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Sindome Townhall Agenda: 2015

Rules of Assembly

  • One person talking at a time
  • Speaking is first come first serve
    • A line will form as people raise their hands to signal they want to talk
    • Atlas is in charge of keeping track
    • Lower your hand if you wish to withdraw from line
    • The line is cleared each time we switch topics
  • Be respectful
  • Keep calm and carry on
  • Time is an issue, so Slither/Fengshui will enforce time limits on topics
Remember that OOC discussion of IC events is against the rules and can ruin the mystery of the game. You dont want the game ruined for you, dont ruin it for others, even if they are asking you for the info.
A spotify playlist has been created for the event and you should start playing it at 2:45PM exactly. Periodic updates as to where we are at in the playlist will be given, for those that want to follow along. Sindome Townhall 2015 Spotify Playlist

The Agenda

Opening Statements

  • Welcome and Rules -- Slither
  • State of the MOO from the Chief Justice -- Johnny
  • Greetings from the Head GM -- Cerberus
  • Statement from Loremaster -- Slither

Common Immersion Issues

  • Forgetting that you are standing on a packed street.
  • Logical gymnastics to figure out complex IC things based really on OOC info
  • 65 million people in the city
  • How to handle clone death
  • What you know and what you can assume
  • What you dont know and need to avoid assuming
  • 1000 ways you could have died
  • You know who killed you most likely, but NOT finding out could be just as fun as finding out. Think about what your character would do, and whats going to be the most fun RP wise. RPing slowly going nuts from not knowing who killed who could be fun, right?
  • No logical gymnastics
  • When in doubt, RP it out

Help us, help you

  • How to operate effectively without (or with minimal) GM support
  • Tips on how to open a conversation with an NPC
    • Dont just say Hi or Are you listening? Or Whats up? Or Im Back.
    • Multiple GMs handle the same puppet, sometimes very interchangeably. When opening a conversation with an NPC, just like if youre cold calling someone, let the NPC know what you are there for and what they can potentially to do for you.
    • Hi, I am back with the package you asked me to pick up. You said youd pay me the other half on delivery, right? That's much better
    • Gridmail is the best way to handle anything involving logistics with an NPC, to query them about some information, etc. It lets us pass on answering and just let the GM that would be the best for the job know (via note) that their attention is needed. And you dont need to be on at the same time to RP with an NPC via gridmail.
  • Getting the most out of player notes
    • Some players write in the first or third person, from IC or OOC points of view.
    • Player notes should not be used to bitch, thats what the bitch board is for.
    • Do's and Don'ts
      • It is acceptable to let us know via note that you are trying to reach a specific NPC if you are having trouble when you visit them in person (or if they are behind a locked door.
Example Player Notes

[PLAYERA] informs [ME] that [PLAYERA GENDER] plans to go to [PLACE] and search for clues on [REDACTED PLAYERB] (who is apparently [REDACTED PLAYERB SITUATION]).

[PLAYERA] asks [ME] to attempt to get [REDACTED PLOT ITEM] from [REDACTED PLOT NPC1] of [REDACTED PLOT NPC1 FACTION] so they could [REDACTED PLOT GOAL] [REDACTED PLOT LOCATION] without [REDACTED IC BARRIER PREVENTING PLOT COMPLETION]. [I], using [MY] somewhat good standings with [NPC1], asks [NPC1] for [REDACTED PLOT ITEM1] and offers chyen for his troubles. [NPC1] is unsure and tells [ME] he will think on it.

[PLAYER1] came by last night. Was interesting. I wonder if [PLAYER1] told [PLAYER1'S SIGNIFICANT OTHER, PLAYER2] [HE/SHE] has been in my bed yet. I doubt [PLAYER2] necessarily allow it either way. or [PLAYER2] would, if [PLAYER2] was smart and try to use that against me. But regardless, I doubt [PLAYER1] has much interest other than a lay that [REDACTED], hell i remembe [REDACTED]. [PLAYER1] reminds me of someone though and I can't put my finger on who. [PLAYER1] seems to do what [PLAYER1] wants though, regardless. I respect that style. You dun become anyone, being someone else's lapdog. but regardless, no one else knows I even know [PLAYER1] besides [PLAYER3], and [PLAYER3] knows my [REDACTED].
Just a heads up. Thanks a whole lot for adding the new locations to the driver! But he still doesn't get gas. I'm actually stuck in the express tubes again. I hate bugging you guys about this every week, so I'm leaving a note to remind you. An easy fix is to add the ethicol station to the locations, then I can pay for the gas, and get it reimbursed.

Discussion on the state of the Mix

  • Bounty Hunting Ideas moving forward
  • Red Economy
  • Why do players enjoy playing Mixers? Lead into the fact that topside having a lot of money should in no way impact a Mixers struggle, if anything it should make it more real -- the fact that topside is so close and yet so far away.
  • Cyberpunk is about the haves and the have nots. Not just the have nots. If youre the kind of person that enjoys the struggle, then enjoy the struggle. What does the way you get enjoyment out of the game have to do with the way someone else gets enjoyment out of the game?
  • Playing a character that lives in the Mix is very different than playing a corpie. Some people like the corporate life of topside some people prefer the struggle to survive in the more literally meant cut throat mix.

Discussion of the state of Topside

  • Good things with the Corporations
  • Bad things with the corporations
  • Present day pop culture has no place in Sindome pop culture.
  • Back stabbing, Competition

OOC Issues

  • Admin/Player interactions
    • Getting along
    • GMs weigh in on challenges of dealing with problem players
    • GMs talk about why its important for the players to help police themselves
  • Cooperative Competition
  • Player/Admin Code of Conduct
  • BGBB code of conduct
    • Player moderators?
    • Slither and other GMs weigh in on how/why it is important for players to police the BGBB themselves. This is VERY important. Dont let bad seeds sprout.
    • Where does freedom of speech on BGBB become harassment and negative and how to prevent?
  • What can players do to help new player retention?
  • Appropriate use of Macros
    • Slither gives examples of his macros
  • Appropriate use of xhelp, @add-note, emailing staff
  • Player run plots, tips/pointers/questions
  • What do the Players want from the GMs?
    • What kind of RP?
    • More involvement or less involvement?
    • Should players be driving the RP?
  • Shifting Goalposts
    • When is it okay for the goalposts to shift mid-RP in order to give players a bigger challenge? When is it not okay?
  • FIOG (Find out in Game) / IC Info, why GMs cant tell you stuff.
  • What is IC info versus OOC info? Examples?
  • IC info OOCly
    • Ruins immersions
    • Unfair to other players
  • Need to train players to look IC first
  • Open Discussion (form a Queue)
  • Building

    • Speech from the Builders
    • Handling new builds ICly
      • Admin will try to set the tone for new builds ICly through NPCs and Alts


    • Speech from Quartermaster
    • Everything is undergoing balancing so roll with it if things begin to change under your feet and xhelp if you need clarification or help on how to react to something ICly.


    • New Coder! Already making a big impact!
    • New Code
    • Newest Bug Fixes
    • What are the biggest bugs or usability issues people have faced?
    • Is there a consensus among the players about what features and functionality is the most important to see developed, expanded, or fixed?

    Closing Statements

    • Closing Statements from any GMs who wish to have one
    • Closing Statement from Moderator

    Sindome Mixer

    • Players and Admin are welcome (and encouraged) to stick around and chat for as long as they wish about IC/OOC topics or just to socialize!

    Resources + Reminders

    One blue (all of blue is in the game), there is more green (that isn't in the game), more more gold (that isn't in the game), more more more red (that isn't in the game). Central Red Sector is what is in game. Central Gold. Most of Green and 'all' of Blue. That doesn't mean we aren't adding more to each level, it just means that you can RP the bredth of Blue being all ICly represented in the game.

    Proper way to reference each sector/level textually:

    Red RED
    Gold GOLD
    Green GREEN
    Blue BLUE
    Game growth + donation pads + more players + GMs to train + new systems to setup + more notes to take + more notes to read + more items needed + more economy to manage + more corps to open to support more player jobs equals a very busy, sometimes overworked, admin staff. Be respectful, please.
    The admin are volunteers who devote their time to making the game more fun and interesting for you. Consider that, in those times when it some how creeps into your mind that the admin are out to get you.
  • GM applications are accepted via [email protected] (Include your name, character, length of time on Sindome, best RP memory, why you want to be a GM, any experience you have, your expected availability and anything else you think is pertinent)
  • Dont take shortcuts -- if there is a quick and easy way to your goal but it means circumventing a ton of RP, taking the shortcut is just depriving yourself and others of RP.
    We are always looking for volunteers to write descriptions. If you like being a tailor but arent a tailor ICly, there are options where you can help us write admin based clothing lines.