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Withmore Globe

A division of the New Light Media Entertainment Group. All rights reserved since 2075.

Robbery at WSB - WJF Distracted

Fires at Skywatch Outlet Mall a diversion

WJF Distracted, Robbery at Withmore Savings Bank

Moments ago a brazen daylight robbery took place at the Withmore Savings Bank on Gold after Judges in the area were diverted to the Skywatch Outlets with reports of multiple large fires in the building. The fires are now being seen as a diversionary tactic.

A WJF spokesperson told the Globe that bank itself was not robbed, but a wealthy citizen making a deposit was accosted with a firearm and forced to make a large withdrawal from her account.

The assailant fled from the bank, and has disappeared. The WJF responded moments after the suspect fled, but their late response due to the fires at Skywatch Outlets seems to have allowed the suspect to escape. Read More

SIC scans of the area have turned up nothing, leading the WJF to suspect that the criminal did not have a SIC chip at the time of the robbery.

Initial descriptions are vague, given the suspect was wearing a large rain poncho, and citizens have been warned to steer clear of the area while the WJF investigates.

"This was well planned, and required extensive coordination. No sign that that coordination was done via the SIC, which we might have tracked." said a WJF spokesperson moments ago.

If you have any information on the crime, please contact the WJF.

Interview: Checking In With Executive Producer Solaria Darks

Her recent promotion marks new beginnings in TV

By Yamamoto Kinya


There is nothing Solaria Darkstone wouldn't do to deliver high-quality content. She once single-handedly created and directed multiple series while preparing interviews with WJF Cadets and building dossiers on applicants aspiring to become producers, all within the same timeframe.

She broadcasted Agent Hume's punishment in the Mix live minutes after the idea popped into her head. She stood in for a missing news anchor to present a breaking news report. She is widely considered to be one of the most exceptional TV producers the city has ever seen.

I sat down with her during a short break from her busy workday. Read More

We spoke about her career and personal life, and though we'd met before and even enjoyed Sing-A-Rong's amenities together during my research for my piece on their private parties, I got to know a different side of her. One that you can read about below:

Why don't we start with how long you've been working as a Producer?

Since early November of last year... so a little bit more than ten months.

Did you hold any other positions at NLM before that?
No, actually. The only other job I've had in the city was working as a bartender in Red's Finest. May as well been a lifetime ago.

Did you always want to be a producer?
Not exactly, no... when I came to the city I was running away from something. I wanted to escape, and I wanted to make something of myself. I wasn't very skilled in any respect, but I loved art and business.

I was aimless when I came here, in fact.. when I first applied for working at NLM, it wasn't even as a producer. It was as a requisitions specialist or a personal assistant. But I got lucky.. I was told to try sending a sample script to Mr. Gold, and the rest is history.

What have been some of your favourite projects so far?
Most of my favorite projects involve using the eyePod equipment. I've done several projects with them... I did a tour of the SCF compound, which can be watched on channel 3... But I think my favorite project so far has been the report I did on the giant spiders that recently infested the city.

For the most part when it comes to television, I like providing content that people can learn from. That is prevalent in all of the content that I produce, from the SCF walkthrough and tour, the interview with Staff Judge Gerik Phillips and the WJF Cadets, the Venom Report.. and even my latest WCS Promotional tour.. all of it endeavors to teach Withmore something that maybe they hadn't known already.

This is especially true for immigrants, who can find themselves at a loss for what to do as they integrate into the city.

Let's talk about your upcoming project. What's it all about?"
My next project is.. well, unlike the content I have produced recently. I'm not certain when it will be ready, but my goal is to produce a show that is better than Grit.

Unfortunately, that is mostly a side project for the time being. I have many other tasks to attend to on my own... from directing content for various television personalities, to advertisements, to maintaining our existing schedule and content... it's quite the workload. But I'm not bothered by that one bit.

That's quite a lot of work, and a very ambitious goal. Your productivity has recently seen you recognized and promoted to executive rank. How has this affected your life and career?
Well, besides having a limousine available for my use, along with the higher pay... I suppose there are some downsides. Being a more prominent employee of New Light Media has led some people to try and kill me.

Very recently someone rigged a sonic grenade to the security door and attempted to lure me into it. Luckily I avoided the trap, and security quickly handled the situation.. and he was promptly executed. That same day someone else tried to grab me on the roof of the NLM tower. Agent Hume was there, thankfully, and managed to throttle him to submission... all up until the cortex bomb in his skull blew bits of grey matter over me. That took quite a cleaning...

And more than that, I just now received a threat to my life over SIC. But the threats do not concern me, I am confident in New Light Media's security.

Why don't we delve deeper in your personal side? What does an executive such as yourself do in their spare time? Do you have any to speak of?"
Well, I'm something of a painter. I enjoy painting various pieces, I find that to be quite relaxing. Beyond that though, I tend to make a personal effort to do for others what New Light Media did for me. Whether it's my own personal assistant, or an immigrant who shows promise...

I like to try and uplift various people from the Mix and give them a shot topside. Two people immediately come to mind whom have excelled. Edmee LeBleu, until last night was my personal assistant for example... and now she has received an offer-- which she accepted, to become Staff Judge Gerik Phillips' very own executive assistant and PR clerk. In fact, Mr. Kinya, I believe that I helped accelerate your own presence here in Withmore.

Yes, indeed you have. You supplied many things I required to get started. A terminal, a phone, a place to live on Green.
To me it's a game that I play. It's like.. gambling, so to speak. I enjoy watching people find success, but more often than not some fail to meet the requirements that come with being a corporate citizen.

Some fall to the wayside, like my previous assistant Svetlana Krushcheva. Instead of working towards her dream of becoming a producer with the work ethic necessary to survive in that position, she attempted to bribe and then extort me into the position using another.

She disobeyed corporate policy and contacted a security agent with ViriiSoma who used the alias Bolshoy. She paid him to try and extort me into giving Svetlana a position in the production department at NLM, unfortunately the best they could come up with against me was nonsensical slander.

And that is why it's a gamble, you see. Not everyone you try and help will meet the expectations you have for them, and more often than not they tend to reveal who they really are in the process of trying to win you over. But this happened months ago. I enjoy helping people who show a willingness to learn, the drive to work hard, and the ambition to rise above.

It is unfortunate that many of the people I have attempted to help do not manage to show those qualities, and it is even more depressing to know that so few people exist like that in the Mix.

What are your plans for the future? Where do you plan to take your career? Your personal life?
Well, one day I hope to be flying around in my own aero, or better yet, being flown around in an aero-limousine. I aspire to keep climbing the corporate ladder as high as I possibly can, with the ultimate dream of reaching the very top.

I know it's unlikely, but in order to learn where your limits are you have to aim as high as you possibly can. As for personal life... I'm still single. I guess I'm just waiting for the right man or woman to enter my life.

Is finding a relationship very important to you?
Oh no.. not at all. I certainly enjoy spending my time with people, but as far as I'm concerned the only personal life I have is with a significant other. My time is New Light Media's time. And right now, I don't have a significant other.. so my personal life involves a lot of painting.

What style do you paint in?
I tend to go with more abstract versions of reality. Things whimsical and not so bound by the limitations of physics or realistic interpretation. Most of my work carries a variety of meaning in the canvas, which meaning is determined alone by the viewer.

I like to think that I paint the visual concept of an idea... and leave it to the viewer to decide what that idea means.

Fair enough. Let's talk about your new recruitment drive. You need more producers?
Absolutely. I am interested in getting more unique shows on the air for all Withmorians to see, I myself can be a viewer sometimes, and I'd love to see more programming available.

What does it take to become a producer?
The most important traits that I can think of are work ethic and the ability to meet strict deadlines, and being able to handle extreme criticism when it comes your way. Being a producer is -not easy- by any means.

It is difficult, and it is not easy getting accustomed to the demands that you'll be expected to meet. But if you're a strong writer who has a good story, you can certainly find a place here that will not only be extremely rewarding, but -very- lucrative.

What is the best part of being a producer?
Oh, that's easy. Being a producer you have the ability to work closely with some of the cities biggest names, be it stars or high level corporate executives or high ranking officials in the Withmore Hall of Justice.

If you're aiming to be a corporate citizen you probably won't find a job that allows you to network with people to a greater degree. And above all of that, you're working for New Light Media which by itself is a great thing.

You're unlikely to find as comprehensive a benefit package working for any other corporation or career. Especially when the starting salary is so high, it really surprises me that there aren't more people trying to push their scripts on me.


That concludes my interview with Solaria Darkstone, who sounds like a great professional and mentor for anyone interested in entering the world of TV production. Now is possibly the best time to join this domain, as opportunities abound for new, original content to be created. With someone like Darkstone-san at the helm, what do you have to lose?

Vigilant Killer Exposed!

The City Never Sleeps; Neither Do I

A gang member force-fed snakes and boiled alive. A web of lies and deceit attempting to throw me off the scent. Poetry, Biblical quotes and symbolism attempting to obfuscate the truth. A former Cadet Judge going postal and the killer pretending to be him. NONE of it has stopped me from getting to the truth. I have found you out, CRIMINAL SCUM! The City of Withmore will now know the truth!

It all started with dark, threatening messages over SIC from alias 'Vigilant', foreshadowing and serving as interludes between a string of gruesome murders. An Artery crucified with his eponymous blood vessels in Ashlin Pawn. A Sinner eviscerated in Kro's Kar Kare Junkyard. And now a Snake. Read More

And the Ravenous birds come down upon the carcasses, but none causeth them to turn back. Because what is about to be done can not be undone. The air is thick with the smell of blood, and sin. I wonder what it will smell like tomorrow? When Hinami asked about how much a kidney is worth, 'Much more to the one taken from than the one given to.' The wolves are most ravenus in the darkness of the night. Be certain your desires do not over reach. We are not alone in our carnal pleasures. Fire is most cleansing and bright. Brighter in the moon light.

The WJF didn't comment. One of my sources was feeding me bullshit about it being a low-time Snake by the name of Epoch Hendricks. I could have almost bought it, with Vigilant alluding to being a Snake. He changed his story when former Cadet Judge Archer Vermeulon was scheduled to have a hearing on internal issues that would decide his fate.  Prior to that hearing, he stole Cruiser 844, a full set of Judge Armor and an Enforcer.  He drove into the mix and died fighting the Sinners gang. Magistrate Steele and Cadets Larson and Volkyre went to  successfully retrieve the equipment from the Carnal Desires.  The hearing went on without him present - and he is no longer employed by the Justice Force. The killer pretended to be him over SIC. Poetic, you sick bastard, I have to give it to you.

Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut. You know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept up your actions ad cannot know my name.

You're one smug motherfucker, asshole, but I DO know your name, I DO have the power to find you and make you pay. Through deep-cover investigation and risking my life I've found out everything from your date of birth (January 21st, 2068) to your shoe size. You graduated from the Academy on the 20th of November under the same Magistrate Steele. Your name is Kotaro Hope and you disgraced the City of Withmore by abusing your positions to commit overt acts of aggression, undue violence and misuse Clone Death as a Judgment. You committed 310 executions and sentenced people to 1,301,400 Chyen in fines since your unceremonious discharge in '95. You left Withmore in '96 and now look what the cat dragged in.

You might be a lone wolf, Kotaro Hope, good at covering your trail and hiding your identity, but NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO STOP THE WITHMORE GLOBE. Your killing spree ends right here. Drop the charade, the pretenses of religious motive, the bullshit you feed Mixers to make them fight each other thinking they're going after you. It's not your job to put those animals out of their misery and it never was! You were supposed to protect the interests of corporate citizens of Withmore but instead you went on Mix safaris on the corporations' chy! And then you topped it all off by treating a corporate citizen like those disgusting creatures beneath our feet. Get over it. You could have had everything and done that when you retired, punk, but now I have only one more thing to say to the likes of you, Hope: GARBAGE OUT!

Serial Killer Commits Gruesome Ritualistic Murders

The Mix is all the more Vigilant at night.

By Kinya Yamamoto


A terrifying mutilated corpse lashed up in a crucified position by the gory ropes of its own veins. A grotesquely eviscerated victim with several organs removed. Apocalyptic Bible quotes and religious symbolism collide in the mind of 'Vigilant', insane serial killer.

[quote]And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.[/quote]

The hulk of a man, wielding a kukhri is only known by his SIC alias. No accomplices have been spotted so far, though he hardly needs any: he's killed two members of the Arteries gang and climbed over a fence like it was nothing. Read More

He is incredibly athletic and he has a penchant for striking, almost ironic imagery. His first victim was found with his hands lashed via his arteries, crucified in a ritualistic manner. His second, a Sinner, had their eyes, ears and tongues removed, as though the killer wanted him to "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" before claiming that his sins had been 'eaten'.

Screams were heard earlier yesterday in the Kro's Kar Kare junkyard on North Tamiya Street, where the body was found, which suggests that he kidnaps, kills and 'offers' his victims as 'sacrifices' on the fly, but when searching around right after the screaming, nothing was found. The body only emerged later. It was assumed that the next ritual will be on a Snake, with relevant Bible verses being quoted on SIC after the murder.

However, earlier today the killer implied the Jesters gang, whose claimed territory is the Ashlin Crown mini-mall, was next. When this journalist contacted the killer privately over SIC, he had this to say:

[quote]When a Snake is no longer a Snake, does it stop biting at the rats? Does it not still slither and slide and shed? I am but a voice. Who truly has the blade and will and desire to carry out tasks? When these acts started happening, the people believed someone new must be doing them. They do not consider the Snake already in the grass, untethered by code and master.[/quote]

The WJF has refused to comment, however this journalist is on the case and will stop at nothing to uncover the truth of these gruesome killings! Many have already tried to throw me off the scent with false accusations, death threats and fabricated evidence. Due to the ongoing nature of my investigation I cannot disclose more details on these lies, but as soon as I have discovered the identity of this sick, sick degenerate, you will be the first to find out!

Under the City's Wing

We're all safer for it.

By Kinya Yamamoto


After a few too many all-nighters I passed out at the Withmore Savings Bank this morning. What happened next pleasantly surprised me and reminded of the greatness of Withmore.

Briefly semi-conscious, I caught a glimpse of a bald man of average stature.

I woke up inside a Hab-X cube without my wallet, credchip, term or phone. I looked around frantically and ran out, backtracking to the Bank, where I saw an average man with a shaved head. 'Property of Gerik Phillips' was tattooed across his forehead. It was Epoch Hendricks.

I contacted the WJF and gave them the details. Judge Edmond Steele was on the scene immediately. Read More

The man was questioned and reacted violently, making an attempt at the Judge's life. It was in vain, as the Street Judge expertly dispatched him. I was told to report to the Hall of Justice.

On the way, I witnessed Judge Steele executing Epoch Hendricks by throwing him off the Western Skywalk for his crimes.

At the Hall, Judge Steele had called in a WCS worker who goes by the name of Monty. He rapidly and professionally clarified that he had watched over me, making sure I wasn't suffering from a medical condition, and that he had moved me to a cube at the Habitat-X and taken my possessions for safekeeping.

They were logged on his e-note which he showed to the Judge and he wasted no time returning my things intact.

What seemed like a terrible start to the day ended up in a criminal being apprehended by the illustrious WJF and my learning about the quality work of the WCS. Soon, I was contacted by my Editor-in-Chief and got to work on my next story. The City never sleeps, so neither do I.

Hostage Situation at NeoTrans

Clean, professional resolution by NeoSec and WJF

By Kinya Yamamoto


Around seven in the morning on September 11, an individual disembarked a shuttle at NeoTrans in Central Gold, announcing their arrival on public SIC. Soon afterwards, they took a hostage at Cafe Bizou.

Thankfully, NeoTrans responded swiftly and effectively, reminding terrorists that Withmore Corpsec doesn't negotiate with criminals. The perpetrator was heavily injured and attempted to flee.

On the way out, Cadets Volkyre and Vermeulon intercepted and sentenced the degenerate, terminating them. Justice was served faster than a Mixer can spell 'chyen'.

Let this be a reminder to all foreign enemies of Withmore to stay the fuck out. Read More

We have enough animals in the Red sector, we don't need more subhuman scum infesting our beloved city. Your incompetent actions don't even qualify you as entertainment.

And the people of Withmore can rest assured that NeoTrans will keep garbage out alongside the Withmore Justice Force. We thank the brave agents who handled the situation with such professionalism that no innocents were even scratched.

Sing-A-Rong Private Party Rumors

Is the Karaoke Pub becoming more exclusive?

By Kinya Yamamoto


Sources say Sing-A-Rong Pub, located on the 4th floor of SaedorKrupp Tower, has quietly opened a new service to discerning customers: private parties. I went with some colleagues to investigate the service first-hand, by trying it out so I could tell you what it's like.

Right as we arrived, a server greeted us warmly and offered us a table. We enjoyed some food and drink, which were included in the price of admission, starting at a very affordable few thousand chyen for the most basic of private parties with a few friends.

With the entire Pub to ourselves, it felt much more intimate than usual and I felt like it really brought the best out of the homely decor. Read More

We had exclusive access to the karaoke room, as well.  This was a nice room to have fun in alongside the charming Solaria Darkstone, who was recently promoted to Executive Producer for her excellent work in producing the live show of Agent Hume's escapades in Red Sector (which the agent joked about right after it was over, reassuring me that she truly is an excellent, extremely tough agent worthy of respect).

The dance floor is also very chic. It has a graduation anniversary feel, like when only the close friends remain at the end of such a party in the holovids.

Overall, I'd highly recommend the experience to anyone with a few friends or a special someone to invite. Whether there's a special occasion or you just want to change things up for your night out, Dai-san and his wonderful staff have got you covered.

Juju Teaches Mixers a Lesson

They Got an 'F'

Farrokh 'F' Araowastra shot at Juju moments before her wedding announcement. NSEC and WJF chased him for several minutes. The gathered crowd impeded passage, but it wasn't long before the degenerate was cornered and mercifully put down after he left first responders with no choice. His impotent rage was only going to prolong his suffering.

After patching up, Juju announced her wedding to Staff Judge Gerik Phillips without missing a beat. The crowd went wild and the rumors mills buzzed with speculation. A private wedding? A simple ceremony at the Hall of Justice? Juju dispelled the rumors.

"I try not to deal in rumor mills. The wedding is going to be held in the middle of the Media Gardens on Saturday, October 6th in the afternoon. Read More

Star-studded event with a lot of friends we've made over the past years invited. And even though F may have managed to interrupt the broadcast, he only fueled my determination to marry the man of my dreams."

Later she clarified that the wedding will take place at 4 PM on that day. Gerik Phillips has yet to comment. He is famously elusive ever since departing from show-business. Even his colleagues question when he sleeps, let alone takes a break to date a rising star. 86% of polled fans agree that they are very compatible, the top cited reason being their work-life balance.

The wedding could offer Withmore more heart-warming news for the cold season and a positive model for young lovers.

Arachnid Infestation Strikes Withmore

Mutant spiders strike throughout the mix.

Reports of giant spider sightings and attacks in Red Central have skyrocketed this past week. These creatures, which have eight eyes, a head as large as a human being's, and sacs that pulsate and bulge as if there were more of its kin inside, have been carrying out hit-and-run attacks throughout the mix, making little distinction between man and animal as they go about their rampage.

Some say that a recent raid on on a compound of the Sisterhood of the Chrome Spider instigated these attacks. Others suggest that it was a direct attack on a catacomb spider lair that brought about this infestation. Read More

Two sources even go so far as to claim that these abominations are coordinating with each other in search of some kind of revenge, seeking to make their hunters into the hunted.

We do know that a person or persons were spotted carrying spider corpses down Sinn Street, their destination unknown, shortly before these attacks began. We know that the greatest number of attacks have occurred in or near the Drome in central Red. We also have reports of attacks occurring near Blitz Laundry and Deji-Pachi and several sources report seeing these spiders entering and exiting the sewers of Red central.

While we don�t know the full story behind this infestation, one thing is certain - Withmore has acquired a plague of giant arachnids for the foreseeable future and the rate of sightings and attacks continues to increase. While the vast majority of these reports have been limited to Red Central, how long until the infestation spreads to topside sectors?

Walk safe out there, folks.

Unlicensed? Watch Out!

Get Your Merchant License or Face Fines

Under mounting pressure to issue fewer Articles of Incorporation due to a mass influx of one-off corporations, the council has decided to begin issuing a new type of business license, after decades of only offering corporate licenses.

This new type of license applies to sole proprietors who offer services such as tailoring, moving, art installing, and other non-corporate services, as well as those that make their living buying and selling large amounts of goods on a regular basis, to authorized businesses.

Speaking to a representative from WCS, The Globe was told the following: "The new license does not in any way supersede other licenses we offer. For instances, you cannot get this license and then offer medical services. Read More

You cannot get this license and then offer security installations or services. This license is for those that fall outside the currently unrestricted goods and services. You do not need to get this license before getting another license (such as medical). This license is really just for service workers."

When asked what prompted the change the representative had this to say: "People think that Articles of Incorporation entitle someone to live in corporate housing. That is not the case! This was causing a lot of confusion and grief. So much so that the city decided to create a new license class for the so called service worker. This is that."

So, what changes really? Well, those without a license could be subject to hefty fines from the HOJ if found to be illegally operating a business without a license. Those who knowingly engage the services of an unlicensed non-professional could also face fines.

The bottom line:

Judges will be dispatched to investigate each new license request and only those deemed worthy will be granted a license. Licenses could be denied for a variety of reasons from Mixer affiliations to criminal records.

Vendors: Make sure you get one of these new licenses, which cost 8,000c to apply for, at the Hall of Justice licensing terminal.

Patrons: Make sure you are working with a licensed professional or you could face fines! It's for your own safety. �It's for your own good.


The HOJ has issued a statement that those wishing to know if someone has a valid business license can ask a Judge via the SIC or in person.

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They Exploit All Weakness

Give a Mixer food and it'll bite your hand off!

By Kinya Yamamoto


Benevolence. Generosity. Mercy. Are those the excuses you use when you let yourself get abused by the weak and unwilling to rise? What do you get in exchange? Do you expect them to change? To give back at least as much as you did for them? You, corporate citizen who spares the life of a rabid animal. You who gives it a second and third chance and so on. You who rushes to the help of the justly punished, racing to present them with all they could ever want on a silver platter, and for what? Do you have so little self-respect? What's gotten into you?

Let's take a look at Richard 'BBOY' 'Dobby' Van Reyes, last week given a behavior mod chip and let loose. Read More

By the 13th of June, he'd gotten it removed. He's back to feuding with other criminals, robbing the patrons of the businesses on their claimed territories at the tip of his sword. Some may remember the days when he seemed like an idealistic kid. Those days are over for all of us. But some hold onto the notion that it was the city who broke this -poor kid's- dreams of a somehow better world. Yet what did the city ever do to him? The Justice Force gave him a behavior mod chip to help him curb his violent behavior. Surely that ought to have helped him take a -better- path. But he refuses help at all costs! He's a rabid animal who indiscriminately provokes illegal cybernetic rippers, TERRA and the WJF with equal fervor.

How about Hana 'Akira' Brodston? Remember her, the one who gave up her career to chase her friend whose memory was wiped for her crimes? She walked into the jam-packed KMB on the eve of the 14th and climbed on top of the bar, knocking off drinks and starting to yell. She shouted about how the service mixers should band together against their 'corporate oppressors'! The absolute gall of this woman, who not only had excellent career prospects but could have easily filled in the shoes of her denounced and fired friend's biotech manager position, had she had an ounce of sense in her psychotic mind. Luckily, with the help of NLM CorpSec agents Hume and Lexington, KMB was able to extract the threat away from its patrons and neutralize it. "She had been on a downward spiral ever since Sydney went back down to Red, honestly. Used to hang out at Grunen's and drink like a fish," states Lala Gomez, manager of the KMB when she and Agent Hume recounted the events to me, "I knew back then something was wrong with her, even before she left VS to chase after her old superior."

She had this statement to make to the public: "As I said on SIC earlier, it was a no-brainer.. for Hana, anyway by the end of it. I'm also thankful to my staff for keeping calm and keeping the party going inside the club while N-Sec defused the situation. Our dedication to our customers' good time is what sets us apart from other clubs in Withmore. It's why we're world-class entertainment, after all. We have a range of shows 24/7 on stage, and we encourage corporate citizens to come up, relax, enjoy one of our signature crafted drinks, and enjoy the jacuzzi in our VIP room. We hold parties in both sections of the club to make our topside citizens thankful they work so hard to stay corporate."

Now hear this out: on the 19th of June, former corporate citizen Aurelie 'Diamond' Claudel was given the punishment of having her memory wiped up to the point of her waking from cryogenic stasis around a year ago. What was the reaction of her acquaintances? In a repeat of the Sydney Calderon debacle, they rushed to her aid! Everyone tried to help her remember and reclaim their lost relationships with her. As though she were some kind of victim of the system and didn't do something exceptionally unintelligent to deserve it. Do you really think you can trust someone who got themselves into such a situation? Do they seem reliable to you? Or worth rolling up a red carpet for and licking the stilettos of?

Mixers seek out and exploit all weaknesses so they can abuse them for their benefit! Any sign of kindness extended to a criminal is a signature on your own death warrant, and they will make sure you don't have so much as your shoes left by the time it happens! They WILL go to the lengths to permanently kill you, as evidenced by Richard Van Reyes when he did it to Clone Angel Monty Beaumont, a man who foolishly dedicated himself to saving the lives of these ungrateful animals! Wake up and look after yourselves, don't sacrifice yourself on the unholy altar of Mixer-pitying cults. They deserve nothing less than to be used for all they're good for and then stomped out!

Take off your weakness-tinted glasses and see these vile creatures for the pathetic scumbags they really are! You owe it to yourself to set your life up for success, not for serving as their prey, your husk sucked dry of blood before they dump your body in a festering sewer! They're not the ones who need to rise up against us, WE have to rise up against THEIR horrifying acts, their oppressive stench wafting through our neighborhoods when we let our guard down and nearly making us faint. You wouldn't let your neighbors throw their trash into your home and leave it there, would you? Let me hear what you say when your neighbor IS the trash, Withmore.

Mixer Incursions!

Are they attempting a hostile takeover?

By Kinya Yamamoto


A growing trend in Mixer annoyances topside threatens our society's peace and order. Within the past few days, I've encountered many glaring examples. It is our duty as corporate citizens to report these instances as they may qualify as crimes more often than you might think. For example, a Mixer standing around topside and threatening passersby is committing Loitering and Assault. Lewd behavior in public also breaks the Law. Even coming up here covered in blood, dirt and gore is punishable by Judges.

On my way up to Green on the E7 one day I encountered a Mixer covered in unseemly biomass from corpses. Read More

They wiped it off on the ground like a wild animal scratching against a tree. It was around the same time that I noticed there was graffiti on a wall, vile slurs by Mixer filth. I pointed it out over SIC and this feral creature who was wiggling on the ground like a literal worm pulled out a WCS jumpsuit and put it on. I was in shock. But that wasn't all. She then pulled out an aerosol spray can and, without warning, filled the cabin with noxious fumes, making many commuters puke. It was all I could do to try not to breathe it in. And then it got off on Green and went about her business! I reported it to the WJF and a Cadet responded and asked me for details. Our fine Judges then apprehended and heavily punished the criminal for this nuisance.

Later, I went to an establishment on Gold. The server behind the counter was covered in bruises and dirt from getting in a fight in the Mix. It didn't even seem to care! They're even lower than wild animals because they seem incapable of feeling pain. I complained and thankfully its manager immediately told it off and replaced it with a more seemly service mixer. A small win, but they don't stop at stinking up our levs and restaurants!

Oh no... because I bumped into one right inside a bank! It accosted me while I was using an automated teller machine and threatened to push my face in the mud after my first article! I couldn't believe it, I was in complete shock! I went on about my day, heading to work while reporting it to the WJF over SIC. They called me into the Hall of Justice and I testified against it. Despite all of its unscrupulous lies to the Judges, it was punished for Loitering and Assault, which made me all the more confident in the Withmore Justice Force!

They're trying to ruin our beautiful city, infesting it like vermin, and we mustn't stand by while they deface our mag-levs, poison us with their stench and air pollutants, make us lose our appetite when going to eat and accosting us while withdrawing money from our bank accounts! We must stand together and speak up against these oppressive behaviors to protect our hard-earned livelihoods and peace of mind! Report ALL crimes topside to the Hall of Justice, which is to say ALL mixers, because they're ALL malignant terrorists who only come there to defecate on everything we've built for ourselves. Even the Eternalists among us who subscribe to outdated interpretations of their faith and pity these tumors of society ought to recognize that they are full of sin! They envy our success, they're sloths who refuse to raise themselves above living like the animals they are, they act out in fury at us, they gluttonously consume the goods they steal from fair and hardworking citizens, they lust for our destruction, they're proud of their feral behavior and they greedily take from our society without giving anything worthwhile back! Do you see how corrupt they are? Even religious fundamentalists declare that they are spawns of the devil! If that doesn't tell you that they're scum, I don't know what will!

I've asked you for your own stories of Mixer incursions into our beloved corporate sectors and you've delivered! I've received countless testimonies of vandalism, loitering, assault, lewd misconduct, trespassing, pickpocketing and many, many more crimes-- you could open the Book of Law at any page and put your finger on the paper with your eyes closed. I GUARANTEE you that Mixers commit that crime too! They're irredeemable and have no place in our civilized society! Why would you let them come in and ruin our neighborhoods and favorite locales? That's akin to letting a stranger into your house and letting them fuck your significant other! Now I'm not trying to kink shame anyone, but how would you like it if it were a MIXER? You wouldn't stand by while a subhuman destroyed your relationships, took away your lover and then dumped them in the street to be mugged or worse by gangs of feral Mixerlings!

Even your service Mixers agree! In their delusions of being any better than regular sewer babies, they speak out against their other so-called reformed brethren. They don't give up their brutal Mixer ways when they move topside! Unless they prove themselves to be human and stand together with us against those beneath us, we should assume that they are still Mixers and distrust them, staying far away from them and refusing to interact with them unless they prove their humanity. We CANNOT allow each other to consort with the ENEMY. We risk letting the very fabric of our society be torn apart by packs of roving Mix guerrilla soldiers, going around vandalizing our homes and kidnapping our friends!

Here's one account by a mechanic describing one encounter when he was scared half to death by one of his foaming-at-the-mouth former compatriots. Names have been removed to protect corporate citizens and their service servants. He had just finished doing repairs for a corporate citizen when the citizen asked the mechanic to change the ownership to that of a rehabilitating Mixer he was selling the bike to:

"[...] I wasn't paid at that stage, so I told [the rehabilitating Mixer] he needed to pay for my services, and set him as the new owner. He put up a stink and marched right up to me, in my face with his fists balled. I told him the bike couldn't leave the vicinity without getting paid for my services and he accused me of embezzlement. I was scared, in my own workplace, my boss working not far away in the same service center, on Green, the place we're supposed to be safe and call home. [...] Garbage out, I say. Just look at Syndey Calderon AKA Calavera. Two-time corporate traitor. Then we just give jobs to criminals up here and expect them to change and add more productivity to our lives than danger."

You might want to get a job with a corporation if you want to talk, but you have to admit, the difference in this account between the Mixer who's only pretending to rehabilitate and the one making a genuine effort is staggering. One is resorting to violence while the other clearly presents himself as on the side of the corporations -- the civilized side! Other service mixers could learn a thing or two from this subhuman. I even deign to present him with some humanity points. Congratulations, Green mechanic! You get to be considered 2% human. Don't let it get to your head and work hard for the other 98%!

In conclusion, I want you all to remember that the Withmore Justice Force, the corporations and the business owners all have a vested interest in the quality of life in our corporate sectors. They're waiting for you to report all instances of Mixer vermin ruining your day! Indeed, with the growing number of incidents, it wouldn't be unreasonable to establish a quota of incidents for each citizen to report every day. You can start working right here, right now for a better future for all of us by joining Mixer Free Week and setting yourself a goal of tackling on at least a certain number of these incidents every day. It can be one, it can be ten, it's all up to you: every little counts! Let's show these anarchists what unity looks like!

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