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Bubble Gum Bitch Board

Banter (open discussion)

Anything Really
An open forum for anything and anyone
357 threads
Post by Seurat on Dec 18 12:50 AM
character arts
OOC discussion of all things pertaining to the IC world
100 threads
Post by Ryuzaki4Days on Dec 6 10:58 PM
Cyberpunk Slang
Cyberpunk Culture
All things dark and cyber ... chummer.
114 threads
Post by Supermarket on Dec 2 12:19 AM
Cyberpunk comic I did once.
21st Century technology has us closer to a Sindome-like world then you think.
196 threads
Post by cyberkitty on Sep 27 12:17 PM
Replika, the AI that aims to become you.

Bitches (game discussion)

Connection Trouble
General Help with connecting to the game from various client programs like Atlantis, VMoo, etc
105 threads
Post by Slither on Nov 25 10:20 AM
Cannot create First character
Share your thoughts on how to improve the game
969 threads
Post by fleurtygirl on Dec 17 4:26 PM
Notes for e-note
Game Problems & Complaints
What needs work in the game?
169 threads
Post by Estillum on Dec 17 5:17 PM
Making new chracter
Website Problems & Announcements
Topics related to things on and available from the website
51 threads
Post by thecraftydragon on Dec 10 11:58 PM
License Plate swapping
New Game Features & Bug Fixes
Release notes for new features and bug fixes.
228 threads
Post by Cerberus on Nov 29 8:38 PM
'Sector Correctional Facility'

Bullshit (game development)

Script Development
Type 'help scripting' for access info
59 threads
Post by WHYTENINJA96 on Oct 5 4:45 PM
Scripting Workshop?