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Withmore Globe

A division of the New Light Media Entertainment Group. All rights reserved since 2075.

Bombing at ViriiSoma by anti-Splicer terrorists!

Home made explosives used against mega-corp

The latest in a recent string of topside bombings took place on Tuesday, July 9. An apparent attack was staged against ViriiSoma over growing anger against the sociological threat of so-called 'splicing', a slang term for the process of bio-modification. Prior to the attack, the SIC network had been filled with harsh discussion as citizens of Withmore divisively declared themselves on one side of the argument or another; from the discussion the terms IMOD and NOMOD were birthed, new banners under which one's support could be shown.

At approximately 7:30 pm, a seemingly nondescript man and woman in corporate attire made their way to the Cobblestone Plaza on Soma Street, outside of Viriisoma Pharmaceuticals. Read More

There, Anganaa Daugherty threw two pipe bombs into the front of the building, which detonated, causing damage to the interior. Prior to the attack, Daugherty had been outspoken on the SIC Network, making threats such as 'Down with VS! I should go bomb them RIGHT NOW!' and '[Expletive] you Judge! Can't stop me, I'll bomb those [Expletive] and take out their whatever splice-making machine things!'

Members of the WJF and Agents of the VS CorpSec team were on scene quickly to apprehend Daugherty. Daugherty was given the sentence of clone death for Resisting Judicial Authority, Communicating a Terroristic Threat, and Committing Acts of Terrorism. However, as Judge Steele was carrying out the sentence, Steele was attacked by Daugherty's accomplice, a man named Keahi Kimble. Kimble was sentenced to clone death for Assaulting a Judge.

Agent Tarav Rax, who was on scene, has issued the following statement in regards to the recent attack: "It seems a few misinformed people have taken it into their minds that Splicers are evil... they chose to foolishly display their ignorance by making a cowardly attack against our corporation. A homemade explosive was used. Fortunately, the WJF were able to stop them from causing more damage... We at ViriiSoma would like to state that our mission for the betterment of humanity can not be stopped by such pitiful attempts. Our resolve will not be shaken."

-B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe

WJF capture crazed terrorist after strike on Media Gardens!

Explosion at Media Gardens a Senseless Act of

"I am a firm believer in cleansing by fire." These words, uttered by Roseanne Cassidy over the SIC network were a herald to the vile actions she had carried out earlier at the NLM Media gardens on June 25, around seven thirty PM.

In an apparent act of retribution, an explosion by an ethicol time bomb planted by Cassidy had rocked the streets of gold sector earlier that evening, causing a massive fire that left a good deal of severe damage to the surrounding area, injuring several.

"I reported Rosey for terrorist activity. Namely making and selling bombs" said Taro Manhillan, the target of the attack. Read More

"She used an explosive device here, to target me." Manhillan was wounded in the attack, with burns to his abdomen, left arm and thigh.

WJF forces were on the scene quickly to apprehend Cassidy, who was taken to the Hall of Justice and fitted with a Behavioral Modification chip to prevent further unruly actions.

The damage from the explosion has been cleared, and citizens are once more welcome to pass through the media gardens. Citizens are reminded to report all suspicious activity to the WJF, including the purchasing and storage of bomb-making materials.

-B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe

NeoTrans Causes Catastrophic Failure of Superstar's Flight!

Explosion at NeoTrans is Witnessed by Horrified Viewing Part

June 14, 2104 is a day that will live in infamy in the hearts of citizens of Withmore. As scores of corporate citizens and mixers alike gathered in the NeoTrans spaceport to await the arrival of megastar Shareena, The Lone Star Sweetheart, newly signed to a multi billion chyen contract to New Light Media, no one could have predicted the events that would shortly transpire. Or could they? Aaron Cohen, a one-time Administrator of NASA, is known to have said, "Let's face it, space is a risky business. Read More

I always considered every launch a barely controlled explosion." What led to the loss of control that ended a number of lives and left the music star in a coma has yet to be revealed, but at the end of the day the body count at NeoTrans spaceport can only leave us asking questions about the competence of their staff members.

The night began with excitement and anticipation. Citizens had gathered in Cafe Bizou for a two hour viewing party, packed like sardines as they waited for a first glimpse of Shareena arriving. Despite the packed conditions, and despite clear symptoms of drug withdrawal, NeoTrans PR agent Jo Zhou still pressed for more to arrive. "Bizou is packed full, but we will make a little room for a few more if you want to see Shareena's arrival" Zhou announced on SIC, trying to ride on the megastar's coat tails for a night of success; it was a night where Shareena was on the lips and minds of Withmore, those gathered at NeoTrans suffering in bored silence as they sipped at their drinks, not an event planned or even a single track of the star's music on the speakers.

As the shuttle's arrival was finally announced, the gathered crowd breathed a collective sigh of relief and leaned forward in anticipation. But the anticipation was to be short lived, for as the shuttle slid slowly toward a landing it suddenly began to shake and jerk around, veering off erratically before nearly colliding with another transport ship. Nearing the glass wall at which the waiting party stared in horror, the ship hit the apron nose-first and flipped over twice. The cafe erupted in horror, with frantic partygoers scrambling to exit as the ship collided with waiting shuttle technicians, sending body parts flying along with crates and debris as a massive explosion rocked throughout the area.

"I just wanted to see Shareena!" sobbed a witness to the events. "I'll never be able to forget the sight of that shuttle technician picking his own arm up off of the ground... this will haunt me forever."

The sight of the accident was eventually blocked off from the viewing wall, and citizens were escorted from the space port as warning alarms blared. It was later announced that Shareena had miraculously survived the incident and has been taken to an off-site medical facility for treatment to her life-threatening injuries, though no word has been given as to whether or not her coma was medically induced. NeoTrans was quick to blame the megastar for the crash, alluding that a single woman could get through the fail-safes that prevent just this sort of disaster from occurring. At the time of this writing, NeoTrans PR has failed to make a public apology for the events that have transpired, and that leaves us asking - Is NeoTrans really the "only way to fly?".

(Edited by NewsDesk at 1:49 pm on June 16, 2104)

Red Sector Explosion Shakes Across Red!

Massive Explosion in Red Sector Destroys Storied Supply Van

Fires and small explosions are nothing unique to the violent streets of Red Sector, but early in the morning on the 29th of May citizens living in south central red were rocked awake by the effects of a massive explosion that could be felt throughout a large portion the sector.

"The walls and the ceilings shook from the blast and rained down plaster everywhere..." said Devan Oliver, a SHI factory worker living in the Gulag. "My mona was screaming. Read More

�We thought we were going to die."

The explosion, which took place in the Abandoned Parking garage off of Ashlin Street, was the result of the detonation of three ethicol time bombs and fourteen pipe bombs, as well as three full ethicol fuel drums used as an accelerant to the massive conflagration that spread throughout the building for hours before it was able to be controlled.

"The fire suppression systems weren't doing s***." noted Mario Pham, a convenience store worker who rushed to the scene to help. "I was covered in that rotten egg smell for no reason. S*** just kept burning."

The target of the bombing was a seemingly innocent supply van, which suffered extensive damage from the blast; the true story behind the van is anything but simple, and the old adage that looks can be deceiving certainly proves true. Inside the van was a mobile medical clinic, as well as a hookup to install an illegally modified SIC amp, which would allow the occupants to cut out signal as necessary.

The van has been linked to a number of topside crimes since the previous owners death, including kidnappings, robbery, and various assaults and murders.

At this time, there is only speculation as to who was behind this act of destruction, or who was in current possession of the supply van before it was targeted. An anonymous source stated that they believe that they heard the true owners of the van speaking on the phone in a Mix bar, trying to reclaim the vehicle after the string of crimes that had been committed out of their possession. "It sounded like they were cutting their losses, trying to sell the van back to them after it had gotten so much heat. It seems negotiations didn't go well."

Since the bombing, restorations to the already crumbling parking garage have been slow, but WCS workers have been hard at work to make certain that the building is stable. The charred husk of the supply van has been removed from the scene, and its current whereabouts are unknown.

-B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe

(Edited by NewsDesk at 5:16 am on June 14, 2104)

NLM Cineplex Opening!

Three films set for opening night.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the silver screen has captivated audiences worldwide, an integral part of our lives providing enchantment, excitement and escape. Now, on June 8th, audiences in Withmore will have the chance to experience this and more as the long-awaited NLM Cineplex opens its doors to the public.

Located on the 7th floor of the New Light Media Tower, the theater will kick off its grand opening at 17:00 with a triple feature lineup of exclusive films covering a multitude of genres. For a mere 1500 chyen, guests will have the luxury of experiencing the brand new facilities with a classic range of nostalgia-inducing beverages and snacks while watching and listening on top-of-the-line screens and sound systems. Read More

Grab your dates, Withmore, and put on your Sunday best! Prepare for a night on the town unlike any other.

-B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe

A synopsis of the three films to be presented follows:

The Bayou [Thriller, Fantasy] -  A teenage boy treks deep into the Louisiana bayou, in search of anyone, or anything that could save his dying mother.

Omerta [Action, Thriller] - A solo's moment of compassion becomes the catalyst for a war against his former employer and mentor.

Demon in the Sheets [Dark Comedy] - A traumatized wage-chaser recounts the details of his harrowing bedroom adventure to his immature co-workers.

ViriiSoma captures EbolaNox Terrorist

Raid on Red nabs terrorist

The streets of Red Sector were interrupted on the morning of May 26 when an armored personal carrier driven by the ViriiSoma CorpSec team sped through the streets of central red, all cylinders firing. Once there, ViriiSoma corporate security agents Morgana Athena Tatheen and Tarav Rax exited the vehicle to abduct an unidentified mixer as chaos broke loose on North Fallout.

Agent Tatheen was able to subdue the unidentified man, dragging him off into the APC as a number of gangers responded to broadcasts on the SIC network, flooding the area. Eyewitness reports state that the APC began to fire off its crowd control systems indescriminately, stunning blasts striking both VS CorpSec agents and gangers alike with intense electric blasts. Read More

Reportedly, Agent Rax was struck down by one such blast before the APC fled the scene, and was then drug off by a shrouded man toward Fuller Street.

There, outside the Red Sector bar The Black Drome, Agent Rax was shot at twice and drug to Fuller Street Medical Clinic. As he was being treated for his life threatening wounds, an unknown assailant wearing Xo5 and wielding an WAI AKs-47 charged in to the medical facility, taking on everyone in the building with the singular focus of eliminating Rax. The assailant, highly skilled, was able to succeed in his endeavors and escaped without much incident.

A broadcast on the public SIC network stated that the purpose of the VS operation was to capture a known terrorist who was responsible for tampering with batches of EbolaNox, VS's proprietary cure for Ebola Strain #11825.

The name of the abducted mixer has still not been released, as well as the identity of the murderer of Agent Tarav Rax, or the reasons behind it.

-B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe

Grid 2.0, the Heart and Soul of Withmore

A safe and secure network that respects your privacy

Jack Scarborough of Big Apple Investigations rents a small office space in the Saedor Krupp tower on gold level. On sunny days he can see the Hall of Justice gleaming in the distance, and it inspires him to do his best to help the citizens of Withmore through his private investigation service. As I come in to visit him today, he is already hard at work tapping away on his QuickTerm, taking care of important correspondence.  

"What, the Grid? Yeah! Use it every day." His accent is broad, calling back to his native home of Neo York.  "I use it to share classified findings with my clients every day. Don't know what I'd do without it."

Mr. Read More

Scarborough goes on to explain that many of his clients need the confidentiality that anonymous grid accounts can provide. "And if I smell anything fishy, I point 'em that way..."  He motions over to the Hall of Justice.  "Just like any good citizen should."

The grid is an often overlooked technological marvel in the city of Withmore. A huge network that connects almost eighty million citizens; a private, non-intrusive datastream that acts as the as the information lifeblood of the city.

Since 2089 the Grid has offered communication, collaboration, and most importantly, consistency.  I met with Lyric Mason, a 75 year old retired banker who lived through the tumultuous times prior to the Grid 2.0.  While on a leisurely stroll through Lening Park, we discussed those days.  "I still remember when that last Matrix version went bad, back in '72. Good, productive citizens... even some smaller corporations... left with nothing. Accounts empty."

A few pigeons scatter in front of us, the peaceful scene at odds with the difficult events that Mason describes. "Fortunately we caught it before it got too far along.  Unfortunately, it still hurt plenty of people. But in a few years most had recovered, and we thought the worst was behind us."

Here, Mason stops to look up at the dome, perhaps drawing comfort from the warmth of the day. "But then it happened again. 17 years later." Mason shakes his head and turns to me with a quiet, content smile. "But ever since  NLM released Grid 2.0, I've never had to worry about anyone getting into my bank account. I just don't have to worry anymore."

We continue our stroll, chatting about the good things that have happened to Mason since then, when my companion abruptly asks me if I can wait for a moment. I say yes, of course, which earns me another smile as Mason approaches the Street Term in Lening Park. I spend a few quiet moments sitting on one of the benches before the retiree returns with a bright happy grin on display. "I just got a gridmail from my granddaughter! She's set a wedding date, and the reception is at La Promenade de Piments!"

Today's Grid is as safe as it has ever been. The elite team at NLM Gridworks never rests, maintaining a ceaseless vigil against hackers and outside threats that could destabilize the system and once more throw Withmore into Chaos. But these intrepid guardians apply the most cutting edge technology to keep the information of good, law abiding citizens secure, and most of all, private - all the while preparing for the imminent launch of Grid 3.0.

"I didn't know if I would ever see her again!" Young Lindi Ngamose tells me. Two months ago her dog Sparks had gone missing when she came home from school one day. With both her parents at work, Lindi turned to the Grid for help. Within minutes, citizens from all over green had joined the search. Today, Lindi gives her dog's head a rough scrub as she smiles at her. "I found Sparks in less than an hour because of that post! Even before my parents came home." Sparks gives a happy bark, and Lindi laughs, two friends united by citizens working together across the grid.  The little girl flashes me a brilliant smile, one of her front teeth adorably missing. "When I grow up, I want to for NLM Gridworks, so I can help people too!"

The future is bright, dear citizens. This system has stood the test of time, and continues to give back to the city again and again. The grid is a part of Withmore and we are all better for it.

-B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe

NeoTrans holds competition for Artists

NeoTrans holds competition for Artists

NeoTrans is no stranger to being a patron of the arts, in the past having hosted art contests, and even a huge televised fashion event at their space port. Once again, this mantle is being picked up as the corporation announced their most recent event: The NeoTrans Artist Ascension Project. (NTAAP)

Over the next few weeks the corporation is accepting submissions from artists in the mediums of painting, sculpture and tailoring. Of the entrants, three artists will be chosen to have their work on display at Cafe Bizou for a period of time. During this time, patrons of Bizou will have the opportunity to vote once per day on their favorite piece. Read More

The winner of the competition will be awarded the money to obtain licensing to sell their art, mention in a SIC ad sponsored by NeoTrans, as well as all of the press that winning the honor is certain to achieve.

The lucky three displayed pieces will be offered up for silent auction, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to local Withmore charities. This has been touted as a brilliant marketing move for NeoTrans, who will not only draw customers into Cafe Bizou while supporting the arts and artists, but they will receive their own positive publicity for their charitable donations.

The brainchild for The Artist Ascension Project is Luna Dell'ora, PR Officer for NeoTrans. The Globe was allowed an exclusive interview with Ms. Dell'ora, to take a peek at the inspiration for the event.

BB:  What inspired you to create the Artist Ascension Project?

DELL'ORA: To an extent, I would have to admit to being at least in part, inspired by the work of urban graffiti artists. Vandalism is prevalent in Withmore, and I can�t help but feel it is in no small part due to a lack of incentives and opportunities for talented artists who may not have the resources to elevate themselves beyond petty crime. In a city greatly influenced by the have�s and the have not�s, I hope to give ambitious, unlicensed artists an opportunity to get their names and their work out in the open, for people to see, and hopefully jump start some careers. As a lifelong admirer of the arts, it would be my pleasure to see our contestants prosper.

BB:  What do you hope that the project will achieve?

DELL'ORA:  I am hoping the project will invigorate a renewed interest in the arts, and at the same time, bring fresh talent into the spotlight. Withmore can be a tough city, and art of all mediums can help lift peoples spirits, inspire citizens to new heights and bring a semblance of the fantastic into the [mundane nature] of everyday life.

BB:  Will this be an ongoing project?

DELL'ORA:  Assuming we have a good turn out, and an ample level of excitement about the project, my plan is offer further seasons of the NTAAP, focusing on different medium�s of art. Pending the success of a few seasons, it is my desire to get our winning contestants together for an ultimate challenge involving a large cash prize.

BB:  What sort of charities will be profiting from the sale of the selected artworks, and will the artists receive any sort of monetary compensation?

DELL'ORA:  My initial thoughts have been to donate proceeds from this seasons competition to the soup kitchen on Red. Further seasons would seek out other local charities to contribute to. As for compensating the artists, my desire is to cover the cost of their submissions in the event that their piece is sold, to sponsor their licensing process and give them ample press coverage, with the added possibility for paid appearances at future events.

BB:  Would you like to see NeoTrans as a patron of the arts?

DELL'ORA:  Since arriving in Withmore, it seems NeoTrans has been content operating quietly, keeping the company name out of the headlines. I aim to change this paradigm. I would like to see NeoTrans on the forefront of local philanthropy, putting the spotlight on the core values that continue to make NeoTran�s one of the most successful corporations in the city. I am honored to be given the opportunity, as a Junior Associate, to bring something like this together, and I only hope that Withmore embraces the opportunity to join me on this expedition through the arts.

BB:  Is there anything you would like to make sure our readers know?

DELL'ORA:  Aside from the submission deadline, my most asked questions so far have been related to submission guidelines. I want the focus of the competition to embrace the creativity and skill of it�s contestants, not how much they can spend on supplies. Also, logistics play a part in these guidelines. Painters, please utilize canvas� up to and not exceeding medium size. Sculptors, please limit your submissions to pieces that do not exceed one meter in height. Tailors, please limit your submissions to articles of clothing using nothing greater than Synthetic leather. Thank you so much for this opportunity to speak about this exciting event Ms. Planche. I firmly believe that quality journalism is an art in and of itself, and perhaps will have some focus in the competition going forward. Also my thanks to the Withmore Globe for all of it�s incredible hard work.

Artists who wish to have their works considered should be certain to contact the event's coordinator at NEO-DELL, [email protected], or by calling 377-3160.  The deadline is May 31st.

-B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe

Attack on NeoTrans by Mixer Cannibal

The gruesome work of Arturo "The Arteest", nefarious member of the cannibal cult "The Darks" based out of the western chapel in Central Red Sector, is known to all but the newest arrivals to Withmore City. Using the mangled corpses of his victims, often females of voluptuous form, Arturo has been known to create macabre 'art' arrangements at the scenes of his various murders. �On April 22, this vile criminal once more brought his deranged antics to the limelight in a mass slaughter at the NeoTrans Space Port in central Gold Sector.

The madman began stirring up the citizens of Withmore by seeking targets on the SIC network, while musing about attacking NLM. Read More

�After overhearing a comment made in jest by Withmore Celebrity Alivia Hargrove-Phillips, better known as Juju, Arturo travelled to NeoTrans Space Port to unleash his murderous spree.

The scene of the attack was chaos, with Arturo attacking and killing reportedly a dozen travelers and commuters, along with a number of Transit Guards who valiantly stepped in to aid in protecting these innocent lives. Hargrove-Phillips also rushed to NeoTrans after hearing of the attack, to try to survey the damage and help. Unfortunately, she was captured by the blood-soaked criminal outside of New Light Station. �A tense scene unfolded, with Arturo's blade against Juju's throat as the madman used her as a bargaining chip to escape.

Agents of the NLM security team were on the scene quickly, with Senior Agent Carolina Dethrow successfully negotiating Juju's release. Arturo unfortunately escaped unharmed down into the sewers of Gold Sector. Hargrove-Phillips was treated by WJF medic Rejind Yocum for minor injuries. Had it not been for the brave actions of the NeoTrans Transit Guards, the Withmore Justice Force, the NLM CorpSec team, and any citizens who chose to take a stand rather than lie down, surely more lives would have been lost in the attack.

Of the the event, Agent Chayna Parashar of NLM best sums up the bravery of those responding on scene: "You just do what's needed. You don't really have a choice in the moment."

A statement issued from NLM's PR department reads, "While many blame Juju for the assault, she cannot be blamed for the actions of a psychopath who is known to have assaulted ViiriSoma randomly. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims."

Citizens of Withmore are advised to keep away from the chapel east off of South Tamiya in Central Red Sector.

-B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe

The Meteoric Rise of Lala Gomez

Withmore's Newest Superstar

The whole of Withmore has been scampering around for a piece of NLM celebrity Lala Gomez, whose recent success has propelled her career to new heights and has everybody talking. This meteoric rise might have gone to the head of a lesser artist, but Miss Gomez remains humble. "[It is] a relief." says Gomez, "I worked endlessly towards this... [it was] a ton of hard work. A lot of late nights staying up and editing things until they were perfect, but also listening to advice and keeping my eyes and ears open. And there's some luck in there, too... I also want to thank someone special to me for the support they've given, which has been incredibly uplifting and invaluable. Read More

They've brought a wonderful sense of calm to my life."

The Latina Queen is the first to admit that she didn't rise to the top without help. "Everyone in the production and talent department [helped me]... especially Rex Gold. Juju used to train me when I was first gunning for a talent position. I can't forget how much [Solaria] Darkstone taught me about the math that goes into editing footage. Everyone at NLM-- which is a given. Not to mention all the training I got at KMB, any other club I performed at, all my fans for supporting me, and definitely Juicy Vee who gave me nudges here and there to keep me going and [encouraged] me to take risks."

Risks that have paid off. The release of World War Terminus on March 15 was a resounding success that was met with widely positive reviews from critics and fans alike, and served as the launchpad for the next step in Lala's career here in Withmore: Superstardom. Gomez doesn't seem to show any signs of slowing down. "I have a compulsive need to work. Like a little bee-droid constantly flying around in a field of flowers or something. That's me."

With the release of World War Terminus still fresh on the minds of Lala fans, the artist is releasing World War Terminus 2, its sequel, on March 21st at 6pm on Withmore Beats on channel 16. Gomez and NLM will be celebrating with a pre-launch party at KMB at 5pm on the day of the release. Attendees of the party can expect live music, candy, and sushi in addition to the wide range of spirits and molokos that the club usually provides. Rumors are that celebrities such as Juju and Juicy Vee will also be in attendance. Those who are unable to attend can celebrate by watching the party live on air on channel 420.

In light of her recent success, one might wonder: What is next for Miss Gomez? The singer has stated that she will be returning to her roots and getting a little more soulful. Her production team is also working on a set of Lala and Terminus posters, which will be autographed and free for all. Whatever it is that comes from this talented entertainer, we are certain that it will leave us wanting more.

- B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe


New Album from Lala

Heavy Metal fans in Withmore will have reason to celebrate this March 15th when "World War Terminus" premieres on NLM's Withmore Beats, channel 16, at 4pm. �Touted as a forward-thinking violent kaleidoscope viewed through a delicately cracked lens, "World War Terminus" is certain to rise to the top of the lists for connoisseurs of hard core metal soundscape fantasia.

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to gain an exclusive interview with NLM's own Lala Gomez, the creative mind behind Terminus.

BB: For those that aren't familiar with your Terminus project, what can we all expect to hear on the album?

Lala: �This is an album of conflict. All sides of it. Read More

Fighting to be who you are, fighting in the literal sense, grappling with the aftermath of war. Battling for your soul. Battling for your beliefs. There's a running theme of combat throughout.

BB: What do you think is the best song on the album, and why?

Lala: �"'Paranoid' is my favorite song from this album because it's a ballad. It switches tempo more than once and has mini-movements throughout. It was so fun to play with that. "

BB: What inspired you to create Terminus?

LaLa: �Juju and I were challenging each other back and forth to do new things with our next projects. She said one day, "Take on a genre you never have before." So I chose heavy metal and created these characters and identities from them. Each voice is a facet of metal that exists within that musical spectrum. It's my way of playing with those ideas and saying things I can't say with normal "Lala" releases.

BB: In your opinion, what makes Terminus unique?

Lala: �They aren't quite vocaloids and they aren't all human. It's something in between. But when Terminus is on stage, none of that matters anyway. It's about the music. The fans want rock and that's exactly what they get.

BB: What sort of things inspire your lyrics and your style?

Lala: �Life in the dome. Life in Withmore inspires almost everything I write. That's why it's so relatable. But sometimes, some Terminus songs are just about telling a good horror story.

BB: What can we expect from you in the future?

Lala: �"Lala" returns to her roots and gets a little more soulful. Terminus, I've been toying with some extensive live shows in the future. I want something that people get fully immersed in with the concerts. Music blaring, mosh pits, and I wanna see all the custom patch Terminus jackets fans bring to the show too. Let me see those! "

BB: �If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?

Lala: "For fans of Terminus, thank you for loving the music. You are the best rock fans ever. For fans of the "Lala" brand, I love you so much. And for fans of everything I do, I appreciate you more than you know.

Musically-inclined fans of all things Lala and Terminus will be excited to know that freelance recording opportunities currently exist with the artist. Lala is looking for instrumentalists of numerous types, particularly orchestral instruments and guitars, who are able to play to a professional standard. Please see Lala's advertisement under the Employment forum for further details.

- B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe

Regarding Splicist Propaganda

Man's best friend

Recently, a flood of home-printed newspapers have appeared all across the bars and streets of red and gold sectors. These newspapers all share a common topic that is stated quite clearly in the second paragraph of the publication: that "Splicers are a threat to humanity."

The term "splicer" is one that is trending in recent days. From increased posts on the grid, to idle SIC chatter, it seems that all of Withmore has an opinion on splicers.

For those that aren't in the know, a splicer is someone who has had eugenic modification, the alteration of one's genes to be more desirable. Read More

This is also known as biomodification, a common procedure used all across the world to affect cosmetic changes to one's appearance, including the regeneration of lost body parts.  

Per clauses added to the TOTACT treaty implemented in 2086, the rights of any individual who wishes to alter one's own genetic code for health or personal reasons are protected. Military grade modifications to create so-called "super-soldiers" are under strict control or outlawed altogether in various locations around the world.

But the question that this new publication asks is not whether or not the biomodifications being performed in Withmore are legal, but whether or not they should be allowed at all. It states that splicers are a "threat to humanity", and, in short, seeks to promote the division of "splicers" and "normals" into different subgroups of humanity locked in a secret war of genocidal proportions. It touts a "splicist media" and throws around terms such as "ex-people" while promoting the genocide of everyone who has undertaken a biomodification procedure.

That such clear propaganda could be taken seriously defies belief, but just this last week there were reports of shots being fired in red sector as an unknown shooter unloaded into the street from a location somewhere within the dance club, Carnal Desires. "...I got splicists threatening to perm me." quoted the victim, who is reported to have modifications that allow for a set of dog ears, and a tail. To quote an observer, "Are dog ears and a tail worth your life?"

As Withmorians, should we have to ask this sad question? Biomodification is a process that has clearly ingrained itself into our culture. Gone now are the barbaric cosmetic surgery practices of yesteryear.  Those privileged to afford the procedure have access to a humane, gentle cosmetic process that will not affect a great deal of downtime in today's busy world. As inconsequential as choosing a new color of lipstick, this technological marvel should not be looked upon as anything more.

Criticism of so-called "animal mods" have mounted in recent days and seems to be the basis for much of the public's ire. A few well-noted individuals have taken their modifications to a universally uncomfortable extreme, whether on the public stage, on television, or by other means; going so far as to attempt to live in as similar a way as possible to the animal they are trying to become, the citizens of Withmore are assaulted with yips, yaps and meows, or met with ear scratching and tail wagging, dog collars or tongue grooming. One must simply understand that such displays are simply not the norm among splicers, even those that have these animal modifications, and that such shows are either just that: a show, or possibly a deeply rooted psychological issue.

I reached out to ViriiSoma, but the representative, who declined to be named, refused to state whether or not applicants for gene modification were submitted to any sort of psychological screening before being allowed access to the procedure. Perhaps in the wake of recent lash outs, it is time to ask if this is a moral negligence?

Splicers are not sub humans, nor are they separate from humans. Splicers are your neighbors, your friends, your corporate associates, and your everyday men and women. Splicers have the full complex range of humankind, because they are humankind. Eugenic modification is a procedure which is of possible advantage to us all, and the only "splicist agenda" is that we are continued to be allowed to express ourselves by physical appearance, something which humans have been claiming the right to do since the beginning of time.

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