, Miss Dupuis rushing to the front room just in time for the WJF to arrive. She was taken to the Hall of Justice to receive care for her injuries. Field Medic Elana Merrick resuscitated Drummer so he could be arrested.


Miss Dupuis recovered wonderfully, though lamenting the gorgeous top that had been sliced up. She's resolved to turn the fabric into a dog bed. Due to Miss Dupuis's excellent work ethic, the attack did not impact the production schedule for EGO.

After being apprehended, Drummer began screaming on pubSIC about how he was set up, how it wasn't his apartment, and so on. All lies: lease records show that he indeed rented the apartment where the attack took place.

The failed ViriiSoma executive was Judged and processed. After Drummer's name was announced over SIC by the WJF, ViriiSoma HR piped up and said he had been fired a week prior--something that would have been useful to know before Drummer had prepared a Krakeon deathnest.

Drummer's fresh clone was last seen slumming in the bars of Red. Garbage out.


This security failing could have left Miss Dupuis dead in a psycho's apartment. We're all thankful that the WJF arrived when they did, but how did it get to the point that they needed to be involved in the first place?

How did Drummer manage to get into a Krakeon apartment without questions being asked? How did none of the tenants, groundskeepers, or managers notice Drummer's activities of converting his apartment into a deathtrap?

And what of ViriiSoma? They waited until after Drummer was brought to the Hall of Justice for their PR team to publicly state that Drummer had been fired a week prior. How did he manage to stay on his VSE alias for so long without being detected? Where was the ViriiSoma security team and ViriiSoma PR to issue a public statement about abuse of a VSE alias before the attack took place?

If you see something, you need to say something. And if you're not looking, open your eyes and take responsibility, or else you'll be the next to fall. This pattern of mistakes has gone on for far too long.

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