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Withmore Globe

A division of the New Light Media Entertainment Group. All rights reserved since 2075.

Arachne Fairchild performs NeoTrans Diss Track at KMB

Multi-talented it-girl Arachne Fairchild took Withmore by storm this past Friday the 13th at Korova Milk bar, when she performed a live diss-track dedicated to NeoTrans. The newly-minted assistant producer had not taken to the stage in KMB since winning a talent contest at the club some time ago.

"I'll never forget that talent show!" gushed an excited attendee. "I've been a fan of Miss Fairchild since that day! We are so lucky that we got to see her perform again tonight. I've been here in KMB for hours!"

The performance, which included all of the spectacle that the NLM production team could bring to bear, was truly a sight to be seen. Read More

Holographic backup dancers wearing NeoTrans stewardess uniforms were wreathed in flame as scenes of the shuttle crash flashed all over, along with images of plunging stock graphs, and a heartwarming story of megastar Shareena, who was injured in a June 14 shuttle crash at NeoTrans space port.

The performance itself was perfectly on-point.  Fairchild, no stranger toward working a stage, held the crowd in thrall; the room was filled with the voices of the audience singing along to the hook: 'your airline is in a nosedive', referencing both the June 14 crash, and the stock price of shares in the NeoTrans corporation.

"It was real smart, that metaphor" said Robert Quintero, an accountant who was just in the club to relax after work. "The whole thing was smart. Layers upon layers of insults. I had a good laugh."

Stock holders for NeoTrans are having less of a laugh these days, with safety concerns rising in the wake of the recent crash.

"Miss Fairchild does have a point..." continued Quintero, sipping at a White Russian. "I'm not really feeling like traveling these days."

-B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe


Corporate life is a privilege.


Corporate life is a privilege. One that is earned and just, and always in check.

Model citizens are those that need not fear their career, their employer, or the Law. A career should be self-evident, by name or by results, without a shadow of jeopardy on the horizon. An employer seeks the best staff, while culling the underperformers; an efficiently self-improving totality is naturally desired, albeit idyllic. Read More

And to its name, the Law protects those upstanding citizens from those who wish to do us harm.

Upon a clear conscience, free of fear, a corporate citizen may achieve mastery of five pillars of success: Respect, Professionalism, Ambition, Productivity, and Modesty.


As a corporate citizen, one must understand that respect is paramount to any successful career. Everyone's place is earned by merit, and is to be appreciated as such.

One doesn't simply work alongside associates and affiliates like a mindless data-gobbling ogre. Become the example that you want to lead by, and you, in turn, will feel that same respect. It's in this way that NLM producer Rex Gold is as respected as he is, with rising producer Arachne Fairchild working closely and respectfully with him.

Those that jeer and clamor their way towards fame, however, will find their goals snuffed.


Your emotional health is important as a corporate citizen, and there are services available to help prevent stress from leaking into the workplace. An outstanding citizen manages personal crises by not allowing any issue to creep to that level of intolerance. A professional checks in their personal grievances at the door and comes to work prepared to advance their corporation and career with integrity.

A recent NLM retiree, famed musical artist superstar Alivia Phillips, proved herself as a paragon of professionalism, delivering on the demands of loyal customers over her years of dedicated service.

Without this motivation to continue to rise, a corporate citizen may find themself aimless, embracing nihilism at the worst. Ones that rise to seek a quick financial jolt by slandering and selling out a corporation are the quickest to fall.


When asked who defines a passion for success, you may imagine those that truly make a positive difference in our lives. It could be any number of us who have the temperament to be not just affable after a day's work, but downright ambitious. Those who excel with ambition are those who don't just have ideas, but also find a way to turn those ideas into reality, and -- most importantly -- follow through with a task to the end.

NLM's Lala Gomez, the Latina Queen, is a prime expression of one who sees a lofty goal and doesn't stop until she hits it, maximizing the capability of the tools and talent around her.

There's a line, however, where ambition can lead to an undesired outcome. Every ambitious corporate citizen takes risks, but it's astute to stop and take a sanity check once in a while. When one's zeal leads to espionage, fetish exploitation, or unrequited obsessions, the end of one's tenure is nigh.


Your job is more than simply a service: it's patriotic. Put your corporation above all others. Understand your goals, face them head-on, and revel in your exemplary efficacy. That is the mindset behind productivity.

A highly productive member of the NLM Corpsec team, Chayna Parashar, started Cadet Academy for the fine WJF this past week. Her unyielding effort to go above and beyond what is expected is proof that the NSec program produces the best security agents.

A job is not something to struggle through, overdosing on drugs and alcohol after your shift is over. Seize the opportunity to eliminate distractions and vices when presented, or else those above you will eliminate everything you've worked for.


Mistakes happen. In this position, a corporate citizen espousing modesty shows loyalty to their employer. Chances are offered. Given proof of value, good standing is retained.

A corporate citizen who is simply underperforming doesn't fall under the banner of modesty. Rather, one who exceeds expectations and faces a stumble in their path is at the core of humility. Whether it be in the face of a coworker, superior, or even the Law, showing unwavering modesty separates the shining examples from the Rock Ciders.

It benefits nobody for a corporate citizen to go on a tirade, be it via pubSIC or tagging or public indecency, even if the voices are goading and prodding at the issue. The values one endorses shine as clear as one's thoughts.


To comfortably exist as a corporate citizen, one must uphold the standards of corporate life. When your name is oft referred to as a joke instead of out of jealousy, it's time to rethink where you're headed, because it sure isn't up.

Remember the pillars: Respect, Professionalism, Ambition, Productivity, and Modesty.

Ask yourself what standards you meet, and what pillars you need to raise. If we improve our pillars, we improve our corporation.

And thus, we improve the world.

-Rose Ringo

New Variant of Plague Hits Withmore

New Variant of Plague Hits Withmore

In 1347, an epidemic of astounding proportions struck Europe. The Great Pestilence, also known as the Black Death, swept across Europe, killing over half of the population within a period of four years. While the disease dug its claws in, lingering until the 1700s and wreaking its havoc on a smaller scale as it moved from place to place, we largely speak of the Bubonic Plague as history. It has popped up from time to time since then, but never threatened humanity on as grand a scale. Read More

That is, until the first of September this year, when Bubonic Plague Variant 7 made its ugly face known in Withmore.

It isn't entirely certain where the source of the infection began, but signs point to an outbreak within the stray dog population that makes its home inside the gated walls of Banspuro Park in central red sector. Other variants of this sort of plague have been known to be carried within infected fleas that occupy both the living bodies and corpses of animals in an affected area. Other theories point towards an individual with the SIC alias "Cocklovr" as patient zero. This individual spoke of being injected with some sort of orange substance under the guise of receiving free nano injections, afterward describing symptoms that are similar to those of Variant 7. The same day a stack of corpses ended up in Banspuro park belonging to those who had suffered the same symptoms, which were summarily savaged and eaten by the park dogs.

Symptoms of Bubonic Plague Variant 7 begin largely like those of the flu, with the afflicted suffering hot and then cold flashes, shaking and loss of concentration. I spoke with an individual, who wished to remain anonymous, about what it was like to experience the onset of Variant 7.  "[The] first thing I noticed was I felt hot to start... sweat was dripping down my brow, my skin felt flush. But then it crashed. I felt very, very, very cold... I had trouble standing after a certain point... not dizzy, but I didn't feel like my balance was good, like my senses were just going haywire... it was hard to concentrate... I couldn't control my shaking." As the symptoms of the disease began to make themselves known they intensified, and according to our source still intensified even under treatment.  "Once I got my treatment, a terrible headache set in... and then the rest started. Oh, did it start." Our source went on to describe intense vomiting over a period of hours, and spitting up blood. "It felt like someone had taken an engine and wrapped my intestines around [it] and just turned the f***** on. After that, the lights got so awful.  So bright, too bright.  Like burning inside my eyes, I couldn't hide from them." Afterward, the hot and cold flashes returned, according to our source, much worse than before. "I couldn't get rid of it.  Nothing would make me warmer... on the second day I passed out, and woke up much better."

The cure for Bubonic Plague Variant 7 is the timely administration of Doxycycline, and the afflicted are asked to remain in quarantine to prevent the further spread of the disease, until they are shown to be symptom free for a period of two hours. Quarantine may last a number of days, with reports of up to thirty six hours or more. Citizens are advised that failing to do this puts the entire city at risk.

Withmore City officials are still working on getting an official death count for the recent outbreak, though there have been rumors that the number has reached over a million afflicted, the majority of these cases in Red Sector. Citizens are advised to allow city services to handle any reports of corpses, as they have special biohazard suits to aid in their protection. Under no circumstances should someone touch a corpse without some sort of protection.

There have been a number of accusations against ViriiSoma Pharmaceuticals, who have occasionally been blamed by Mixers for the spread of the disease. Earlier this week a number of mixers rioted in front of the corporation, and at one point a member of ViriiSoma's CorpSec team, Agent Rafael Gallardo, was abducted, taken down to red sector, and killed.

In the wake of widespread panic, Mixers have retaliated in other ways, as well. Just today former Artery member Tulip 'Blackstar' O'Hare made her way up to green sector while infected and under the influence of some sort of drug. O'Hare made her way to Cordoba Mallplex, where she took several hostages over the course of being pursued by the Withmore Justice Force, shouting Mixer propaganda and demanding Doxycycline. Clerks at both Bitch'n Chick'n and DigiDreams were taken hostage, but thanks to the brave efforts of Cadet-Judge Avarius Pike, both hostages were rescued without harm, and O'hare received a sentence of clone-death, executed on the spot by Judge Hadley.

The Cadet-Judge was unfortunately infected in the process, and is currently under treatment, but Withmore certainly thanks Pike for his heroics. O'Hare was posthumously judged for multiple counts of homicide, inciting a riot, and the attempted murder of a judge and cadet-judge. She was fined twenty thousand chyen payable in two weeks for the attempted murders.

When asked for a statement, Cadet-Judge Pike offered the following:  "Let this be a reminder to Mixers - any attempt to violate the sanctity of our work and living spaces will be met with overwhelming force. There is no outcome here where your tantrums can put a dent in the corporate order. Keep your revolutionary fervor and infectious diseases to yourselves, down there where they belong. Obey the Law."

-B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe

NSEC and TCS down Crazed Terrorist!

Joint Operation between NSEC and Talon brings down Barry 'Bu

Multiple fires raged throughout gold sector on Sunday night, causing damage to Southside Motors and Westside Elective Clinic. The conflagrations, beacons to distract the Withmore Justice Force's attentions, were but precursors to the main event of the night which took place at the New Light Media towers. There, fugitive Barry 'Bush' Patterson, also known as 'The TERRA Killer' and who is believed to be part of a remnant RLF cell, detonated a bomb within the building's HR department, taking NLM's head of human resources, Collette Guevara, hostage.

"It was terrifying!" said Alexandra Deacon, a production intern who witnessed the event. "I was just coming out of the break room, and I felt the heat from the explosion. Read More

Everything was chaos for a moment, and when I could see through the smoke I saw that that horrible man had Miss Guevara, and was trying to use her as leverage to escape!"

Supervising Agent Carolina Dethrow and Junior Agent Immram Loreto were on the scene to neutralize Patterson, assisted by Agent Chayna Parashar and Junior Agent Keira Frost who acted as surveillance and recon. "We have no clue what Patterson might have been planning," said Dethrow, "but knowing his previous work, we certainly mitigated a disaster that could have been on the scale of NeoSec's own failure with the shuttle [explosion]."

The NLM Security team's prompt and effective response to Patterson's threat was greatly due to the information gathering and warning from the team's liaison in Talon, Arachne Fairchild. Fairchild, who had been deep undercover in the mix, was able to inform NSEC that Patterson was planning to make a move, allowing them to stage accordingly.

"After neutralization, the target was confirmed by the Talon representative, Fairchild, and the body was sent to the Hall for bounty processing." said Dethrow. "NSEC rigorously investigates any potential terror threat concerning NLM and I wasn't willing to abide such action on our doorstep."

Talon and NSEC have had a joint operation to take Patterson down for some time, following a bombing in the Media gardens during the 'Prestige' incident. The success of the pairing was able to ensure that the full effect of Patterson's plans was a failure. Thanks to the performance and effective tactics of the NSEC team, along with the heroic vigilance of Fairchild, the day belongs to NLM.

Supervising Agent Dethrow sums everything up in the following statement, "We've had quite a workload, but as you can tell, we always win in the end."

-B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe

Hab-X - Gold Sector's Haven for Criminals?

Crimes on the Rise at Habitat-X

The judges who patrol the eastern side of New Light Avenue face a daunting challenge; among a towering monolith of electronic billboards, streets filled with the hustle and bustle of busy travelers, and glass skyscrapers stretching ever toward the projected clouds, a small blemish on Gold Sector often makes its ugly voice heard. Nestled just south of NeoTrans space port, Habitat-X Cube Hotel, advertised as your so-called "home away from home", boasts the highest crime rate in the sector, and it is rising fast.

On any given day, the walls of Hab-X are covered in graffiti. Obscenities or gang tags are popular with the vagrants that stay here, some of them mixers fleeing the violence of red sector. Read More

There are ex-corporate washouts as well, cowards clinging to the last vestiges of a life they didn't deserve, soaking in the piss-like brine of their own crimes and failures. Outcasts and untouchables, ranging from self-dubbed ghouls to the otherwise mentally deranged are the sort that make there residence here. It is in effect a roiling, bubbling, cauldron of filth that threatens explode at a moment's notice.

As a result, reports of incidences to the Withmore Justice Force taking place within Habitat-X are on an upward trend. This past week alone, Staff Judge Gerik Phillips had to disband a gathering of the newly-minted central red sector gang the 'Vultures' on the facilities, Judge Alina Echols was forced to respond to an armed assault involving two immigrants in the cube hotel's lobby, and there was a report of a pickpocketing attempt on the grounds. This is to say nothing of the crimes that go unreported: cubes rented for shady business deals or illicit meetups, people playing 'cube lotto' in an attempt to steal things that vagrants might have stashed there, or those thieves who simply steal things from sleeping folk who were too cheap to renew their stay.

Despite this, there remain those corporate citizens who choose to occupy rooms within this overbooked, crime-ridden cube hotel, despite having homes elsewhere. I attempted to reach out to a number of these corporate citizens for commentary on the nature of their stay: Archer Vermeulon, Marco Mohammed Karakhan, and Secra Leblanc. I was unfortunately unable to reach them by the publishing of this article. One may simply assume it must be a matter of the convenience of the locale to the NeoTrans spaceport, however, one may also assume that they are compensated enough to afford vehicles, cab fare, or the paltry chyen it takes to ride the lev.

Even juniors ride the lev.

-B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe

Chaos Shakes Skywatch Mall!

Foxtrot Lease Holder Brings Violence and Chao

On an average Friday morning, the shops and interior concourse of SkyWatch Mall are jam-packed full with loitering teenagers, mall walkers, and consumers of all kinds eager to spend their chyen on the variety of products that are offered within. This morning, however, the shopping crowd has thinned, mall security seems to be in a state somewhere between vigilance and unease, and citizens of Withmore are left wondering whether or not it is safe to set foot inside at all.

The reason for the sparse crowds is easy to discern. Read More

Over the past two weeks, Foxtrot Beauty Boutique, located in Skywatch Mall in Gold Central, has been the victim of a series of attacks that have left others wondering what the ugly truth is behind the violence that has recently afflicted this beauty store.

Foxtrot Beauty Boutique is certainly benign by all outward appearances. The business has existed for a number of years in Withmore without any sort of negative attention drawn to it. Yet, within the past two weeks it has been the scene for a number of topside crimes. Suffering damage from an ethicol time bomb and the aftereffects of a spray of bullets from an AKS-47, both of unfortunate assaults sent the beauty boutique's shop clerk to Genetek and caused chaos in the mall as shoppers fled for their safety.

But why have these attacks occurred, and why do they seem to be escalating? �The answer lies in the hands of the newest leaseholder of the business, Red Fuki-Yama, also known as HotGoods, a former Sing a Rong bartender and Red Sector fixer. An anonymous source has told the Globe that the new leaseholder is indebted to the outspoken individual known as Sergei on the Sic Network, and that Sergei has vowed to bomb the business once per week until Fuki-Yama has paid off his end of their business deal. What this business venture was exactly is still unknown, but we are all left wondering how long Mr. Fuki-Yama will be allowed to bring chaos and violence to Gold Sector?

-B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe

(Edited by NewsDesk at 3:24 pm on Aug. 2, 2104)

NOMOD/IMOD Conflict Tears Apart Withmore!

NOMOD/IMOD Issue Escalates

NOMOD and IMOD: two terms that have cropped up recently to describe one's stance on an issue that has become extremely divisive across all sectors of Withmore in recent days. Those who would flock to the NOMOD banner believe that genetic biomodification detracts from one's humanity, and are opposed to its continued allowance. At the opposite end of the spectrum are those who support what is known as 'splicing' in the vernacular, blanketed beneath the term IMOD, regardless of whether or not one actually has undergone the process of biomodification.

Were it simply an issue of casual opinion, citizens of Withmore would be able to have their say and go home afterward with little other than intellectual wounds. Read More

In today's polarized environment, however, taking a stance on this controversial issue is likely to get violent attention from NOMOD activists, who have been responsible for a huge number of bombings across all sectors: ViriiSoma Pharmecueticals on Gold Sector, Red's Finest, Deji Pachi and The Orifice on Red Sector, and Rosa's Diner on Green Sector are all places of business that have been targeted by such activists one or more times, with countless Withmore citizens injured during the attacks.

The fallout from these bombings has lasted long after the damage was cleaned up. And the debate over biomodification has split citizens along familiar fault lines: corporate versus mixer, inclusion versus exclusion, identity versus ideology. Recently, Cordoba Wellness Home was swarmed by a crowd of red-sector residents who were angry over not being allowed access to biomods at the facility, frightening the staff inside and prompting the need for judges to break up the beginnings of a riot. The scene is one that exemplifies the state of the NOMOD/IMOD issue today, calling to mind one of Aesop's Fables, The Fox and the Grapes, wherein a hungry fox could not reach a bunch of juicy grapes hanging upon a high branch, and declared in the end that they were probably sour anyway.

I had the opportunity to reach out to Withmore citizens, inquiring over which side of this issue they stood on. Of those that responded, fifty five percent were in support of IMOD, while forty five percent identified as NOMOD. Surprisingly, one hundred percent of respondents asked not to be identified, or to be identified by alternate names, leaving this reporter to assume that the wish for one's own personal safety is universal across all humanity. Thoughts of violence are not limited to those beneath the NOMOD banner, and escalation between the two groups only promises further clashes.

"All the splicers [I've] met are pretentious bakas who think they [are] worth something just cos they look like they [are] half related to some kind of animal." said one respondent, "...if they pay to look like an animal, we should treat them as one too!"

"Splicing is a genetic abomination as well as it is a mental condition!" stated another respondent.  "God made us perfect in his eyes! If he wanted you to have the Zebra stripes he would have given them to you, and not the Zebra!"

"I am against these so called NOMOD squads because their hatred towards splicers are unjust and without rhyme or reason." said one respondent, who asked to be identified as Blankus Supremus.  "...they are scum who should be gunned down in the streets like the degenerate f***s they are." This was stated after Blankus had experienced one of the early NOMOD attacks taking place at The Orifice on July 9 in central red sector, "...the anti-splicers were so angry at the fact that the O hosted a splicer that they resorted to burning the place and even one of them stepped in to try and kill us. Luckily, we survived the fire and the attack... it made me cry for the splicers' safety in Red."

"This needs to stop, and it needs to stop now." pleaded another anonymous respondent, who was witness to an attack in Red's Finest. "I feel the need to stand up and get involved now. When innocents are being harmed because of the beliefs of a few, that few must be stopped at all costs. There is enough in this world to kill us. Had I been a few feet closer to the explosion, I very well would have died. Died a merciless, pointless death for a cause I had no hand in.

-B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe

Bombing at ViriiSoma by anti-Splicer terrorists!

Home made explosives used against mega-corp

The latest in a recent string of topside bombings took place on Tuesday, July 9. An apparent attack was staged against ViriiSoma over growing anger against the sociological threat of so-called 'splicing', a slang term for the process of bio-modification. Prior to the attack, the SIC network had been filled with harsh discussion as citizens of Withmore divisively declared themselves on one side of the argument or another; from the discussion the terms IMOD and NOMOD were birthed, new banners under which one's support could be shown.

At approximately 7:30 pm, a seemingly nondescript man and woman in corporate attire made their way to the Cobblestone Plaza on Soma Street, outside of Viriisoma Pharmaceuticals. Read More

There, Anganaa Daugherty threw two pipe bombs into the front of the building, which detonated, causing damage to the interior. Prior to the attack, Daugherty had been outspoken on the SIC Network, making threats such as 'Down with VS! I should go bomb them RIGHT NOW!' and '[Expletive] you Judge! Can't stop me, I'll bomb those [Expletive] and take out their whatever splice-making machine things!'

Members of the WJF and Agents of the VS CorpSec team were on scene quickly to apprehend Daugherty. Daugherty was given the sentence of clone death for Resisting Judicial Authority, Communicating a Terroristic Threat, and Committing Acts of Terrorism. However, as Judge Steele was carrying out the sentence, Steele was attacked by Daugherty's accomplice, a man named Keahi Kimble. Kimble was sentenced to clone death for Assaulting a Judge.

Agent Tarav Rax, who was on scene, has issued the following statement in regards to the recent attack: "It seems a few misinformed people have taken it into their minds that Splicers are evil... they chose to foolishly display their ignorance by making a cowardly attack against our corporation. A homemade explosive was used. Fortunately, the WJF were able to stop them from causing more damage... We at ViriiSoma would like to state that our mission for the betterment of humanity can not be stopped by such pitiful attempts. Our resolve will not be shaken."

-B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe

WJF capture crazed terrorist after strike on Media Gardens!

Explosion at Media Gardens a Senseless Act of

"I am a firm believer in cleansing by fire." These words, uttered by Roseanne Cassidy over the SIC network were a herald to the vile actions she had carried out earlier at the NLM Media gardens on June 25, around seven thirty PM.

In an apparent act of retribution, an explosion by an ethicol time bomb planted by Cassidy had rocked the streets of gold sector earlier that evening, causing a massive fire that left a good deal of severe damage to the surrounding area, injuring several.

"I reported Rosey for terrorist activity. Namely making and selling bombs" said Taro Manhillan, the target of the attack. Read More

"She used an explosive device here, to target me." Manhillan was wounded in the attack, with burns to his abdomen, left arm and thigh.

WJF forces were on the scene quickly to apprehend Cassidy, who was taken to the Hall of Justice and fitted with a Behavioral Modification chip to prevent further unruly actions.

The damage from the explosion has been cleared, and citizens are once more welcome to pass through the media gardens. Citizens are reminded to report all suspicious activity to the WJF, including the purchasing and storage of bomb-making materials.

-B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe

NeoTrans Causes Catastrophic Failure of Superstar's Flight!

Explosion at NeoTrans is Witnessed by Horrified Viewing Part

June 14, 2104 is a day that will live in infamy in the hearts of citizens of Withmore. As scores of corporate citizens and mixers alike gathered in the NeoTrans spaceport to await the arrival of megastar Shareena, The Lone Star Sweetheart, newly signed to a multi billion chyen contract to New Light Media, no one could have predicted the events that would shortly transpire. Or could they? Aaron Cohen, a one-time Administrator of NASA, is known to have said, "Let's face it, space is a risky business. Read More

I always considered every launch a barely controlled explosion." What led to the loss of control that ended a number of lives and left the music star in a coma has yet to be revealed, but at the end of the day the body count at NeoTrans spaceport can only leave us asking questions about the competence of their staff members.

The night began with excitement and anticipation. Citizens had gathered in Cafe Bizou for a two hour viewing party, packed like sardines as they waited for a first glimpse of Shareena arriving. Despite the packed conditions, and despite clear symptoms of drug withdrawal, NeoTrans PR agent Jo Zhou still pressed for more to arrive. "Bizou is packed full, but we will make a little room for a few more if you want to see Shareena's arrival" Zhou announced on SIC, trying to ride on the megastar's coat tails for a night of success; it was a night where Shareena was on the lips and minds of Withmore, those gathered at NeoTrans suffering in bored silence as they sipped at their drinks, not an event planned or even a single track of the star's music on the speakers.

As the shuttle's arrival was finally announced, the gathered crowd breathed a collective sigh of relief and leaned forward in anticipation. But the anticipation was to be short lived, for as the shuttle slid slowly toward a landing it suddenly began to shake and jerk around, veering off erratically before nearly colliding with another transport ship. Nearing the glass wall at which the waiting party stared in horror, the ship hit the apron nose-first and flipped over twice. The cafe erupted in horror, with frantic partygoers scrambling to exit as the ship collided with waiting shuttle technicians, sending body parts flying along with crates and debris as a massive explosion rocked throughout the area.

"I just wanted to see Shareena!" sobbed a witness to the events. "I'll never be able to forget the sight of that shuttle technician picking his own arm up off of the ground... this will haunt me forever."

The sight of the accident was eventually blocked off from the viewing wall, and citizens were escorted from the space port as warning alarms blared. It was later announced that Shareena had miraculously survived the incident and has been taken to an off-site medical facility for treatment to her life-threatening injuries, though no word has been given as to whether or not her coma was medically induced. NeoTrans was quick to blame the megastar for the crash, alluding that a single woman could get through the fail-safes that prevent just this sort of disaster from occurring. At the time of this writing, NeoTrans PR has failed to make a public apology for the events that have transpired, and that leaves us asking - Is NeoTrans really the "only way to fly?".

(Edited by NewsDesk at 1:49 pm on June 16, 2104)

Red Sector Explosion Shakes Across Red!

Massive Explosion in Red Sector Destroys Storied Supply Van

Fires and small explosions are nothing unique to the violent streets of Red Sector, but early in the morning on the 29th of May citizens living in south central red were rocked awake by the effects of a massive explosion that could be felt throughout a large portion the sector.

"The walls and the ceilings shook from the blast and rained down plaster everywhere..." said Devan Oliver, a SHI factory worker living in the Gulag. "My mona was screaming. Read More

�We thought we were going to die."

The explosion, which took place in the Abandoned Parking garage off of Ashlin Street, was the result of the detonation of three ethicol time bombs and fourteen pipe bombs, as well as three full ethicol fuel drums used as an accelerant to the massive conflagration that spread throughout the building for hours before it was able to be controlled.

"The fire suppression systems weren't doing s***." noted Mario Pham, a convenience store worker who rushed to the scene to help. "I was covered in that rotten egg smell for no reason. S*** just kept burning."

The target of the bombing was a seemingly innocent supply van, which suffered extensive damage from the blast; the true story behind the van is anything but simple, and the old adage that looks can be deceiving certainly proves true. Inside the van was a mobile medical clinic, as well as a hookup to install an illegally modified SIC amp, which would allow the occupants to cut out signal as necessary.

The van has been linked to a number of topside crimes since the previous owners death, including kidnappings, robbery, and various assaults and murders.

At this time, there is only speculation as to who was behind this act of destruction, or who was in current possession of the supply van before it was targeted. An anonymous source stated that they believe that they heard the true owners of the van speaking on the phone in a Mix bar, trying to reclaim the vehicle after the string of crimes that had been committed out of their possession. "It sounded like they were cutting their losses, trying to sell the van back to them after it had gotten so much heat. It seems negotiations didn't go well."

Since the bombing, restorations to the already crumbling parking garage have been slow, but WCS workers have been hard at work to make certain that the building is stable. The charred husk of the supply van has been removed from the scene, and its current whereabouts are unknown.

-B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe

(Edited by NewsDesk at 5:16 am on June 14, 2104)

NLM Cineplex Opening!

Three films set for opening night.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the silver screen has captivated audiences worldwide, an integral part of our lives providing enchantment, excitement and escape. Now, on June 8th, audiences in Withmore will have the chance to experience this and more as the long-awaited NLM Cineplex opens its doors to the public.

Located on the 7th floor of the New Light Media Tower, the theater will kick off its grand opening at 17:00 with a triple feature lineup of exclusive films covering a multitude of genres. For a mere 1500 chyen, guests will have the luxury of experiencing the brand new facilities with a classic range of nostalgia-inducing beverages and snacks while watching and listening on top-of-the-line screens and sound systems. Read More

Grab your dates, Withmore, and put on your Sunday best! Prepare for a night on the town unlike any other.

-B.B. Planche, Withmore Globe

A synopsis of the three films to be presented follows:

The Bayou [Thriller, Fantasy] -  A teenage boy treks deep into the Louisiana bayou, in search of anyone, or anything that could save his dying mother.

Omerta [Action, Thriller] - A solo's moment of compassion becomes the catalyst for a war against his former employer and mentor.

Demon in the Sheets [Dark Comedy] - A traumatized wage-chaser recounts the details of his harrowing bedroom adventure to his immature co-workers.

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