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Withmore Globe

A division of the New Light Media Entertainment Group. All rights reserved since 2075.

Op-ed: The Immutable Curse of Consequences

Reflecting on former journalist Aurelie Claudel's crimes

The Immutable Curse of Consequences, by Plumeri Picot.

"I have been cursed with an opinionated mouth and a penchant for thrill-seeking behaviors." -Aurelie Claudel

On March 22nd, I was killed in a conspiracy launched by Aurelie Claudel, a former Globe journalist and all-around murderous troublemaker. Incapable of thinking more than a few minutes ahead, Claudel and her incompetent team of criminals were all rounded up and sentenced to Clone Death.

The incident occurred near the tail-end of a WJF impound auction conducted by Judge Steele and overseen by Judges Grimaldi and Vangelos. Read More

The interruption to my life is best described as a minor inconvenience, since I'm unable to bring the in-depth results of the auction to all of my loyal readers. Among the high-ticket items were vehicles, weapons, and armor, including a set of Xo5 that sold for 110,000c, and a Holden that sold for 500,000c.

Multiple sources informed me that one corporate citizen couldn't handle the auction in a professional manner, and swore out loud in Judge Steele's presence, cursing the Withmore Justice Force for her own inability to obtain a vehicle. She was escorted out of the Hall of Justice, inconveniencing the Judges from their already-numerous responsibilities.

Let me be clear: I and every other upstanding corporate citizen commend the WJF for their unflinching resolve in the day-to-day operations of keeping peace and upholding the Law in Withmore City. Those who besmirch our brave Judges, the Hall of Justice, or the Law should strongly reconsider their path in life.

And that brings us back to Aurelie Claudel and her co-conspirators, Li Tseng, Demian Sakharov, and Nor Hjelmstad. Kidnapping and murdering are illegal and immoral. As such, Judgments of Clone Death were issued, and employers issued termination notices. Mac of WCS released a public statement about Claudel's employment: "[Claudel] was hired without full knowledge of her true persona. This misdirection won't be allowed again. She no longer works for WCS in any capacity."

"We live and we breathe only because it is allowed." -Aurelie Claudel

Consequences are immutable. With every wrong move one takes, a door in Withmore City closes. These doors rarely--if ever--reopen. Eventually, with every lie, every scheme, every crime, you'll find yourself with nowhere to go, and nobody to take you in. Your flame will burn brightly, briefly, and then you'll vanish, unknown and unloved. It happens so often that reporting every nobody's fifteen minutes of shame only invites the next nobody to strive for the very same nothing.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Here's Aurelie Claudel herself, in her own words: "If there is one wish that I have [..], it would be to warn anyone else from making the same mistakes: We are free to make whatever choices we want, but we are not free from the consequences of our choices."

-- Selected quotes are from the article titled "Consequences," by Aurelie Claudel, published on the NLM Withmore Globe, Dec 27, 2102.

Pandemonium on Gold Sector as Red Sector Bar Explodes

Morozov's Mistress Morrigan Moves Makeup Markup

Chaos, confusion, and misinformation fired from every direction on February 11th, 2105.

At 6 pm, a mass of explosions across multiple Mag-Lev stations signaled the beginning of what would be a long evening of citizens scrambling for safety. Gunshots rang out from stations, bodies being hauled and looted.

Soon afterward, a massive explosion toppled 100Rads, a bar in Red Sector whose lease is owned by long-time career criminal Maksim Morozov [SIC: Moroz]. Morozov's disgusting career includes Judicial assault, fraud, extortion, grand theft auto, larceny, and more. Morozov died in the blast, and his bar was turned to rubble. Read More

Excess ammunition storages ignited, causing an intense blaze that spread down Ashlin Street and into Constantine General Hospital..Mixers panicked as they tried to contain the blaze sparked by Morozov's improperly stored weaponry.

Meanwhile, Gold Sector was being hit with innumerable false rumors: Claims of citizens melting faster than Ebola, an apartment complex on Green hit with explosives, citizens dressed in ViriiSoma uniforms spraying down Gold Sector, bio-weapons hitting Skywatch mall, Darks parading outside 100Rads. All confirmed to be false.

There was truth to the attacks, however. Some group or organization launched a methodical attack at the SIC infrastructure, causing blackouts on Gold Sector and knocking out signal to almost everywhere on or near the streets. Lights flickered in buildings, and panicked citizens on the streets ran to Skywatch Mall and huddled together for safety and signal. Moments later, there were cries of freshly cloned citizens being shot or captured outside GeneTek, one of which was Maksim Morozov, who only got a few words onto pubSIC before his connection was terminated.

For what felt like innumerable moments, the citizens of Withmore City paused, waiting for the gunfire and carnage to die down. Moment after moment, the rabble died down. The false prophets grew bored. And finally, cleanup and recovery efforts began.

Life returned to normal. For some, a little too fast.

Enter Dalilah Morrigan [SIC: Azalea], Morozov's "mix wife." It's a common tradition in the mix to mock the sanctity of marriage by deciding frivolously to declare marriage, despite no official ordainment or license. Morrigan recently received a fine for falsely claiming marriage, tarnishing her clean record that Morozov abused to position himself within closer reach of corporate citizens.

Surprised citizens reported that Morrigan didn't seem upset when her husband "disappeared." In fact, she carried on with her tailoring business the very next day as if nothing had changed.

Morrigan owns the lease on FoxTrot in Skywatch Mall. Although she claims she's dedicated to giving makeovers and tailoring, a number of citizens have voiced concerns about her holding a position in a beauty supply store that has the potential to allow mixers to get makeovers and disguise their faces -- they could pose as corporate citizens and potentially compromise our security posture. Those concerns went ignored as Morrigan imposed a 25% to 50% markup on all beauty supplies.

Only time will tell whether Morrigan will serve corporate citizens with artisanal fashion, or supply the criminals of Red Sector with deceptive disguises to infiltrate corporate safe spaces. One has to wonder whether the sudden disappearance of her violent lover Morozov is an innocent loss, or the beginning of an underground plot already in progress.

-Rose Ringo

Violent Vandal Violates Video Vendor, Visits Vaporizer

Cleaning the Street

On March 15th, 2105, a team of New Light Media security agents (NSEC) took down Sinner ganger Mark "Street" Vandal, a known target of the WJF. Vandal had spent the past month consistently undermining judicial authority on pubSIC, which resulted in his fine being transferred into a legal 25,000c bounty.

On that Sunday evening, Vandal announced over pubSIC that he was going to NLM Tower to claim his free Cherry Ebola-cola, prompting NSEC to stage for possible incursion. Agent Graves and Junior Agent Coltish readied for his entrance. Read More

Upon entering NLM, Vandal shouted, "SARZ TURF," and proclaimed that he "wanted his corn."

Agent Graves already had his sights on Vandal, shooting the sinner, giving a sparkly-eyed Junior Agent Coltish an easy opening to rush in and subdue the violent criminal. The two made such swift work of Vandal that he was dead before he hit the floor. Both received commendations and bonuses, alongside the bounty provided by the Hall. Commenting on their performance, Lieutenant Carolina Dethrow praised their performance, underlining her point by stating that she �expect[s] this level of excellence from all of [NSEC].�

As we enter into a new era of Corporate pride, the Globe would like to point out the established tradition of cooperation between New Light Media and the Withmore Justice Force. Both are critical to protecting corporate life and livelihood, even when the threat is from a single, violent gang member with an ego bigger than his brain.

- Aaron Allen and Rose Ringo

Arteries Bled Out at Soma Station Bloodbath

WJF Gets Gang Guts Gushing

On January 21, 2105, vague threats of mischief came from the SIC alias Tort, a known member of the violent Artery gang on Red Sector. Joined by another Artery, Maddy Stipanov [SIC: MadBitch], the pair stepped off the Lev and entered Soma Station, ready to start their goonish deeds.

"I saw an Artery with a spraycan inside of Soma Station," Cafe Bizou mixologist Taro Manhillen explained, "I told him to stop tagging, and I called the WJF on them. Read More

That's when he started attacking me, and I absolutely whooped their ass."

That could have been the end of it, except Manhillen seemed to goad them on, "I broadcast it on pubSIC that they attacked me, and surely enough, more of them came." An absolute brawl commenced as Arteries clashed against the Withmore Justice Force. "In the ensuing fight, I fought together alongside Cadet [Avarius] Pike and some others. I even disarmed a guy who aimed a machete at Cadet Pike."

As bullets and fists flew, Soma Station shone red with blood flowing everywhere. All seven of the attacking Arteries died, while none of the WJF sustained more than minor injuries. Soma Station was cleaned up by WCS, and everyone went back to business as usual.

Afterward, Taro Manhillen discussed his assistance to the WJF, stating, "I really am trying to fix my rep."

A few weeks later, Taro Manhillen was found guilty of Larceny and Resisting Judicial Authority after he was sighted robbing NLM janitor Norm Smither and leaving the naked body in the stairwell of Habitat-X. Manhillen proceeded to hide inside his cube while then-Cadet Parashar demanded he open up and submit to questioning.

So much for fixing that rep.

Taro Manhillen continues to work at Cafe Bizou.

Avarius Pike is now a CorpSec Agent for ViriiSoma.

Chayna Parashar is no longer a corporate citizen.

-Rose Ringo

Ecks Explosion in Deji Disaster

Another Bar Crumbles in Red Sector

On January 17th, 2105, a thunderous explosion was heard all across Red Sector, as one of the longest-lasting mixer establishments was met with the equivalent of one of its citizens downing one too many Withmore car bombs.

A warning came across pubSIC about explosives having been rigged at a local gathering place in the mix. Frightened about the legitimacy of the threat, almost everyone scrambled to escape the impending blast, though at least one person remained. And then it happened: the Deji-Pachi, a pub with a pachinko parlor and massage parlor, was turned to rubble. What remained of the smoky innards was an unusual and foreboding silence -- not even a holo-ad screen survived the wreckage. Read More

As mixers struggled to "salvage" the raw materials, it was clear that nobody was alive inside.

What they weren't expecting was to find a message daubed on the barely-stable wall of a flooded private massage room:

"Seven Ecks is gone. You're welcome.
-- Nicadeamux Fraiser, The Best Blade on Fuller, and the fastest too."

Seven Ecks is a notorious criminal and mass murderer who has made it out of demonstrably worse situations. During the height of his active career between 2089 and 2099. he needed to be cloned 142 times, stirring up intense rivalries and outlandish plots. More recently, in between keeping his blade skills sharp, he had turned to funding other violent terrorists, such as former Red Liberation Front leader Amon Janz.

This leaves many unanswered questions: Is this the end of a decade-old rivalry with Frasier? Is the 143rd or 144th Seven Ecks out there now? And how did he get transported safely from GeneTek back into the mix?

Any details beyond this are of a sensitive nature, and inappropriate to share. The actions of a former Globe journalist in December 2102 speak loud enough.

What we can say is this: Corporate citizens can trust in the Withmore Justice Force to keep us safe.

-Rose Ringo

Grunen's Tavern Harassed By Malignant Mixers

Sunshine's Sloppy Spill on Superior Citizen

Two mixer troublemakers decided to visit Grunen's Tavern on January 13th, 2105 with intent to cause mischief and assault against unsuspecting corporate citizens.

Nefret Miller [SIC: Cinnabar] and Naviel MacDonald [SIC: Sunshine] were looking for trouble as a new bartender named Elvia Rask was on duty. The trio exchanged pleasantries over pubSIC, with Rask boldly inviting the criminals into Grunen's. Minutes later, the disrespectful duo showed up, immediately causing a ruckus. Miller commented that the homely tavern could use more stripper poles, while MacDonald began harassing the bartender for a drink.

Rask served MacDonald, who then moved on to barging in obnoxiously on corporate citizens' conversations, causing frustration and misery. Read More

Before the WJF arrived to deal with these hooligans, MacDonald intentionally threw and spilled his drink on a corporate citizen. Judge Larson, assisted by Judge Vangelos (Cadet-Judge at the time), issued a 20,000c assault fine on MacDonald. The pair of mixers was escorted out of Green Sector.

Rask was fired and committed permanent suicide later that same day.

MacDonald continued to break the law for weeks, eventually being struck with Banishment for his foolishness. He was permed shortly afterward.

Miller remains active in the mix.

-Rose Ringo

First Annual March of Angels: Heralding Corporate Solidarity

Corporate Citizens Rise Above the Indigents, February 22nd

As corporate citizens, we toil each day to make the world a better place. Small victories, such as the capture and permanent elimination of a notorious cyberterrorist, serve as a grim reminder that we face many threats to our daily lives: violent mixers, hushed existential threats, and even the occasional internal-affairs problem-child.

The cusp between chaos and order grows ever more precipitous. It's up to us as the privileged few to come together in solidarity. That's why we're announcing the First Annual March of Angels -- a cross-corporate event to strengthen our resolve.


The March of Angels charity gala will be held at 2:00 p.m. Read More

on February 22nd at Korova Milk Bar, honoring the Withmore Clone Angels who serve this city and maintain its longevity, by ensuring that every person who might not have managed to get a clone will still get a second chance at life. We feel that these workers get less credit than WCS, and this isn't right. We aim to shed some light on how we appreciate their service with this charitable event, and ask you to join the efforts to keep them motivated.

The event will be hosted by New Light Media Lieutenant Carolina Dethrow alongside NeoTrans pilot Tamar El-Araia, and ViriiSoma chemist Jane Devaro. They'll be announcing giveaways, auctions, and raffles; as well as special guests and a grand prize that will be revealed soon.

Current contributors, prizes, and support include:

ViriiSoma - Two-region bio-mod & Nanogenic voucher
NeoTrans - Round-trip for two to Kashflo & Multiple bottles of Space Rum
Charmed Clothing and Metric Designs - Various stickers, patches, and clothing
Fortuna Design - Advertising
RDL - Combat kitbag & medical license, plus an auction for a makeover and date with him
Elana Merrick - Briefcase of weed for the raffle, as well as candy catering
...and much more to come.

Raffle tickets will be available for 5,000c each -- merely the price of a new clone. More prizes are coming as the event draws near.


The March of Angels is a result of our corporate efficiency and successes. Indeed, we've been granted the opportunity to live in an era where the danger of an extreme mixer uprising is firmly pacified. Our streets have given rise to stalwart corporate citizens weeding out corruption close to home. To that end, these heroes have done a commendable job at extirpating the rotten teeth of our society.

The aftermath, however, had an unfortunate and caustic side-effect: paranoia.

We grew so accustomed to suspecting everyone of wrongdoing that it had a splintering effect on who we associate with, where we live, and even how we go about our public patronage. Like a driver swerving to avoid an accident only to crash into a wall, we overcorrected what should have been a slight adjustment.

Will we be lax on security protocols? Of course not. Maintaining discretion is one of our many responsibilities toward upholding our unbreakable foundation. What we need to aim for is corporate indivisibility on a unified, public front. This peace is what all true corporate citizens strive for. It's time to savor it for what it is.

The March of Angels is the first major step towards actualizing our future. It's not just a charity campaign, it's a "Thank you" and "Keep up the good work" from all corporate citizens to the faithful Eternalists out there. It's a joint effort to remind people that life after death can still flourish.

Be there. Korova Milk Bar, February 22nd at 2:00 pm, for the dawn of a new era.

-Rose Ringo

Corporate Policy Changes

Numerous corps onboard in new effort


Numerous mega corporations throughout Withmore have decided, at the prodding of the Corporate Council, to relax their HR restrictions on fraternization with members of other corporations. They cited the new CorpShare Market as a driving factor in the shift.

Speaking anonymously, one Council member had this to say: "Policy changes like this can take time to take root. It's about educating our employees about what is and is not acceptable. For instance, going to a bar and spending time with members of another corporation should not be frowned on. But relaxed information security and physical security will continue to raise red flags. Read More

Intra-corporation relationships are always problematic as they can be a source of data leaks and intellectual property theft. These should always be approached with caution and revealed to HR so that proper security measures can be put in place to limit information leakage."

It remains to be seen what affect this will have on the Corporate Culture of Withmore City but the rumor mill is already spinning about a potential event at Korova Milk Bar to celebrate the relaxing of restrictions that have been in place recently.

Responding via Gridmail another council member had this advice: "If you aren't sure if what you are doing is okay, just ask an HR rep. They can give you a solid yes or no."

More on this story as it develops.

Justice Served for Jackson

Daring WJF Raid Nets Rick 'The Ripper' Jackson

On March 7, 2105, The Withmore Justice Force conducted a daring raid in the eastern Red district slums. Their target was Ricky 'The Ripper' Jackson, an arms dealer who provided illegal firearms, explosives, and other lethal weapons to the worst of Red District�s criminal scum.

Jackson, who had a sixty-five thousand chyen legal bounty, was holed up in an abandoned warehouse, surrounding himself and his stockpile with lackies he trusted.

Recounting the effort, Street Judge Wallace Grimaldi pronounced their effort as 'foolish,' later remarking that 'as with most criminals, Jackson and his accomplices thought they were above the Law and could hide away... Read More

Justice cannot be outrun.'

After intensive surveillance, the WJF created a daring two-pronged plan. First, Hall forces created a distraction by inserting troops on the roof of the warehouse. A secondary force would then utilize this distraction to smash through the front door.

The plan went as predicted, and the WJF made quick work of the criminal's cronies. Jackson was then surrounded by Judges Adamson, Nwambe, and Turner, who confiscated his stockpile and issued Clone Death for his multiple crimes.

The legal bounty is considered claimed, as no bounty hunters decided to preemptively pursue Jackson. In the words of Judge Grimaldi, it proves to be yet another 'disappointing performance by the mix.' But corporate citizens can sleep tightly knowing that the Withmore Justice Force need not always rely on bounty hunters. They can, and will, find those who are a threat to the Dome.

Speaking of the incident, Street Judge Vangelos issued this reminder: �Noone in this city, despite what they may think, can evade the Law forever. Citizens will Obey the Laws of this city or be Judged for their crimes like Jackson.�

- Aaron Allen

(Edited by NewsDesk at 4:47 pm on Mar. 24, 2105)

Food Stays Fresh As Cafeteria Bomber Spoils Plans

Red Liberation Failure

On March 14th, 2105, terrorist Alyce Bowen [SIC: Axiom] died a failure during an attempt to disrupt a corporate gathering with explosives. The New Light Media security team (NSEC) prevented the loss of corporate life, turning what could have been a disaster into a complete and total victory. The Globe never gets tired of singing the praises of NSEC and the following story proves that we have many more verses left.

Bowen entered the New Light Media tower on March 14th, 2105. She was immediately spotted by surveillance, prompting a lightning response from Lieutenant Carolina Dethrow who began shadowing her. Bowen moved to the busy cafeteria, full of corporate citizens enjoying lunch. Suddenly, Bowen produced a machete and a pipebomb. Read More

At the same time, on pubSIC, Bowen claimed to be a member of the Red Liberation Front (RLF). "As with any other threat," Lieutenant Dethrow later recounted, "NSEC was ready to respond with quick and decisive action. This incident was no different." Lieutenant Dethrow made swift work of the junior terrorist, using brutal Muay Thai to disarm and apprehend the subject.

Following the failed attack, Bowen was taken in for interrogation. During the time of this interrogation, a number of flyers appeared in Red Sector. These fliers claimed that Bowen had died while spilling corporate blood on behalf of the RLF.  This coordinated release while Bowen was in custody certainly denotes co-conspirators. Predictably, the RLF claimed no responsibility for this failed attack, despite known RLF member MixLyfe surfacing shortly afterwards.

Lieutenant Dethrow announced that it would be "only a matter of time before [the co-conspirators] are brought to light."

Bowen was handed over to the WJF via Judge Grimaldi, who performed his own interrogation of the target. Judge Grimaldi then issued a Judgement of illegal weaponry and attempted terrorism, which resulted in the immediate Clone Death of Bowen.

This incident illustrates NSEC and the WJF's continued dedication to protecting corporate interests. In the meantime, they will continue to score victories against wannabe terrorists like Bowen

Anyone with information regarding movements of known or suspected terrorists are requested to reach out to the Globe or an NSEC official. Compensation is available for information pertaining to a credible threat or future action against corporate citizens.

- Aaron Allen and Rose Ringo

Academy Graduation at Hall of Justice

Top Cadets graduate to Street Judges

On February 15th, the Hall of Justice held a ceremony as the latest class of highest-scoring Cadet-Judges graduated to full Street Judges. Of note are two exemplary new Street Judges, Judge Renna Vangelos and Judge Wallace Grimaldi.

On the topic of corporate safety, Judge Vangelos advises, "Corporate Citizens should remember to do their duty as such and ensure they report all crimes to the Hall of Justice, and to Obey the Law themselves."

Judge Grimaldi adds these words of wisdom: "Don't make yourself a bad bet. And, of course, Obey the Law."

Year after year, the cadet process grows more refined, the resultant Judges more skilled and determined. Read More

We thank the Withmore Justice Force for their unyielding service to our fine city.

-Rose Ringo

Mix Kingpin Dethroned: An Undercover Investigation

Sex, overdoses, and backroom scheming exposed

The din of explosions, fires, and gunshots is near-constant, with the overcrowded foot traffic and shouting voices rounding out the daily horror-orchestra. Whether out on the garbage-strewn streets, packed in sweatshops, or trying to find solace at one's residence, the only assurance is that the chaos will never stop.

That's what life is like in Red Sector.

We're thankful for the allowances corporate citizenship affords us. We earn our lifestyle on our merit. It's what sets us apart from the monsters lurking below. They prey on their own kind like cannibals, consuming and discarding the resultant unconscious husks once they've outlived their usefulness. Read More

Citizens who may have had the chance of promising corporate careers are instead trapped in a cycle of abuse, manipulation, and dependency.

It's only a matter of time before they're brainwashed into being pawns that terrorize corporations. Our mission for the truth brings you behind-the-scenes, into the inner workings of these criminal cultists.


Nestled in Ashlin Mall on Red Sector, Red�s Finest offers a supposed safe haven from the routine muggings, gangs and murders that rule the mix. The club itself reeks of sex and alcohol. Strippers wander the floors, often inviting patrons into a singular, rarely-washed backroom for joying services. Their lustful moans punctuate the loud bass that permeates the smoke-filled den. To mixers, this is a pinnacle of luxury.

A dark secret was lurking in plain-sight.

Over the course of the past few months, the Globe has launched a remarkable underground investigation into the fanatical society within Red�s Finest and, more specifically, its former boss: Mia Romano [SIC: Metello, Pyramid, Wildcard, Venice]. We discovered that Red�s was far from a safe haven. It was a criminal enterprise that, left unchecked, would have reached upwards. Had it not been for the constant vigilance and foresight of New Light Media corporate security and the Globe, plans for attacks on corporate citizens may not have been caught and thwarted in time.

Mia Romano is a wealthy mixer who, until quite recently, served as the owner of Red�s Finest. Patrons recognized those sclera-less black eyes and protruding devil horns--and the erratic, violent personality that witnesses stated came with them. Ruling with fear, Romano used his club as a front for a violent crime ring like whose influence stretched beyond Ashlin Mall and pervaded into the rest of the mix. We've collected horrifying accounts of Romano�s rise and fall, exposing his pernicious and poisonous deeds that both directly and indirectly threatened our livelihoods.

Here are those stories.


On February 15, 2105, Mia Romano put on his ultimate show: the Carnival of Flesh. Red�s Finest manager had spent tens of thousands of chyen to ensure that all high-profile Mixers would attend the event, inundating millions with incessant SIC advertisements. But not all was as advertised. Like its dancers' costumes, Red�s Finest �Carnival of Flesh� was a cruel masquerade to further ensnare its customers loyalty for their nefarious ends. Behind its voluptuous vixens was an orgy of self-inflicted violence.

The night began auspiciously with free candy, cheap drinks, and an opening act that unironically involved a trash can. The hedonism continued with dancers and even more free candy. As the night wore on, the dancers' routines became punctuated with the minutiae of overdoses: vomiting, seizing, and unconsciousness. By our count, at least five different Mixers overindulged on the drugs, with plenty more likely unaccounted for. It was, as one of its employees cruely stated on SIC, a "record-setting event," only complaining about the effort it took to drag their "shit-stained [comatose bodies] outside."  As the overdoses continued, the tally was promoted on SIC like a drug-addled Deathball match.

But Romano did not promote hedonism for hedonism sake. His purpose was plain, as admitted by Miranda Jones [SIC: Thana], an employee and close confidante of Romano, who boldly admitted in private, "We�re getting everyone addicted so they gotta buy more." This is textbook predatory behavior. Corporate citizens are encouraged to indulge responsibly in a manner that maintains their ability to function and perform efficiently. Intentionally getting people hooked creates a dependency that feeds the establishment's candy ring more chyen, while giving a negative association towards recreational drug use, which can be an entirely healthy habit.

As the party continued, Romano made a grand entrance. Employees began to encourage their many patrons to celebrate by shedding their clothing and partaking in even more drug use. Those that stripped were met with the flash of a camera. All of this was later acknowledged to be a clever ruse to gather paydata from its customers. Romano even instructed Jones to get "more group pictures. [They are] free paydata." Jones proudly proclaimed that she "took a selfie with everyone," especially those in the nude. The photos bared the true flesh of the Carnival of Flesh -- to act as a police state with tits as a front. Romano put everyone on surveillance, using group activities as a way to gather data for manipulation, extortion, and blackmail, keeping Red Sector citizens obedient and loyal to his crime ring. This isn't the first event like this, and not the first time he's done this before. But hopefully it's the last. And indeed, later events have shown that this was likely Romano�s last run.


Later in the week, Romano picked a fight with Snake member Pinky, which resulted in Romano�s death. After cloning out, Romano�s true character was finally revealed: one who cannot admit failure. Over the course of the next week, Romano would try to enact his own personal reign of terror, sowing intimidation and discord to try to regain his tyrannical hold on the Red District. He did this by spending a significant amount of chyen, some directly taken from the registers of Red�s Finest, to place bounties on any members of the Snakes who dared stand up to the tyrant.

But this was not enough: Romano also placed bounties on mixers who worked on Fuller Street, including a medic, a doctor, and a bartender, only to claim them himself. The downward spiral could be sighted from a sector away.

Romano spent the next week hopping aliases on pubSIC, quickly descending into violent insanity. On February 25, Romano openly picked a fight with King Snake Crusher, precipitating a series of events that would eventually lead to Romano losing his lease on Red�s Finest. Romano claimed that he was not willing to negotiate with the snakes after putting "300,000 chyen worth of bounties" on them, and that he would only return to the table once prominent Snake Pinky "vatted out." In response, King Snake Crusher revealed that he knew where he and his wife, Riya Naftali, lived. "You got chy?" Crusher continued, "Well shit. You better spend it on a fucking ticket out the fuck." Crusher then declared open season on anyone working at Red�s Finest.


As the war raged on into March, Red�s Finest opened its doors again, this time under a new boss - Solai McLaughlin [SIC: Bixbite, Pixie, Spitfire]. She has allegedly fired the old staff, attempting to hire new mixers under her belt. However, the culture appears to be more of the same.

On the evening of March 13th, pubSIC lit with the voice of a mixer being tortured and dismembered in the backroom of Red's Finest -- the same backroom used for joying services. The messages from the victim began calm, announcing, "I'm currently being held hostage by three ladies in the back of Red's Finest." But the ensuing breakdown was painful to listen to, the victim saying in a hurried pace, "Get me out help I just want to get out of here help help. [...] They're gonna cut my hand off! [...] They're giggling and choosing which finger to cut off. They're psycho."

As the torture continued, McLaughlin was summoned by Judge Grimaldi. "I'm free!" cried the victim, who appeared to have been released. Shortly thereafter, McLaughlin was Judged guilty of Perjury to a Judge and Resisting Judicial Authority, receiving a fine of 7,500c.

As McLaughlin's story develops, we will ensure any ill-mannered plot against corporate citizens will be exposed.


On March 8th, Romano and King Snake Crusher made amends. The terms of the agreement suggest that Romano appears to have taken his losses and went home. In a statement on pubSIC, Romano bragged that he was going to "Go back to doing the Apollo: looking good and slaying pussy."

The Withmore Globe was there through every step of Romano's downfall, starting with the takedown and elimination of cyberterrorist Charley Bentley who worked under Romano's banner, to the total surveillance of Red's Finest, interfacing with NSEC to thwart plans before they were put into action.

It's all too common that we hear of a flame burning its brightest before being snuffed. Unlike corporate citizens, mixers like Romano do not believe in themselves enough for second chances. As their immodest, self-destructive philosophy goes: one must never admit failure, for failure is weakness, and weakness must be eliminated. And thus, Romano never learned from failure. There will always be more like him; this cycle runs rampant in Red Sector. And so we never rest.

Mia Romano, a once-fearsome tyrant, has been reduced to a joke, having followed in the footsteps of the iced terrorist Amon Janz.

But jokes are only funny once.

- Aaron Allen

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